#61 [en] 

After travelling for a long time through rarely visited places in the jungle, with thick undergrowth slowing down his pace, Irfidel gets back to Hoi-Cho. During his first contact with the trainers he picks up a few rumors here and there and wonders about the gossip.

Saddened, he shakes his head. "There is a political conflict between the Fyros and the Matis, personal conflicts between representatives of different races, remains of the Kitin mounds, mysterious followers of the Trytonistes, goo infested Igaras in the Upper Bog - wow, so much has happened. And what do the Zorai do? Start worrying about the seating order in the Assemblies??? What is Jen-Lai thinking they are doing?"

One thing is obvious to Irfidel: He will never accept a seating order during a Zorai assembly. A Zorai by heritage, but neutrally aligned to all of Atys, he will happily attend Assemblies and sit near his friends and near the sages if he is allowed to. But the Assemblies are not reporting meetings, they are not "top-down" communication sessions, they are discussions between the wise, and sometimes not so wise Zorais and those who hold the jungle in their heart. It is a time of talking and a time of learning for all.

The Zorai culture thrives on discussion and listening to alternate viewpoints. Irfidel goes to the nearest bar. "There was no need so far to put a Fyros or Matis attitude to our meetings." he exclaims to the barman. "What would you think if the capital next sends an order to you restricting who's allowed to talk in your bar to whom at what time? And who's allowed to sit with whom here enjoying your drinks?". Both he and the barman chuckle. But somehow it does not feel right. It is not a happy time.

#62 [en] 

Lol. Sounds like you should have been a Tryker Irfidel :P

#63 [de] 

Record/minutes from Frutor 25th in the first cycle of AtysYear 2573 (OOC: May 12th 2013)

* Sage Sens / Sinn / Sense / Gangi Cheng-Ho
* Sage Supplice / Sorrow / Bai Ji-Mao, der Leidende
* Awakened Sartyrica
* Awakened Fitis
* Awakened Fey-Lin Liang
* Initiate Valandrine
* Initiate Sari Sarisa
* Honorary Initiate Zhoi
* Filira Salazar Caradini from Davae
* Patriot Gladeusgladeus from Dyron
* Patriot Jarnys from Dyron
* Ranger Daomei Lin Carthan
* Mahija, Zorai from Windemeer
* Wasari Kealey-Abygrian from Windemeer
* Seternulon from Windemeer
* Guardi, Atys-Citizen from Windemeer
* Seranie, Tryker-Citizen from Windemeer
* Lunamoon from Windemeer
* Rasaya Di Carlo from Dyron
* Lilsis, Ma-Duk-Blessed
* Diwu, Fyros

List of Topics:
* ceremony for the second Great Swarming of Hoi-Cho, together with Min-Cho
* goo-infested Igaras in the upper bog in the Verdant Heights
* organisational issues
* still unanswered letters and motions to the Sages and officials
* news from the burning desert
* news from the Verdant Heights
* about Honorary Initiation
* petition for a mediation with the Sages by the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang

Detailled records can be found in the dialect of Hoi-Cho at the usual notice boards: #274

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#64 [en] 

Letter to Hoi-cho Circles

Deles Silam Umaenai

I have to warn you that my sisters have discovered a trafic of contamined Igaras

One of us was killed in Loria while enquiring, be cautious please.

Igaras are transported asleep in covered cages, always by night time.

Departure is close to Black Circle, delivering point in Heretic's hovel, close to Folly farm, supposed to be received their by Darkening sap.

Of course this may have changed now...

Expecting this help the Theocraty for inquiring.

Best regards,

Zendae from Hamazans

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Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

#65 [en] 

Atys'ata, Zendae-miko!

Thank you very much for this valuable albeit shocking information.
My condolences for the loss of your sister.

All of this is especially sad when considering that Hoi-Cho has asked the Sages and Dynastic Circle on Fallenor 7th in the 2. cycle of AtysYear 2567 (OOC: May 5th 2013) to find a scout to be stationed near the tribe Black Circle for permanent observation of any suspicious movements, since our fair city has become officially "responsible" for "relations" with the Black Circle...

