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PLEASE DO NOT POST REPLIES ON THIS THREAD, IT IS A TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR REFERENCE ONLY, DISCUSSIONS OF ANY TOPIC LISTED HERE SHOULD BE DONE ON THE PROPER THREAD TOPIC YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE TO. (eg if you want to discuss bulk upgrades for guild halls, there is a thread for that. if you don't like the limit of map markers, there is a thread for that. if you want to make gen mats tradeable, there is a thread for that. if there is not a thread for your discussion or topic listed here, create it and we'll discuss it there. thank you)

this thread is a way to put links to all my various posts over the last few years, as well as links to threads others have made that are related to some of the various threads i've created. each link will have a breif discription of what the link is, each link will take you to the first page and the orginal post for the given thread, so that you might review discussions for the threads AFTER reading the initial post. some polls have been closed (any polls that are now closed ran for 730 days [2 years]), more recent polls are set so they never close, so that when someone finds a poll they want to vote on, they can. i will add to this list as needed, so bookmark this page (or click on the link in my signature to return)

increase the limit of active missions we can have at a time.
(has open poll)
current limit on active missions for a player right now is i believe 15, can we possibly increase this to 30? (this would allow a player to take all corporal missions at one time)

bulk upgrade for apartment (closed poll)
basic idea is to allow us to purches with dappers a bulk upgrade for our apartments. there are many options discussed, poll closed with 73.1% in favor after being open for 2 years.
supporting threads or related threads:
old forum link (player wish list)
old forum link (this one also has a poll with over 70% support of upgrades, sound familiar?)
old forum link (player speaks about buying extar apt bulk)
a similar idea is under study as pointed out by another player:
For reference:
The idea is being studied since last year, note the forum section.

bulk upgrade for guild halls (closed poll)

option to buy bulk upgrade for guild halls, poll closed after 2 years with 78.6% in favor of the idea. please see links under "bulk upgrade for apartments" for supporting and similar data.

UPPER BRANCHES master idea and ouline

this is the master idea and outline with the supporting ideas. (each supporting idea is linked in the outline, as well as below)
-mob movements and levels (at least partially required at launch)
-teleportation to and from "great explorers" (required at launch)
-cities (required at launch)
-welcomer missions and rewards (optional)
-rites (optional)
-occupations (optional)
-new mission npc's (required at some point)
-new mat's and mob's (partionally optional and required {required parts based on roleplay stories})
-pilgrimage (required {npc's that would choose to move to the new lands})
-future events, bandit invasions (partionally optional and required {required parts based on roleplay stories})

The Upper Branches (rp story supporting the UB ideas set)

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