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upper branches pilgrimage (npc's that chose to move to the new lands)

after the cities have been liberated from bandit rule (all cities in a single land) there would be a short time (30 to 60 real life days) there would be a "call to settle" the new lands. at this time basic npc's found in all cities atys wide would "move" to the newly freed cities to provide services to the homin's that travel there. these npc's would be the trainers and merchants.
the trainers would be the of the same nature as their surface counter-parts, thus a craft trainer in the "jungle upper branches" would only train you in zorai crafts. likewise the magic trainer in the "jungle upper branches" would only offer the zorai racial spell. the same would go for the harvester trainer, only offering the jungle specializations in the "jungle upper branches".
the merchants would also carry the same items as their surface counter-parts in the same ecosystem for purchase. buying and selling in the upper branches would work the same as on the surface. weather or not a player could sell items to an "upper branches" merchant would allow them to retrieve the item(s) on the surface would have to be up to the dev's. (we must keep in mind that these were originally starter islands, and as such it may not be possible to have that interaction. after all, you can't buy things that were put on sale in silan if you are on the mainland and vice-versa). all manner of merchants would be found in these new lands, weapons, armors, materials, tools, ect.


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