The Matis Nobles won't be pleased to hear about this either. Well at least the solution to stop the Igara-problem in the upper bog seems quite easy now... Please take care of yourselves during the battles.

Mata Zora
Zhoi, representative of Hoi-Cho


#66 [en] 

Official apology

In private I have already apologized to the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang for going too far with my suspicions about her maybe selfish status-oriented intentions; and now I want to offer my apologies in public as well.

Since the day the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang told me that she disapproved of my status as Honorary Initiate and wanted to appeal against it, to take away my rights to vote at national Assemblies and to act as an official representative of the Theocracy, I felt quite bitter. I feared - or rather expected - that the Awakened would succeed in pushing me back to regional politics only, and such would exclude the voices and suggestions of Hoi-Cho from national politics completely, as the Awakened Sartyrica unfortunately often lacks the time to attend national Assemblies in person.

Fortunately and to my utmost relief the Grand Sage Mabreka Cho was so magnanimous to approve of my status loud and clearly during the last national Assembly of the Circles in Zora; so the danger of being driven out of national politics has been averted. As for the new organization of the procedure for national Assemblies a compromise was decided by the Sages, for this some parts of Awakened Fey-Lin Liangs suggestions have been granted, and some of my contradictions have been considered too.

Still with these decisions coming into effect no national Assembly on Atys now grants free speech any longer, at each and every Assembly handsigns are now obligate - such the biggest difference between the Nations has been eliminated. As a novelty the seating-order is a little bit different now and each city can have 3 self-chosen votes at national Assemblies, Awakened and (honorary) Initiates for a new balance and fairness.


#67 [en] 

Here are the 5 different design-models we Zorai can choose from (3 representatives for each city are allowed to vote) for the new information-signboard that will be put up in Zora next to the stables.

Jen-Lai suggested that such a notice-board shall be established so that representatives from the amber-cities can inform the public about events and the like.

Some cities already had permanently set sign-boards before the second Great Swarming as a custom over many, many Atys-years. There have been notice-boards at the main-entrances of all 4 capitals on Atys for instance, presenting the most important informations about the political systems of the according Nations, about political active guilds/homins, and also pointing out a number of important laws to be observed - like the prohibition of showing weapons during official Assemblies in Zora or the ban of goo-infested items and munition back in those times.


#68 [en] 

Report/minutes for the regional Assembly of the circles of Hoi-Cho from Dua, Fallenor 2nd, in the 3rd cycle of AtysYear 2573 (OOC: June 17th 2013).

* Initiate Zhienkao Pai-Du, representative of the circle of Dynasty
* Messenger Jeoi Chan-Quang
* Initiate Sari from Hoi-Cho
* Honorary Initiate Zhoi, Ambassador of the Zorai
* Filira Salazar Caradini, Matis-Noble
* Curtos Nizzo, Ex-Akenak of the Fyros
* Keldreth, Matis from Davae
* Ramunra, Zorai, Kami-awardee
* Daomei Lin Carthan. Scout and Ranger
* Seternulon from Windemeer
* Zendae of the Amazons Mysticia
* Xoween, Zorai-refugee

List of Topics:

* deciding on a design for the information-board in Zora
* suggestions of names for the proposed Academy in Zora
* considerations about a water well drilling project for the desert
* still unsolved issues of the city-charter for Hoi-Cho
* commemorative ceremony for the second Great Swarm of Hoi-Cho and Min-Cho
* rewarding ceremony for the amber cube decryption for Filira Caradini
* goo-infested Igaras in the Upper Bog of the Verdant Heights
* communication-issues amongst the jungle-cities

More details can be found here: #314

The next national Assembly of the Great Circles will be on Prima, Fallenor 19th in the fourth circle of AtysYear 2573 (OOC: July 6th) in Zora.


#69 [en] 

Latest version of the draft for the suggested law against irresponsible handling of Goo:

The Theocracy of the Zoraï hereby bans the production, use, unauthorized possession, import, export, trading/transfer, advertising/offering as well as non-reporting the knowledge of such illegal deeds of all kinds of objects, item-parts, fillings or components and the like, that are mixed, filled or processed with Goo of any kind in the Witherings.

