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the basic idea is that the entire region would be level 150 to 250, thus putting mob's of various level blocks into the same single region. (it's my understanding that the starter islands were large areas) the regions (because there would be 4 new lands, so 4 new regions) would have mixed mob levels and that would be interesting in it's self; here you would find not only level 150 to 200 mob's in a group, the very same group could hold 200 to 250 mob's (this would be interesting mixes for non-aggro mob's, since they would want to stay in groups for protection from aggressive creatures). the aggressive mob's could cluster in groups mainly of level blocks 150 to 200 and 200 to 250, but both clusters could also contain a few of the other level block, just to throw something different into the mix.

the movement in this region would be unlike typical surface movement's, at least for some of the mob groups (which we'll call "packs", as you'll soon read) they would have a more "random" path that the group would follow, they would move in a pack-like fashion. while there would still be "static" groups that don't move much, to say, typical movement we're all used to, there would be a few small (3 to 6) "packs" that would roam long distances (think in terms of from one side of the region to another, then to yet another point, in a triangle-like path. the mob's in these roaming "packs" would be able to spawn at as many as 9 different points along the path, this would add to the risk of the pack spawning on a player or players. these "packs" could be both aggressive and non-aggressive mob's. the packs and the types of mob's in these packs could vary with the seasons, as well as the paths of the packs, these two factors would add to a more "random" and realistic environment. the packs would not be large groups, but would without doubt be of the highest level a mob could be, for what other creatures would want to roam freely around a region?. imagine if you will a group of 5 great kinchers or 5 voracious plod's that would wander "freely" around a region. the chaos they could cause as they pass by other static groups, what fun it could be to try to time passing the path of kinchers while they attack something else, hoping that you can get far enough away in time to not be chased, all the while avoiding other dangers that lurk in your path.


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