ok so i promised a contact list, and this is not my personal idea (cookies i mean, that's eruv) but i'm a very active player in the group, and much like eruv is the public relations officer for a guild, i guess i'm that guy for cookies (it's a shared role in my guild, we all do it)

but for me to keep my promise i'll tell you these players in game will be good contact points for the cookies group:

Eruv--------------- creator
TalkIRC----------- first willing member to post on forum
Marceline-------- poor guy that got caught with his hand in the jar
Cyndalia--------- reliable but hazardous to be close to sometimes
Suboxide-------- don't let the in game loaner fool you....
Soynuggets----- another poor soul that calls cookies good
Rowwena-------- willing to allow me to add as well
Mainpixels------- said that i may add him here as well
Fyranna----------- my latest victim to get caught with his head in the jar

** there will be more contacts to follow, these are the only one's i knew i could list without asking them about it first. so if there's any interest in cookies or what we're all about, ask any of these toons in game, if your new to ryzom and don't know how, type "/tell eruv" "/tell talkirc" "/tell marceline" "/tell cyndalia" that will open a privet chat to each of the toons listed (no " marks when using this to send a msg, just type and hit enter, and a tell window will apear to the chosen player)


Remickla (atys)
Other games - they give you a cookie whether you succeed or not, in fact you don't even have to participate. Ryzom takes your cookie, eats it in front of you, and slaps you 2 or 3 times for bringing a cookie in the first place.
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