#1 [de] 

These are the protocols of the latest national assemblies of the circles of the Zoraï in Zora plus the records of the rare regional conferences of the (German) Circles of Hoï-Cho. The more detailed versions in the language of Hoi-Cho (German) can be found here:

If you are a political interested Zoraï these protocols will brief you about political decisions that have been made or are still being discussed of the Theocracy that governs the realm of the Witherings. There are also some helpful background-informations included about homins, events or facts on Atys. The records of Hoï-Cho touch topics that will possibly be broached again at the next national Assemblies of the Circles in Zora if they have not been addressed yet.

With this readers from other countries will be informed about topics that might concern their nations too, and they may of course use the political topics of interest of the Zoraï as stimuli for their own political debates in their countries if interested.

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#2 [de] 

Records for the first Assembly of Zora on Quarta, Fallenor 10, 4th AC 2571 (OOC: February 11th 2013):


* Greetings

* Interruption by masked homins, introducing themselves as "Trytonists"

* Self-Introductions of the Shizu'i (guilds) of the Witherings:
- Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, leader of Talian-Zu from Jen-Laï
- Initiate Mamasan, leader of the kami-loyal Les Philhomins from Jen-Laï
- Initiate Valandrine, leader of Les Graines de Kamis from Jen-Laï
- Initiate Etchizka from the kami-loyal Clan Sckinook
- Senseïs Atysiens are said to also live in Jen-Laï
- Awakened Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún, leader of the kami-loyal Discepatores Zorae from Hoi-Cho
- Honorary Initiate Zhoi, leader of the neutral Tiny Teahouse from Hoi-Cho
- Initiate Astarth and Initiate Fitis, officers of the kami-loyal Guardians of Shadows from Min-Cho
- Monks of Atys are also said to live in Min-Cho

* responsibility of the amber cities for regions of the Witherings
- different opinions were voiced by Initiate Astarth, Zendae from Amazons Mysticia (asking for the Maiden Grove, where the Amazons live, to be connected with Jen-Lai), Initiate Fitis, Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, and Awakened Sartyrica (whose suggestion was embraced by Jen-Lai and Min-Cho in the end)

* request by Hoi-Cho to move the station of "to New Horizons" closer to the stables and Kami Altar
- discussion with O'Cauty Bremmen about the requested moving and a higher fee (4000 dappers) for the first week with Awakened Fey-Lin Liang and Initiate Valandrine
- Initiate Astarth and Honorary Initiate Zhoi offered their help as movers
- voting for the relocation: Awakened Fey-Lin Liang, Initiate Astarth and Initiate Zhoi voted for the moving, no votes were cast against this plan

* commemoration day for the Second Swarm in Jen-Lai
- explanation of the plans of Jen-Lai for this ceremony, suggestion by Initiate Astarth to wait with that, arbitrament by the Grand Sage that this is up to Jen-Lai to decide

* rebuilding of the temples
- the Grand Sage explained that he has listened carefully to the visions sent by Ma-Duk and he has felt that it is not time yet to rebuild the temple of Zora, but this time will come
- at first an outpost will be built for the Kami representatives offering the Kami-rites and Almati-wood-transportation

* rebuilding of the Kitin observation camps
- the reconstruction of the Kami outposts will be the first priority, the observation camps will follow later on by the will of the Grand Sage

* plan of the rangers to deal with the Kitin tunnels under the Witherings
- Ranger Wilk Potskin explained that even though the entrances might sometimes be closed the tunnels of the Kitins from the Second Swarm do not disappear
- Ardan Keal and Daeronn Cegrips are working with the Rangers to treat special termites (a species that attacks kitin-nests) with "stimulating" potions so the termites will destroy the Kitin tunnels entirely
- the attendees of the Assembly were asked by Wilk Potskin to help gather ressources for the potions
- Initiate Astarth and Honorary Initiate Zhoi offered their help
- Initiate Valandrine objected, Awakened Fey-Lin Liang and Karrael from Verdant Heights voiced worries

* Initiate Astarth asked for the rite to become Awakened
- the Grand Sage pointed out that Sage Season will manage the Awakening-rites for Min-Cho

* Awakened Fey-Lin Liang asked who would write reports in the dialects of Min-Cho and Hoi-Cho
- Initiate Astarth agreed to writing it in the dialect of Min-Cho (to be found on the Zorai-boards), Honorary Initiate Zhoi claimed that it is her usual task to write reports in the dialect of Hoi-Cho

* about Taki Zorai
- Awakened Fey-Lin Liang pointed out that information about Taki Zorai can be found on the Encyclopatys (
- it was said that the rules for grammar still have to be translated to the dialect of Min-Cho