Especially weapons and munition made with or from Goo are strictly forbidden to be made and/or handled; as well as any kinds of drugs made of Goo. Also transport of and dealing with Goo-infested items to make profit is forbidden. Any counteracting will lead to a court proceedings and will be punished severely.

Any findings of Goo-polluted objects, item-parts or the like (especially weapons and ammunition) in the Witherings has to be reported to the officials of the cities of amber as quickly as possible. Trusted scholars can ask for an official permission to scientifically research Goo and will be advised to use utmost caution; not least because of the danger of Goo for their own body and mind.

It is not forbidden to harvest Goo of any kind with the intention to destroy it - but on the contrary: this task is very welcome; we encourage every homin to do so as often as possible. Goo and Goo-polluted materials should otherwise be delivered to officials in the cities of amber. Goo-infested materials shall never be used to produce items of any kind as this is extremely dangerous.

The Theocracy of the Zoraï wants to remind all Zoraï and Initiates that the most respected Kami have bestowed the honorable task of fighting against the Goo on our people. Please remember this duty at all times and also let the officials of the cities of amber know if you hear of any problems or dealings with Goo wherever on Atys. Thank you.

(OOC: please note that the "handling" of Goo-mission-materials and even Goo-polluted animal-loot is not forbidden RP-wise. Some Goo-polluted loot might be used for crafting - but since the products are not specifically labelled as Goo-polluted you won't have to fear of getting "in conflict with the law" :) )

* possible addition to the law following a suggestion by the Awakened Astarth:

- the Theocracy has renowned scholars and scientists who will receive and handle any Goo-samples delivered to them with utmost care and all due respect to the Kami, avoiding incautious experimentations.

* possible additions to the law following suggestions by the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang:

- as Goo is a plaque and a manifestation of nothingness, so Goo-contaminated items, item-parts, fillings, Goo-drugs and the like - of any kind - are not to be seen as "wares" nor "goods".

- the Goo is a disease and abomination that threatens all life on Atys; it's not part of the natural world. Destroying Goo is an important task to protect nature and to ensure the health of the ecosystems of Atys.

- Goo can be destroyed by the hands of homins, so this is recommended to do with small amounts of Goo like the kind that can be found under the bark. Even though fire can be used to destroy Goo please refrain from it and remember the fire of Coriolis: sap is dangerously inflammable even in it's veins under the bark and if fire should ever spread on a large scale in the Witherings it would cause horrible damage to nature.


#70 [de] 

Minutes/records for the national Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora on Nivia 28th in the fourth cycle of Atysyear 2573 (OOC/HRP: July 11th 2013)

* the Grand Sage Mabreka Cho
* the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho
* the Sage Supplice / Sorrow / Bai Ji-Mao, also known as Fen Han-Go
* first dynastic Physician / healer Tao Sian
* master crafter Lu Fan-Wan
* the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang
* the Awakened Fitis (after the Assembly had ended)
* the Awakened Astarth (after the Assembly had ended)
* Initiate Pao-Len
* Initiate Denakyo
* Initiate Sari Sarisa
* Initiate Komato
* Honorary Initiate Zhoi
* Filira Salazar Caradini
* Wasari Kealey-Abygrian from Windermeer
* Ranger Daomei Lin Carthan
* Diwu, Fyros
* Ranger Kiwa-Lie
* Phaozhu of Amazons Mysticia
* Kwel of Talian Zu
* Zdrogu, Zorai, Fyros-Defender
* Indigo, Zorai-Refugee
* Rosellia, Homina
* Xiao-Mei, Zorai
* Ezek, Poignardeur (at the end of the Assembly)
* Akenak Bardor
* Mjollren, Atys-Citizen
* Osquallo of Amazons Mysticia
* Akenak Icus

topics that were actually addressed (a very personal view of the events by me, Zhoi):

* about Goo: Zorai-researches of Goo, how to destroy Goo, law against handling Goo

First physician Tao Sian, the personal healer of our beloved Grand Sage Mabreka Cho, declared that methods have been found how to destroy Goo, but did not explain how. At least natural fire is known to be able to destroy goo, but Tao Sian's words indicated that there are other ways too. She agreed with the suggestion to give any goo-items and the like found to the officials in Zora to be destroyed, as was planned for the text of the goo-bill. Tao Sian is one of few experts who are allowed to do research on the Goo within the Theocracy; so it seems that experimentation is still forbidden for anyone who is not especially authorized, even though it was not mentioned clearly during the assembly since the discussions became chaotic because of the intemperate imputations of an attending Fyros.

