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these new npc's would be called "Great Overseer", "Grand Overseer", "Supreme Overseer" (these NPC's would be found in the "new" lands ONLY)

these npc's would reward players with special items that can not be crafted by normal homins. the missions would cover all types of PvE activities. these missions would have a long cool-down time, from 90 to 180 days. these missions will all take part in zones that are not forced PvP. (desert, forest {but not nexus as it's a pvp zone}, jungle, lakes, wastelands, under spring) these NPC's should be in static locations. there should be no limits based on fame or alignment, however there should be a limit to taking the mission, like existing missions, based on meeting the required level(s) needed to complete the task(s) of the mission. these missions would have a minimum level of 150. the reward items for the missions level 150 would be Q150; these missions would be taken from the "Great Overseer". the reward items for missions level 200 would be Q200; these missions would be taken from the "Grand Overseer". the reward for Q250 missions would be Q250; these missions would be taken from the "Supreme Overseer".

the rewards for these missions would be unique items that are untradeable and unsellable much like the items from the merger, they could be jewels, weapons, armors, excellent and supreme generic crafting mats. the jewels, weapons, and armor would have higher then normal boosts for HP/SP/STAM/FOCUS. weapons would also have boosts for stat's like dodge, parry, adversary dodge, adversary parry, speed, sap load, cast speed/power (for amps). armor would also have boosts for dodge, parry, protection factor, and max vs. jewels would also have max protection and resistance. these could be in any combo, boosting one stat a large amount, all stat's a small amount, or a few stat's in various amounts. the generic mat's would be equal to the level of the mission taken, so a level 150 mission would yield a Q150 gen mat, level 200 would yield Q200, level 250 would yield Q250.

excellent gen mat's would come in quantity up to one full stack for the hardest missions, with the longest cool down times.

supreme gen mat's would come in quantity up to 500 for the hardest missions with the longest cool down times. (i know some of you are thinking that 500 sup gen mat's is an insane number, but keep in mind that the cool down for that mission would be 6 months time in real life {180 days}, and bosses spawn every few days {2.5 to 3.5 days}, super-nodes are every 4.5 days or so, so in the end the number isn't so extreme, and the mat's are NOT tradable or sellable; thus if your not a full master of all crafting skills it's not going to provide an overwhelming advantage over the rest of the player base, after all, how many "grand game masters" are there in ryzom?)

----exploration missions would require a player to travel to various "way points" (much like the magnetic cartographer) where you would have to trek to various points in the NON-PvP zones.

eg. a mission that would start at the location of the npc and then travel to 2 points in at least 2 different regions of at least 2 ecosystems. (total of 8 points to reach) such as: 2 points in haven of purity, 2 points in void, 2 points in fahara towers, 2 points in scorched corridor.

upon completion of the exploration a special "map" item would appear in the players inventory to be turned in to the NPC for the reward.
these missions would likely have the shortest cool down times and would yield the low end of the new rewards, be it items, gen mat's, or large amounts of dapper's (keep in mind these missions are not about getting dapper's, so if there's to be a pay out for the new missions, they would be far better payout's then any other type of missions we currently have due to the much longer cool down times {consider how many times you could do a mission that pays 100,000 dapper's in 3 real life months time; let's say 6 times a day for 90 days... 54,000,000 dapper's. thus if these missions pay dapper's it would have to be in the range of 30 to 50 million dapper's to stay in balance.}).

----hunting missions where you would have to collect various crafting and mission mat's from different mob's and in various amounts from different ecosystems, all of which can be found in NON-PvP zones.

eg. a mission where you would need to kill and loot (for crafting mat's you must loot, for mission mat's they appear randomly in your bag) at least 4 different mob's. these mob's could be found in a single ecosystem, or in multiple ecosystems (to improve the challenge, as well as the reward you would receive)

upon completion of the collection you would be required to return to the NPC and turn in the various mat's you collected, at which point you will receive your reward, provided of course that you have met all the requirements of the mission.

----harvesting missions that would require collection of various crafting mat's from different ecosystems for a single mission.

eg. you would be required to collect choice grade crafting mat's to turn in to the NPC, such as: collect 30 choice jungle sha amber, collect 15 choice lakes anate fiber, collect 25 choice desert beckers bark, collect 10 choice forest zun amber. the minimum Q you could collect would be related to the mission giving npc's level, 150, 200, or 250.

upon completion of collecting the 80* mats (30,15,25,10) you would return to the NPC to turn in the mats you harvested and collect your reward.
*just the total number given in the example

----crafting missions that would require crafting of various types of items, as well as crafting "sets" of items.

eg. 1) craft 1 shield, 1 medium armor boots, 1 medium armor gloves, 1 medium armor sleeves, 1 medium armor vest, 1 medium armor pants, 1 dagger.

eg. 2) craft 2 anklets, 2 earrings, 2 bracelets, 1 diadem, 1 pendent.

eg. 3) craft 1 one hand axe, 1 one hand sword, 1 dagger, 1 buckler, 1 shield.

as with other crafting missions you would turn in these items to the mission giver to collect your reward upon turning in the items required by the mission.

----combination missions that put all 4 previously mentioned types of missions together into single missions. (exploration, hunting, harvesting, crafting) these missions would reward the best items. they would also have the longest cool-down times.

eg. explore 2 points in void, 2 points in knot of dementia, 2 points in outlaw canyon, 2 points in imperial dunes; kill 2 kinchers, kill 2 cutters, kill 3 zerx, kill 1 arma; harvest 5 choice jungle beckers bark, 3 choice desert anate fiber, 7 choice lakes sha amber, 6 choice forest caprice seed; craft 2 anklets, 2 earrings, 2 bracelets, 1 diadem, 1 pendent.

upon completion of these steps you would return to the NPC to collect the reward. (likely returning to the npc more then once because this would be potentially a large number of mat's and items to turn in. it would be vital that turning in any single item or mat of the items collected/crafted can be done at any time, and not only when every step of the mission has been completed, as is the case with a tribal mission in cities of intuition which you must craft 40 launcher ammo, which is not possible by one's self without packers.)


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