Mabreka Cho sagt: Kamia'ata Zorai'i.
Feylin sagt: Ata'kami Ma'Kwaï
Valandrine thinks that she will not be able to hear everyone
Mabreka Cho nods to Sens and Supplice.
Astarth sagt: kami zo'ata Kwaï
Mabreka Cho sagt: May Ma-Duk bless you. I want to welcome you to this assembly of the Zoraï people.
Mabreka Cho sagt: First I would like to welcome the helpful homins who will translate all that will be said into the dialects of Atys.
Valandrine jubelt Mabreka Cho zu. Los Mabreka Cho!
Mabreka Cho sagt: Ochi kami no.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Today I am pleased to open the first Assembly of the Zoraï Circles.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Following the Circles of the Dynasty, the Reconstruction, the Spirituality, the Exploration and the Defense, we will talk about various topics.

Ocyx écarlate verbeugt sich voller Respekt.
Gubani astucieux verbeugt sich voller Respekt.
Lumper lunatique incline la tête en guise de salut
Ocyx écarlate sagt: I'm sorry to interrupt you great sage
Feylin regarde l'arrivée des individus masqués /looks at the masked homins
Ocyx écarlate sagt: But my fellow and I want to introduce ourself fast
Ocyx écarlate sagt: Our time is limited, as we have many powerful enemies on Atys
Ocyx écarlate sagt: We are trytonnists. If you don't know us, we are the homins who allowed the hominity to flee during the second exodus.
Ocyx écarlate sagt: Although it was deadly for everybody, including us, we are back on the Bark and we will keep fighting.
Valandrine sagt: look closely at Ocyx Ecarlate
Ocyx écarlate sagt: The sign of Elias will come soon, and with him we will be able to complete our goal : to free the hominity from the slavery of the Highers Powers.
Feylin sagt: Allow me to interrupt you as well as you interrupted the Ma'Kwaï
Feylin sagt: You may talk to much according to the laws of the Theocracy, if you talk about some restricted religious purpose

* because of a short blackout (OOC: client-crash), I missed some words that were said after that. Later on I was told that the Trytonists did not reply to any questions but just left.

Mabreka Cho sagt: May the Awakened now introduce themselves and their Shizu'i (guilds).
Feylin sagt: Puis-je commencer ? :: Can i begin ?
Mabreka Cho nods to Feylin.
Feylin sagt: Nu Fey-Lin Liang, Jen-Laï'o li'laï-ko :: je suis Fey-Lin Liang, éveillée de Jen-Laï :: i am Fey-Lin Liang, awakened from Jen-Laï
Feylin sagt: Nu'o shizu (my guild) Talian-Zu is newly created since we are back in the New Lands. We follow a way influenced by my stay with the Ancient Dryads
Feylin akaba :: a terminé :: has finished
Mabreka Cho sagt: Kami'ari Fey-Lin.

Supplice says ti Feylin: are ther other guilds from Jen-Lai?
Feylin sagt: Ah, yes, Tseu-ito
Supplice sagt: Please, intrduce those guilds...
Feylin sagt: Les Philhomins, Les Graines de Kamis, dont des représentants sont présents
Valandrine verbeugt sich vor Mabreka Cho.
Feylin sagt: Ainsi que les Senseïs Atysiens et le Clan Sckinook
Feylin sagt: Je pense qu'il y a encore une guilde, mais qui ne s'est pas présentée encore comme telle à Jen-Laï
Feylin sagt: The Philhomins, Graines de Kamis who have members here, and Senseis Atysiens and Clan Sckinook, who have no representatives here at the moment. I think there is another guild, who didn't present itself at Jen-Laï

Supplice sagt: We are happy to ear them
Supplice sagt: Who would begin? Philhomins?
Supplice sagt: Do not be shy..
Mamasan sagt: My name is Mamasan, I am the leader of the PhilHomins
Mamasan sagt: It is a kami and zorai guild
Mamasan sagt: Our gh is in Jen Lai
Mamasan sagt: and I'm too shy to speak a long time

Supplice smiles and points the Graines des Kamis
Sens smiles too and nods.
Valandrine sagt: Woha Tseu-ito'i y zorai'i !
Valandrine sagt: I am Valandrine leader of the "Graines de Kami" (Kami seeds)
Valandrine sagt: We are a small shizu (guild) moderate in our kami's belief
Valandrine sagt: and we will fight fiercely if needed for the zorai theocracy and for the Ma'Kwaï (Grat Mask = Mabreka)
Valandrine sagt: that's about all
Valandrine sagt: Ari'kami for your attention
Valandrine sits down