* about the Goo-contaminated Rangers in the Kitin-Lair who are being treated by Tao Sian

Tao Sian is taking care of a group of Rangers deep within the Kitin-lair in the dark mines where they have been infected with Goo. In that same cave remains of an old Matis-like camp and a Karavan-transporter-device have been sighted. It was revealed that the condition of the Rangers is getting worse every time they are trying to leave this place. It might be because of a special kind of goo or something else in there, perhaps it has to do with the old camp? Unfortunately Tao Sian is struck by health-issues every time she uses the Kamis magic transportation to the Kitin-lair, so she has to take a break and regenerate.

* suggestion by Jen-Lai to form a peaceful/non-deadly deployment force

After the tryker are considering a federal army to fight against marauders and other threats to their cities of New Trykoth, Awakened Fey-Lin Liang suggested to form a Zoraian group of defenders who should not resert to killing but find other ways to keep different threats away from our amber cities. One of the tasks of this group - called Pak-nédai squad - would be to hinder wild Gibbai from desturbing attempts of the Zorai and other homins to destroy/close kitin-tunnels, for instance by destroying termite-mounds...

* review about the visit to the Gibad(d)s, still open question about who should make/deliver containers

The spiritual leader of the Gibads, tribe chief Amagastai, spoke with a delegation of the Zorai and friends on Pluvia 9th in the third cycle of Atys-year 2573 (OOC: June 19th 2013), led by the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, Initiate Pao-Len and myself, honorary initiate Zhoi. Chief Amagastai did not seem to know any better solution for the kitin-tunnels that are still present under the bark through all of the Witherings and the other New Lands. However he confirmed that the Gibads could provide us Zorai with magic potions - probably more safe for the environment than those that the Rangers are using on the termites... I informed the Sages that we have promised the Gibads to send them containers and am sure that this has been enough for our wise leaders to send them some from either the Icon-worshippers or our merchants.

* announcement of a date to meet with the Ancient Dryads and the Siblings of the Weed

A meeting with these two tribes from the verdant heights shall take place at the Kami-altar in the grove of umbra on Harvestor 18th in the first Atys-cycle of 2574 (OOC: July 21st 2013).

* a sudden assassination at the end of the Assembly terminated any further talks

All of a sudden a stranger stormed into the audience and drew something weaponlike. He attacked the Zorai Xiao-Mei who was said to have been held captive by Marauders and treated with goo-drugs for a while before she was saved. The male homin fled before anyone could stop him, but was recognized as a Marauder by those who were sitting next to Xiao-Mei as it seems. Xiao-Mei then started to behave strangely - she spouted words of enmity, took out a dagger and attacked initiate Pao-Len from Jen-Lai.

Judging by the words spoken it seems that Xiao-Mei had originally "wanted" or had been commanded to assassinate Sage Supplice / Sorrow, but initiate Pao-Len has prevented this and so happened to be wounded. As initiate Pao-Len died almost immediately and after that everyone realized with a shock that her life-seed had been destroyed and even the mighty Kamis were not able to bring her back, it was clear that the dagger had been poisoned, most likely with goo of some kind; just like goo-filled ammunition had been used to assassinate the Tryker governor Still Wyler long ago who was beloved by all. Investigations were decided upon, Xiao-Mei was brought away under the observation of healer Tao Sian, and the dagger given to the Guild of Cho who guards the amber cities and our spiritual leaders.

