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new horizons like system called "great explorers" (transportation method to and from as tp's are likely to be complex to code) this system can also be used to earn dapper's and civ points, though this system is not the same as new horizons, dapper flow more logically and civ points come at a lower amount, the cap however is at +50 fame thus this system is fair to all homins of all lands regardless of civ (unless a player is aligned to a civ, which would only impact them in the lands where there is a limit below +50 due to their chosen alignment).
there would be NO fame given for helping the "great explorers"; max payout would be 5,000 dapper's.

the dapper payout would be incremental, 100 dapper's for ever fame point a player has with the given civ. thus a player with 0 fame (or less) would make 100 dapper's per product, a player with 25 fame would make 2500 dapper's, and a player with 50 fame would make 5000 dapper's per product.

civ points in the land of travel would be less, 120 civ points per product at 50 fame. at 10 fame you would get 24 civ points per product, at 20 fame you would get 48 civ points, at 30 fame it would yield 72 civ points, at 40 fame it would yield 96 civ points, and at 50 fame it would yield the max of 120 civ points. payout between the points would be for the lower fame number, so a player would make the same number of points for a fame of 31 or 39.9 as they would at 30 fame.

the product limit would be 432 per day (max number of products you could obtain in a day based on the 3 occupations you can have active and all 6 grades of the occupation being done with improved products and a 100% recipe). while this number may seam very large, anyone that's done occupations know's that it would take a very long time to do this, and as such the number could NOT be reached in a single days effort (unless someone ONLY did occupations non-stop for a full day, and even then is unlikely)

turn in would be in quantity vs the standard of one product at a time, yet one product would still be an option, so a player could give as many products as they have, up to the limit of the day, or the limit of the need.

maximum possible payout of dapper's and civ points per day would be 2,160,000 dapper's and 51,840 civ points, while these numbers are large, it's not likely that players will do this every day, as they would have to spend their entire playtime doing only occupations.

The "great explorers" system would require usage of the system (ware-and-tare) to turn in products, however each use of the system would require 24 products to repair, it would take 200,000 transports to brake the system (4.8 million products to repair); however it would start at half way (100,000 transports; also require 2.4 million products to fully repair the system), to allow players to turn in at the start. as this system is the ONLY way to reach the new lands it will be used far more often then the new horizons system, thus there will always be a need for products, and the higher turn in amounts are more logical.

a flat fee would be required to travel, use of the system would be 5,000 dapper's flat rate for ALL homins (also the max payout for helping them, making use of the system and help of the system a two way activity) the "great explorer" npc would be located outside of the capital city guard protection area in each of the 4 lands, so that marauders could also use the system as it will be the only way to reach the new "old lands" (also adding a reason to have higher turn-in amounts for helping because marauders can't do occupations and their travel would only impact the system negatively), the location they would travel to would be outside the largest city in the new "old land" (which could be called a capital).

it should also be noted that you can ONLY transport to an upper branch from it's parent ecosystem. jungle to jungle, lake to lake, forest to forest, desert to desert. there would be no transport between upper branches regions, so no jungle upper branch to lakes upper branch transport. this also is to promote exclusive use of the great explorers system as well as the normal tp system. (this system would be a limited dapper sink because of the exclusive travel method.)

another method of help that could be offered to the great explorers system that would allow even marauders to help them; as well as make small amounts of dapper's in the process could be to offer crafted items that would directly fit with the great explorers travel needs to the upper branches. like all of the thoughts i've put into this i've already had and put together a basic idea that could be used as a basic template.
on the help us pop-up box (like that with new horizons where you choose the products your going to give to "help" them) there would be more options beyond the products, they would be picture less links found on the same page above or below the products list's that are typical on NH product selection pages. the option headings could be as follows: "weapons" , "jewels" , and "armor"; below these headings would be the links that would open a "give items" box much like those found when taking missions that involve crafting items to turn in. the links that would be found under the headings would be "Q1 to Q50", "Q51 to Q100", "Q101 to Q150", "Q151 to Q200", and "Q201 to Q250". below is a roughly made example of what i mean:

weapons jewels armor
Q1 to Q50 Q1 to Q50 Q1 to Q50
Q51 to Q100 Q51 to Q100 Q51 to Q100
Q101 to Q150 Q101 to Q150 Q101 to Q150
Q151 to Q200 Q151 to Q200 Q151 to Q200
Q201 to Q250 Q201 to Q250 Q201 to Q250

the Q50 link would take any item from Q1 to Q50; the Q100 link would take items from Q51 to Q100; the Q150 link would take from Q101 and Q150; the Q200 link would take items from Q151 to Q200; the Q250 link would take Q201 to Q250.
the payout for items given between Q1 and Q50 would be 50 dapper's per item regardless of grade (basic, fine, choice, excellent, supreme). payout for items given between Q51 and Q100 would be 100 dapper's per item again regardless of grade. payout for items Q101 to Q150 would be 150 dapper's. payout for items Q151 to Q200 would be 200 dapper's per item. payout for items Q201 to Q250 would be 250 dapper's per item.
the link chosen would dictate the payout, so if a player give's a Q250 item under the Q50 link they would only get the Q50 payout of 50 dapper's for that item, this should allow coding of this part to be simpler, the only check that should be required is making sure that the item meets the minimum Q of the payout block.
weapons would not be limited to any one type of weapon, HOWEVER ammo would not be an option as it's stackable and a player could exploit this system by placing a single round of ammo in each of the blocks.
any jewel would be accepted under jewels, the same with armor, any part, any type, shields would count as armor.
this part of the helping of the great explorers would allow any homin to offer some form of help to the great explorers, this help would NOT repair the systems usage and would simply be a new way to make dapper's that are otherwise not easy to make (thinking of marauders. they are limited in ways to make dapper's) this would also help promote players to do this help in order to pay for travel on the system. (this may not be the most used feature of the great explorers system, but would be a nice addition as well as an option to sell items for a more fair price then merchants offer at this time.) also there would be no limit to how many items a player can craft and give to the great explorers in a given amount of time, this help would be unlimited.


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