Supplice nods and looks to Feylin: one more?
Mabreka Cho nods and thanks the ones who introduced themselves until now.
Feylin sagt: Yes, a representative of the Clan Sckinook just came here
Supplice sagt: Then, please...
Feylin make a sign to Etchizka to have her introduce her shizu
Etchizka verbeugt sich voller Respekt.
Etchizka sagt: Woha
Etchizka sagt: Veuillez escuser mon retard... ce sera bref
Valandrine translates : Please excuse me for being late, it will be quick
Etchizka sagt: Notre shizu est un clan très soudé, une famille
Valandrine translates : our shizu (guild) is a very friendly, we are very close to one another, we are a family
Etchizka sagt: Nous sommes Zoraï et Kamistes dans nos coeurs et nos ames
Valandrine translates : we are zorai and kamist deep in our hearts and our souls
Etchizka sagt: Nous aidons nos frères et soeurs dés que cela est possible
Etchizka sagt: Ce sera tout pour cette fois *sourit*
Valandrine translates : we will help our brothers and sisters every time we can
Etchizka verbeugt sich voller Respekt.
Valandrine translates: that's all for this time *smiles*
Etchizka sagt: Ari kami !
Valandrine translates : thank you (zorai language)
Mabreka Cho nods: Kami'ari Etchizka Miko.
Etchizka grinst Mabreka Cho an.

Sens sagt: Now the Awakened and Representants of Hoï-Cho will present themselves.
Sens verbeugt sich vor Sartyrica.
Supplice nods: I think we have finished for Jen-Lai
Sartyrica begrüßt Mabreka Cho mit einer vornehmen Verbeugung.
Sartyrica sagt: Kamia'ata.
Sartyrica sagt: My name is Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún, Zoai Awakened and Leader of the Hoi CHo-Shizu Discepatores Zoae.
Sartyrica sagt: Our Guild is strictly Kami, so, all members o this family are, too, citicens of Zorai and also Kami, we have no action-neutrals inside this "clan".
Sartyrica sagt: faction...sorry...^^
Valandrine sagt: excuse me : what do you mean by "no action neutrals" ? you don't have any relations with neutrals ?
Valandrine sagt: (for the sake of an accurate translation ^^)
Sartyrica sagt: i corrected: no faction neutrals...all members of DZ have to be Kami. We surely have relations to neutrals, but if you want to be a member of this little family, you have to be Kami.
Zhoi nods knowingly
Valandrine sagt: thank you
Sartyrica sagt: Wir stehen fets hinter und für die Werte der Zorai und Ma Duk als Oberstem Schöpfer, und hinter der Theokratie, die wir mit allen mitteln, diplomatisch, im Notfall auch mit der Waffe verteidigen würden.
Sartyrica sagt: Ari kami.
Sartyrica sagt: Sorry, forgot one thing: Guild Hall an our homin homes are all in Hoi Cho.
Sens translates: We are committed to the values of Zorai and Ma-Duk as our Creator and to the Theocracy that we will defend by all means, diplomatic but in case of emergeny also with force.
Sens sagt: Ari'kami Sartyrica.

Sens verbeugt sich vor Zhoi.
Zhoi bows her head: ari'kami wango-ito Gangi Cheng-Ho
Sens nods to Zhoi.
Zhoi sagt: My name is Zhoi, I am merely a lowly Honorary Initiate, but still a member of the Circles of Hoi-Cho
Zhoi sagt: I am also the leader of a small guild, the tiny teahouse, located at Hoi-Cho, neutral in civilization and religion
O'Cauty Bremmen verbeugt sich voller Respekt.
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Lordoy.
Zhoi sagt: As a Zorai I am devoted to my people and I love the Kami. Still I have experienced the importance of all civilizations working together and so I want to stand for this as a homina and guild-leader
Zhoi sagt: thank you for listening, Grand Sage, Sages, miko-Ito *bows her head once again*
Mabreka Cho nods to Zhoi thankfully.

Mabreka Cho sagt: Do we have any representants of shizu'i from Min-Cho?
Astarth sagt: yes we have
Mabreka Cho nods to Astarth.
Fitis begrüßt Mabreka Cho mit einer vornehmen Verbeugung.
Mabreka Cho sagt: So please introduce yourself and your shizu.
Astarth sagt: fitis and me are High officers from the guild Guardians of Shadows, a kami zorai based guild
Astarth sagt: i'd like if thats not a problem to introduce part of our guild history to you
Mabreka Cho sagt: Please go on.
Zhoi looks up to Astarth interested
Astarth sagt: our shizu is an old one, we were a karavan follower shizu based in Fairhaven, after we lost our homes in the great swarm we found kami enlightnment while we were refugees in the kami Oasis
Astarth sagt: and ma duk in his grace embraced us and showed us his way
Astarth sagt: upon returning none of our former tryker lands look familiar or welcoming to us, so we came to jungle to find a new home
Astarth sagt: our guild was recently honoured as in charge of the dity of Min-cho
Zendae glanced a eye at Astarth when he said karavan follower
Astarth sagt: although we were karavan followers before, we are very devout kami disciples now, and are willing to protect all of them
Astarth sagt: i thank you for your patience Great sage Mabreka, sages and all of you homins
Mabreka Cho sagt: Ari'Kami. Welcome to Zora and our people.