More details can be found here in the dialect of Hoi-Cho (German):

List of topics scheduled:
* introduction and listing of pending issues:
- How to fight goo ? how to be safe from it ? What to do in case of contamination
- The state of progress on the Goo Bill draft (future law)
- Alternatives to the termites solution (Ranger project):
Gibbad Tribe : report on the last meeting
Botany : about the future meeting with Dryads and Siblings of the Weeds
- Academy of Zora
- About the Information sign in Zora:
Voting on kind of panel.
Decision on where to put it ?
+ about Jen-Lai's plans of re-writing of the treaty of the four peoples with Thesos
+ renewal of the free trade agreement of the four peoples?
+ changing the seasonal endowment of Jen-Lai into a national project
+ clarifying the facts with Tao Sian about Rangers and Goo in general

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#71 [en] 

Minutes/records of the Assembly of the Circles of Hoi-Cho on Fallenor 18th in the first cycle of Atys-Year 2475 (OOC/HRP: July 24th 2013)

* Sage Gangi Cheng-Ho / Sens
* Initiate Sari Sarisa (for a short while)
* Wasari Kealey-Abygrian from Windermeer
* Ranger Daomei Lin Carthan
* Diwu, Fyros
* Nalani of Wings of Freedom

List of topics:
* putting an end to the regular Assemblies of Hoi-Cho
* suspending talks about the ceremony for the second Great Swarming until Min-Cho shows interest
* official petition to the Sages to clear up differences about how to destroy Goo
* differences amongst the amber cities
* advisements how to keep national Assemblies short but more efficient

At the same time befriended homins were talking to the royal botanist Cuiccio Perinia and shortly afterwards to (former) General Mizza Triva in Yrkanis about the famous master botanist Gilado Almati.


#72 [en] 

Minutes/records of the national Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora on Fallenor 18th in the second cycle of Atys-Year 2574 (OOC/HRP: August 11th 2013)

* Grand Sage Mabreka Cho
* Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho
* Crafting-Master Lu Fan-Wan
* Xioi Qia Quong, dynastic guardian
* Awakened Fitis from Min-Cho
* Awakened Astarth from Min-Cho
* Awakened Fey-Lin Liang from Jen-Lai
* Honorary-Initiate Zhoi from Hoi-Cho
* Initiate Sari Sarisa
* Zyron of Obscurus Lilium, Zorai from Zora
* Avrus of Obscurus Lilium, Zorai from Zora
* Initiate Elhora of Le Forge Libre Zorai
* Initiate Kwel of Talian Zu from Jen-Lai
* Initiate Aether of Wild Maguss
* Initiate Mohyea from Jen-Lai
* Initiate Samoa of Talian Zu from Jen-Lai
* Initiate Binarabi from Min-Cho, leader of Guardians of Shadows
* Initiate Clintya of Talian Zu
* Zendae of Amazons Mysticia
* Filira Salazar Caradini from Yrkanis
* Akenak Bardor from Thesos
* Ranger Daomei Lin Carthan
* Diwu, Fyros of Dark Cloud
* Wasari Kealey-Abygrian from Windermeer, former Ambassador
* Nuzanshi of Dragon Slayers, former Akenak
* Seternulon from Windermeer of Free Souls
* Nalani of Wings of Freedom
* Ranger Zorroargh, N'ASA, La Tribu Talodi
* Ranger Kiwalie
* Chenli of La Tribu Talodi
* Mallo of La Tribu Talodi
* Eloan of La Tribu Talodi, Tali Grytt
* Ingfarah of Les Larmes
* Sovyc, Zorai of Les Larmes
* Marceline of Atysian Templars from Thesos
* Okaryna from Jen-Lai
* Eruv, Zorai of Asylum from Pyr
* Anesia from Jen-Lai
* Zyrana from Jen-Lai
* Bobog of Keepers of Darkness
* Virg of Asylum "Architect of Equilibrium"
* Kronstadt of Rift Walkers
* Stark of Rift Walkers
* Poisonblack, Zorai of Kami Guardians
* Dalka, Fyros of Kami Guardians
* Kray, Fyros of Les Larmes
* Molybre, Fyros of Sobirania I justicia
* Ember, Fyros of Wild Magus
* Jalindra of Hoodo, Eldest of Atys
* Shaakya of Hoodo, Atys-citizen
* Sreothus of Grave of the fireflies
* Fyrenskaken ( de Commerce)
* Mermaidia of Les Eclaireurs d'Atys
* Stcentor
* Sharleen, Tryker

list of topics:
* information-signboard for Zora; design-decision and spot to put it
* academy of Zora (temple of knowledge)
* expected kitin-attack on Zora
* ending talk

topics scheduled:
- Zora sign: Vote to choose it ; where to put it?
- Academy of Zora.
- National endowment.
- Threat of Kitin attack on Zora.
- Attack from a Marauder during last Zora Assembly.
- Treaty of the 4 nations.
- Free Trade Agreement.
- State of progress on the Goo Bill draft.

topics postponed:
- containers for the Gib(b)ads
- permitted content of the future sign-board in Zora
- Astarths question about a main-dedication of the Academy

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#73 [en] 

* decisions for the future sign-board of Zora
- the "gravestone"-design C was decided upon by vote of the representatives of the amber cities
- the board will be put up close to the stables as per wish of the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang
- the information can be written on this board with a special waterproof colour that can be wiped off and thus can be replaced at any time
- crafting-master Lu Fan-Wan sent an Izam to Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, Awakened Astarth and myself, Honorary-Initiate Zhoi about the materials needed for this board. Each city shall provide 200 Scrath Wood Node, 100 Soo Amber, 50 Sarina Seeds and 50 Dzao Fibre harvested in the jungle of grade choice or higher, with a quality minimum of 150 or higher - and additional 30.000 dappers per city

* academy of Zora
- the name for the academy to come was decided by vote: "temple of knowledge"
- the Awakened Astarth suggested that the academy should be dedicated to a special main-topic, preferably the research of goo-infested items/weapons, while the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang suggested Goo in general

* kitin-thread against Zora
- the Kamis have forseen a kitin-attack on Zora, after Pyr and Yrkanis have already been seized
- the Awakaned Astarth repeated his report to the officials 5 - Celiakos Lyan Cexius had invited the Awakened Fitis, Astarth and Fey-Lin Liang to Pyr and had offered to send guards from Pyr to Zora to help defending the capital of the Witherings. The three Awakened had also agreed on an exchange of Fyros- and Zorai-wepaons; 14 burning axes for 14 electric maces and 14 burning grenade launchers for 14 electric rifles
- the Awakened Astarth volunteered to take care of the gatherings of jungle-materials for weapons and ammunition for the Zorai and the organisation of a convoy from Zora to Pyr. He also agreed to assemble the Zorai-weapons in Pyr and teach their use to the guards
- the Sages had their own talks with the Senators and had decided to accept the generous offering of Fyros-guards
- the Sages were informed of the missing guards at the north-east-east entrance of Zora to the Haven of Purity and agreed to let Fyros-guards take care of this gate

* ending
- some new guards had been hired to defend the Assembly, but their training had been lacking. When two members of the guild Asylum started a brawl, the guards also attacked us Zorai and our friends because of their inexperience. Eruv, high officer of the guild Asylum asked to please not blame it on the guild as a whole or the leader Rollocks, as the two members were returnees and had not been informed about the changed circumstances in the New Lands yet. He said that these members will be called to account
- the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang wanted to talk about the attack on Pao-Len by Xiao-Mei, but decided to do this in private to not let information fall into the wrong hands maybe
- the next regional Assembly will be changed to a national one because of the many pending issues. It was mentioned that Hoi-Cho has decided to not have any regular regional Assemblies any longer anyway

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#74 [en] 

Minutes/records of the national Assembly of the Great Circles in Zora on Fallenor 16th in the third cycle of Atys-Year 2574 (OOC/HRP: August 29th 2013)