Mabreka Cho sagt: Do we have more representants from Min-Cho?
Astarth sagt: Monks of atys are also from min-cho, but they're not present at the time MA?kwaï
Mabreka Cho nods.
Mabreka Cho sagt: I understand.
Mabreka Cho sagt: I am pleased to hear about so many shizu'i that decided to follow the guidelines of the Theocracy and the call of Ma-Duk.

Mabreka Cho sagt: I hope you all have read the document "Reorganisation of the Theocracy" that was published some days ago.
Mabreka Cho sagt: One important aspect is still undefined.
Zhoi nods approving
Mabreka Cho sagt: Which cities will be responsible for which regions of the Witherings?
Mabreka Cho sagt: I have full faith in the wisdom of the shizu'i that they can decide this by themselves until the next assembly.
Mabreka Cho sagt: But here and now I want to give you the opportunity to share your suggestions and opions with us.
Astarth sagt: if i may speak, great Mabreka
Zhoi glances at the Matis-women from the Amazons Mysticia
Zendae guesses it's time to speak
Mabreka Cho sagt: Please know that we don't have time for long discussions right now.
Mabreka Cho nods to Astarth, he may speak now.
Astarth sagt: at the last circle of Min-Cho it was told to us that Min-cho was in charge of the denfense and oversight of cities of intuition and Grove of Umbra, idont know what's the situation for theother cities
Zhoi mumbles something about having posted the protocols of Hoi-Cho

Zendae raises her hands
Mabreka Cho sagt: That is true, but some shizu'i asked for a redistribution.
Mabreka Cho nods to Zendae.
Zendae sagt: ari'kami great sage
Zendae sagt: I wish to introduce shortly my shizu
Zendae sagt: I'm Zendae from Hamazan tribe
Zendae sagt: As we are neighbors, we wish to cooperate with the theocracy to deal on local issues.
Zendae sagt: To that goal, we planed to participate to Jen Lai circles, the city we have the more affinities with
Zendae sagt: so we think this cooperation would be more efficient if Jen lai is in charge with maiden groove
Zendae sagt: Fila for your attention *smiles*
Zendae sit down

Fitis raises her hand
Mabreka Cho nods to Fitis.
Zhoi nods and whispers to Zendae: I think this would be favorable for Hoi-Cho as well, but the Awakened Sartyrica must decide about this
Fitis sagt: ari'kami
Fitis sagt: I'd like to propose something
Fitis sagt: Since there are 6 Regions in the Witherings,
Fitis sagt: each city should be in charge of 2 regions
Zendae nods to Zhoi
Fitis sagt: I think it would be best if each city takes the regions that are in "their part of witherings"
Fitis sagt: that would mean Grove of Umbra and Maiden Grove to Min-Cho
Fitis sagt: Haven of Purity and the Void to Hoï-Cho
Fitis sagt: and Knot of Dementia and Cities of Intuition to Jen-Laï
Fitis sagt: that is the best choice in My opinion
Fitis sits down
Mabreka Cho sagt: Ari'Kami.

Feylin lève la main
Zendae discontent
Mabreka Cho nods to Fey-Lin, so she may speak.
Sartyrica requests to speak.
Feylin sagt: Ari'kami Ma'Kwaï
Feylin sagt: La sagesse de notre peuple doit nous faire prendre en compte l'équilibre ....
Valandrine translates : The WIsdom of our people should make us take the balance into account
Feylin sagt: Ainsi, avec une telle répartition, Min-Cho hériterait de la surveillance de deux tribus conflictuelles, le Cercle Noir et les Antékamis dans le Bosquet de l'Ombre
Feylin sagt: Or les relations antre les Amazones et les Trafiquant de l'Ombre dans le Bosquet Vierge ne sont guère si apaisées qu'on peut le souahiter, il em semble que cette charge serait excessive pour la seule cité de Min Cho
Zhoi nods and pities Min-Cho
Valandrine translates : So, with such distribution, Min-Cho would be in charge of two enemy tribes ...
Feylin sagt: J'appuie donc la demande de la shizu des Amazon Mysticia, qui en plus de ses propres intérêts, aura l'avatage de rétablir un équilibre.
Feylin sagt: Ari'kami
Valandrine translates the black circle and shadow runners
Valandrine translates : in the grove of umbra
Zendae smiles discreetly to Fey-lin
Valandrine translates : the relationship between hamazans and shadow runners in Maiden grove are as peaceful as we could hope
Valandrine translates : in my opinion it's too heavy a charge for Mi-Cho alone
Feylin sagt: (correction : the blakc Circle and the Antikamis in the Grove of Umbra)
Valandrine translates : therefore I agree with the Hamazans request
Valandrine translates : in addition to its own interest, it will be more balanced
Feylin sagt( the relationship between hamazans and shadow runners in maiden grove are NOT as peaceful ...)
Valandrine sagt: (sorry for this mistake ^^)
Wilk Potskin verbeugt sich voller Respekt.

Mabreka Cho thanks Fey-Lin and nods to Sartyrica: Last speech her and now please.
Sartyrica sagt: Zunächst einmal finde ich den Vorschlag von Fitis sehr annehmbar, würde er doch auch ein "schnelles" Eingreifen aufgrund der räumlichen Nähe der Sädte zu den Gebieten garantieren.
Wilk Potskin sagt: Woha.
Zhoi waves and seems happy to see Wilk
Sens translates: First of all I consider the suggestion of Fitis accetable, it would guarantee that we could do quick interventions because of the short distances.
Sartyrica sagt: Auf der anderesn Seite verstehe ich auch die Enwände der Vertreter min Cho's, dass eben zwei Kami-feinliche Stämme schon ein hartes Los sind.
Sens translates: On the other hand I understand the points given by the representants of Min-Cho that two anti-kamistic tribes are not easy to handle.
Sartyrica sagt: Alleerdings wäre Hoi CHo bereit, wenn wir die "Aufsicht" über den HAfen der Reinheit und das Nichts übernehmen würden....
Sens translates: Hoi-Cho would be ready to take over the surveillence of Hafen of Purity and the Void.
Feylin sagt: (not representants of Min-Cho, but Jen-Laï, i guess she's talking about me)
Sens sagt: (I agree, Fey-Lin)
Sartyrica sagt: Min Cho den Kontakt u den Tutoren abzutreten" und imGegenzug en Stamm des Schwarzen Keises unter "unsere Aufsicht" zu nehmen.
Zhoi agrees by nodding zealously
Sartyrica sagt: Damit wäre beiden Seiten "gedient"...
Sens Hoi-Cho offers to give away the contact to the Tutors to Min-Cho and take over the Black Circle instead.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Ari'kami to all who shared their opinions and arguments.
Mabreka Cho sagt: As I said, this topic is too complicated to discuss and to decide now.
Sartyrica sagt: Min Cho würde einer LAst entledigt, Hoi CHo könnte die Aufgaben, die sie schon vor dem Schwarm übernommen hat, mit seiner Erfahrung in diesem Punkte fortsetzen.
Sens translates: Min-Cho would have one burden less and Hoi-Cho could continue his work that started already before the Great Swarm.
Sartyrica sagt: Ausserdem wäre so auch immer der "Austausch" und die fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Städten Hoi Cho und Min CHo aufgrrund der sich kreuzenden Arbeitsfelder gewährleistet.
Sartyrica sagt: Soweit unser Vorschlag.
Sens translates: This would also contribute to the cooperation between Hoi-Cho and Min-Cho.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Now that each of you know about the opinion of the other Representants, I aks you to meet and discuss another day about this topic so that we can make a decision until the next assembly.
Mabreka Cho sagt: I am sure the shizu'i will find a wise decision.

Mabreka Cho sagt: I want to go on with the next topic, a request for the Circle of Reconstruction.
Mabreka Cho sagt: There was a request to move the "New Horizon" station of Zora closer to the Kami Altar and stables.
Mabreka Cho nods to the representant of the New Horizon company.
Feylin sagt: kai'pai tarlok'i !
Zhoi nods once more and looks at O'Cauty Bremmen
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Moving the station to another location requires two things:
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: First, we have to make sure of the new location with authorities.
Valandrine is proud : she can count up to three
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Then, we must hire movers to transport the station.
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Thus Zora's station might be unavailable during some time.
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: And we will have to raise the transport fee a bit.
Valandrine knew it
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: 1000 dappers more during one week.