The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho
Awakened Fitis
Awakened Fey-Lin Liang
Honorary-Initiate Zhoi
Initiate Sari Sarisa
Filira Salazar Caradini
Akenak Bardor
Daomei Lin Carthan, Ranger
Rasaya Di Carlo, former Akenak
Diwu, Dark Cloud
Initiate Nahual
Zouraya, Rennaisance des Graines de Kami
Anesia, Rennaisance des Graines de Kami
Eeri, Legions Fyros
Kiwa-Lie, Ranger, La Federation de Commerce
Lyouna, Legions Fyros
Julianos, Atys Eternalys
Terregaia, Atys Eternalys
Viosselle. Atys Eternalys
Conice, Armageddons
Sreothus. Grave of the Fireflies
Nomiya, Les Eclaireurs d'Atys
Yenno, Fyros-Wächter/-Guardian
Zeraillan, Rennaisance des Graines de Kami
Lemraoupa, Refugee

list of topics:
* information-signboard for Zora; collection of materials and dappers to build it
* expected kitin-attack on Zora
* treaty of the four nations, free trade agreement
* goo bill draft
* marauder arrested in Zora

topics scheduled:
- Threat of Kitin attack on Zora
- Treaty of the four nations
- Free Trade Agreement
- State of progress on the Goo Bill draft
- National endowment
- Zora sign
- Academy of Zora


#75 [en] 

* sign-board of Zora
- crafting-master Lu Fan-Wan collected the materials and dappers needed for the information-board from Hoi-Cho. Min-Cho and Jen-Lai will provide their share later on, hopefully at the next regional or national Assembly
- as mentioned above this would be 30.000 dappers, 200 Scrath Wood Node, 100 Soo Amber, 50 Sarina Seeds and 50 Dzao Fibre harvested in the jungle 150 or higher of grade choice or higher per each city

* kitin-thread on Zora
- the Fyros had generously provided the Zorai with 50 burning/flaming melee weapons of excellent quality plus 100 additional melee weapons from the forge in Pyr, also with 74 burning/flaming brazer launchers and 148 launchers from the forge in Pyr to top it off. Ranger Daomei announced to give away ammunition for these launchers for free with the help of the merchants of Zora. The Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho had a talk with Celiakos/Senator Dios Apotheps. She had reported that the delivery of Fyros-weapons and ammunition to Zora went very well, and that a hold-up had been avoided by choosing an unusual route.
- the Awakened Astarth from Min Cho will organize the counter-delivery of materials for Zorai-weapons and ammunition, he will oversee the assembling of these materials to weapons in Pyr and teach their use to the guards of Pyr. The Sage Sens suggested that the Awakened Astarth should share the details of the progress with the other representatives as soon as possible, even outside of Assemblies. The Awakened Fitis also assured to contact the Awakend Astarth

* treaty of the four nations, free trade agreement
- on Medis 22nd in the second cycle of Aty-Year 2573 (OOC: May 25th 2013) Diwu had reported that Akenak Icus had suggested in Thesos to rewrite the treaty of the four nations and then to present it to the other nations as a peace offering. Seemingly the other cities have not been told about this though; only Jen-Lai was informed by patriot Geyos
- Akenak Bardor confirmed the plan in general, but said that nothing official has been done about it yet. He did not reply to the question about the rumors that the Sharükos Lykos had given his consent to this. Akenak Bardor agreed with the opinion of Filira Salazar that all cities on Atys should have a say in this matter
- my humble self, Honorary-Initiate Zhoi, filed a petition to the Council of Elders to let the representatives of the Circles meet with the representatives of the other nations and the Rangers to talk about this issue (if they will comply with it of course), since different versions of this treaty are known on Atys, so an unified version for all nations would be an asset
- the leaders of the four nations and rangers will naturally get the last / final word and decision in the end
- if the political representatives are allowed to come together the free trade agreement should also be addressed. An old agreement was signed in 2516 by all four nations but the phrasing and details are not publicly known. From the little we know there seem to be at least two slightly different versions. At the national Assembly of Taliari on Folially 4th in the fourth cycle of Atys-Year 2572 (OOC: April 15th 2013) Taliar Luth had petitioned to conclude a trade agreement with all nations, so he will surely want to be present when this matter is discussed
- even though the Awakened Fitis and the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang were asked if they are interested in working out a unified version of these treaties, both of them did not reply to the question at all. The Sage Sens deemed these talks a good idea, but will have to ask the Grand Sage and the Council for permission

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