Feylin is surprised
Feylin lève la main / ask to speak
O'Cauty Bremmen nods to Feylin.
Feylin sagt: Le nouvel emplacement serait plus proche de l'ensemble des autres Cités de l'Intuition.
Valandrine translates : the new station will be closer from the other cities
Feylin sagt: Il devrait donc vous permettre de faire des économies sur les trajets futurs.
Feylin sagt: Je ne vois pas ce qui peut justifier que l'on paie pour vous permettre de faire des économies !
Valandrine translates : this should be cheaper on future transport
Valandrine translates : I don't see how you can justify this raise, especially when it is cheaper for you
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Il ne s'agit ici que tu surcoût engendré par les déménageurs.
Valandrine translates O'Cauty : it's only due to the mover fee
Feylin sagt: Eh bien ce surcoût serait absorbé par les économies futures, à moins que vous ne réduisiez par la suite le tarif des transports pour en tenir compte ?
Valandrine sagt: movers' fee*
Valandrine translates feylin : this extra cost should be covered by the economy made in the future (because of the shorter distance)
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Rien ne me dit qu'il y aura plus de clients. D'ailleurs, d'après nos derniers comptes la jungle est la régions où nous faisons le moins de bénéfices.
Valandrine translates feylin : unless you plan to lower the price in the future ?
Karrael karrael goes boo at Astarth
Zhoi whispers to Sari that she enjoys the atmosphere of a Tryker black market place with a lot of haggling
Valandrine translates O'Cauty : Nothing tells me that there will be more customers. As a matter of fact, accroding to our last count, Jungle is not the more interesting country from a revenue point of view
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Bien sûr le tarif reviendra à son prix de départ une fois le surcoût absorbé.
Feylin sagt: Peut-être parce que la station de Zora est trop mal placée pour intéresser le peuple ? Cela vos comptes passés ne peuvent le dire.
Feylin sagt: Mais la sagesse élémentaire peut le dire
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Vos hypothèses futures non plus.
Valandrine translates O'Cauty : Of course the price will go back to the current price when the extra cost of the movers has been paid
Feylin sagt: Ce n'est pas une hypothèse, si on raccourci le trajet, on raccourci les efforts.
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Si personne n'utilise les transports, ça ne sert à rien de le déplacer plus près.
Feylin sagt: Si personne ne les utilise, pourquoi sont ils encore là ?
Mabreka Cho sagt: I think we have heard enough opinions and arguments, so everyone got a picture now about the situation.
Valandrine translates : Feylin suggest that Jungle is not interesting for New Horzon BECAUSE the Zora station is badly situated : there are fewer customers, it is only natural
Zhoi agrees with that
Karrael agrees with Feylin
Astarth agrees with feylin
Valandrine translates : Feylin insists : the shorter the transport, the less expensive it should be
Feylin stop argueing / arrête d'argumenter
Mabreka Cho sagt: Do you stay to your offer? *towards O'Cauty Bremmen*
Valandrine translates : O'Cauty thinks that this is only hypothetical
O'Cauty Bremmen sagt: Well, Zoraï governement may help us by providing some movers. Thus we will not need to ad any fee.
Valandrine translates O'Cauty : it's useless to move the station if there are no customer in the first place
Zhoi offers her help
Valandrine translates Feylin : if there are no customers, why is the station still in place
Astarth offers his hands as mover
Karrael sagt: humph- if customers could find the current station - maybe there would be more customers
Wilk Potskin winkt Kiwalie zu.

Mabreka Cho sagt: So I call to voting about the general approval to move the station closer to the stables.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Whoever agrees to the approval may stand up now.
Sens counts Fey-Lin, Astarth and Zhoi.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Whoever is against this suggestion, please stand up now.
Sens sagt: No votes against it.
Mabreka Cho sagt: So you have the general license. The details still have to be negociated.
Karrael hands Astarth a bowl of white tea
Mabreka Cho sagt: The Dynastic Circle will contact you for the details.

Mabreka Cho sagt: We move to the next topic from the Circle of Spirituality.
Mabreka Cho sagt: It is about a commemoration day for the Second Swarm. It is a suggestion of Jen-Lai.
Mabreka Cho looks to the representants from Jen-Laï.
Feylin sagt: Should i explain it ?
Mabreka Cho sagt: Please.
Feylin sagt: We wished to make a ceremony in ordor to honor our lost friends and family members during the second Swarm
Astarth sagt: if i may speak
Feylin sagt: We plan to have a ceremony especially for the peoples from Jen-Laï, taking place in our city soon.
Feylin sagt: The details still have to be set-up ... yes Astarth, please talk
Astarth sagt: as i do feel a commeroation is in order, i think this isnt the time for it, the kitin mounds are still a horrid open scar in our cities
Astarth sagt: and still hurts too much to see them and remember our loved ones
Astarth sagt: who died in the swarm, id urge to reconsider a ceremony till those nests are demolished completely
Zhoi mumbles something about the Grand Sage and that his wishes should be our law
Astarth sagt: ari' kami
Feylin sagt: What we planned is a local ceremony, and we have no kitin mound in our city, by chance, but i understand you.
Feylin sit down having finished
Mabreka Cho sagt: Indeed it is up to the assembly of Jen-Lai to organise such a ceremony. May the words of Astarth Kito help you to find a wise decision.

Mabreka Cho sagt: I want to go on to the nex topic, again concerning the circle of spirituality.
Feylin glance at wilk Potskin
Wilk Potskin glances back at Feylin.
Mabreka Cho sagt: There were many questions about the temples and when our people starts to rebuild them.
Mabreka Cho sagt: I have listened carefully to the visions Ma-Duk sent me. And I feel that is not yet time to rebuild the temple of Zora.
Zhoi seems sad, dropping her shoulders
Valandrine growls sadly
Astarth trusts the Wisdom of Ma-duk mainifested in Ma'kwaï
Mabreka Cho sagt: But this time will come and until then it is he wish of the Kami that we build an outpost for the Kami representants that you can find close to the Kami altar.
Mabreka Cho sagt: In some weeks the Kami priests are ready to give instructions to build this small outpost at the location of the old temple.
Zhoi claps her hand in delight
Mabreka Cho sagt: The representants will move to this outpost and offer the rite to become a Kami guild and transportation to Almati wood.
Mabreka Cho sagt: You will be informed when the time has come.
Fitis ist mit sich selbst zufrieden.
Mabreka Cho sagt: But know that the temple is not forgotten. There will be a time when the Kami temple will again shine above the jungle.
Mabreka Cho sagt: I want to announce another project, belonging to the last Circle of today, the circle of defense.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Many have asked for the return of the Kitin observation camps.
Mabreka Cho sagt: At the moment the Kitins are quiet but we can't rely on this.
Supplice se lève discrètement
Mabreka Cho sagt: We consider the rebuilding of the Kitin observation camps and prepare their return, but this will not happen soon.
Supplice chochote quelque chose à Mabreka Cho
Mabreka Cho nods to Supplice.
Mabreka Cho sagt: The construction of the Kami outpost at the old temple site is more important to us at the moment.

Supplice chuchote des instructions à Fuan Fua-Xe
Mabreka Cho sagt: With that I want to discuss the last point of today's assembly, belonging to the circle of defense too.
Fuan Fua-Xe écoute attentivement, puis acquiesce discrètement...
Mabreka Cho sagt: It is about the tunnel openings spreaded over the Witherings.
Mabreka Cho sagt: I have invited Wilk Potskin from the Atys Rangers to answer some questions.
Mabreka Cho nods to Wilk Potskin.
Feylin listens carefully / écoute attentivement
Supplice regarde à regret l'assemblée...
Wilk Potskin sagt: J'ai reçu il y a quelques temps une lettre de Feylin.
Supplice dit à Fuan: allons-y vite et discretement...
Wilk Potskin sagt: Je n'ai pas pu y répondre avant de m'inviter ce soir ici même.
Valandrine translates : I have received a letter from Feylin
Wilk Potskin sagt: Certains passages d'Atys sont plus retords que d'autres ...
Valandrine translates : I was unable to answer it before tonight
Valandrine translates : some passageways of Atys are more tortuous than others
Wilk Potskin sagt: Les Rangers suivent de près l'évolution des nids de kitins qu'on trouve dans toutes les régions des Nouvelles Terres.
Valandrine translates : Rangers are watching closely the evolution of kitin nests, those that we can find all over the New Lands
Wilk Potskin sagt: Même s'ils sont clairement en train de diminuer, ils ne semblent pas disparaître.
Valandrine translates : Though they appear to diminish, they don't quite disappear
Zhoi sighs worried
Wilk Potskin sagt: Nous travaillons avec différents spécialistes kitins: Ardan Keale et Daeronn Cegrips surtout.
Astarth in fact they have the same size, even if we see mounds diminished
Valandrine translates : we are currently working with different kitin experts : Ardan Keal and especially with Daeronn Cegrip
Chanchey remembers Daeronn and smiles, lucky that he survived the swarm.
Feylin est contente d'apprendre qu'ils ont survécu à l'Essaim / is happy to learn that they survived the swarm
Valandrine corrects : especially with ardan Keal and Daeronn Cegrips
Wilk Potskin sagt: Nous avançons, nous devrions bientôt avoir mis au point un système pour les détruire complètement.
Wilk Potskin sagt: Les premiers résultats sont encourageants, même s'ils laissent nos experts parfois perplexes...
Valandrine translate : we are progressing, we should soon have found a way to destroy them entirely
Valandrine translates : first results are encouraging, even though our experts are sometime puzzled
Zhoi makes a gesture of encouragement to Wilk Potskin
Wilk Potskin sagt: Notre principal problème est de réunir les resources dont nous avons besoin.
Valandrine translates : our main problem is to gather resources that we need
Feylin lève la main pour poser une question / show a hand, having a question
Wilk Potskin sagt: La formule mise au point par les alchimistes impériaux ne sont pas aussi efficace que à quoi nous nous attendions.
Valandrine translates : The formula designed by our Imperial alchemists are not as efficient as we expected

Wilk Potskin donne la parole à Feylin / nods at Feylin
Fitis thinks a nuke or two could do the trick
Feylin sagt: Wilk Potskin kito, ai-je raison de penser que pour "détruire" ces trous, vous allez les reboucher en usant de botanique ?
Feylin sagt: Am i right to think that to "destroy" those holes, you will use botanics ?
Wilk Potskin sagt: Partiellement, connaisez-vous les termitières du désert ? Et bien Ardan Keale a trouvé une espèce qui attaque systématiquement les nids kitins.
Feylin sagt: (more precisely : that you will fill them using botanics)
Wilk Potskin sagt: Daeronn, lui, a fait en sorte de les rendre plus actives avec une potion mais les résultats ne sont pas extraordinaires.
Valandrine translates : You're in part right, do you know about the termitary in the desert ?
Wilk Potskin sagt: Peut être a-t'il mis trop d'Ocyx et pas assez de stinga, allez savoir ...
Valandrine translates : Ardan Keale discovered a species that attacks kitin nests
Wilk Potskin sagt: C'est une piste à explorer.
Valandrine translates : Daeronn made them more active with a concoction of his own, but the results are far from perfect
Valandrine translates : May be he put too much Ocyx and not enough Stinga, who knows ?
Valandrine translates : that is a way to explore
Feylin réfléchit à ces termites / thinks about those termites
Mabreka Cho sagt: Are there any more questions to our guest?
Zhoi sagt: very intersting methods. How can we help out perhaps?
Astarth sagt: what is expected from us to help you wilk?
Valandrine will not bring up termites

Valandrine raise her paw
Valandrine sagt: may I speak ?
Mabreka Cho nods to Valandrine.
Valandrine sagt: ari'kami
Valandrine sagt: termites ? really ?
Valandrine sagt: were you searched when you came here ?
Wilk Potskin sagt: If you known some methods to make stimulating potions, or some homins that know about it.
Valandrine sagt: termites are very dangerous when there is wood
Valandrine sagt: especially in our jungle
Valandrine sagt: what are the precautions you planned to implement ?
Karrael is worried about termites getting out of control and Atys becoming a dust ball
Zhoi sagt: we Zorai use only the best wood for our buildings, we don't have to fear termites. Uhm... I think
Fitis used to know a lot about potions
Valandrine sagt: what if you're kitin nest eating termites turns to be jungle eating ?
Wilk Potskin sagt: I said it was not perfect however it works.
Valandrine sagt: Not perfetct ?!
Valandrine sagt: there is already a desert on the Bark !
Valandrine sagt: we don't need another one !
Wilk Potskin sagt: That is why we still need to make tests, before applying this solution.
Valandrine growls and think this fyros is dangerously stupid
Valandrine sits still growling
Wilk Potskin sagt: That's the more efficient we found.
Valandrine sagt: it's also the most dangerous !
Valandrine sagt: at least I hope !
Wilk Potskin sagt: Well... no.
Zhoi sagt: do Yubos eat termites? We could tame some and send them after the termites...
Zhoi sagt: or not tame them and still throw them into the kitin nests after the termites...

Mabreka Cho sagt: I am sorry to interrupt the discussion but it is late.
Wilk Potskin sagt: It may require lots of yubos.
Zhoi nods: we have an endless supply of Yubos on Atys
Valandrine sagt: nothing is endless
Mabreka Cho sagt: Are there any more questions to our guest? Or do you have some important additions to make, Wilk Potskin?
Karrael Karrael knows tht ubos urine is a termite pest control
Zhoi sagt: I hope the love of Ma-Duk is endless
Wilk Potskin sagt: If you think you can help, contact me. I should not go on missions in the next days.
Wilk Potskin sagt: That's all.
Karrael ist Wilk Potskin dankbar.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Please keep us informed. You heard about the concerns of the Awakened of out people.
Astarth sagt: ari kami wilk potskin
Mabreka Cho sagt: Keep in mind the equilibrium of Ma-Duks Creation.
Fitis verbeugt sich vor Wilk Potskin.
Mabreka Cho sagt: It is late and we have talked about many topics.
Wilk Potskin verbeugt sich voller Respekt.
Mabreka Cho sagt: I hope the impressions of this evening help you to find the right paths.
Mabreka Cho sagt: May Ma-Duk enlighten you and lead you to eternal bliss.
Mabreka Cho sagt: Mata Zora.
Sens verbeugt sich voller Respekt.

Astarth sagt: before you go, we were wondering if you will choose new awakened soon
Mabreka Cho nods to Astarth.
Mabreka Cho sagt: You can talk with Season about this, the guide of Min-Cho.
Astarth sagt: ari'kami
Fitis sagt: ari'kami
Mabreka Cho nods to Astarth.
Zhoi bows to Valandrine
Zhoi sagt: before I go I wanted to thank you for translating
Valandrine verbeugt sich vor Zhoi.
Valandrine sagt: you're welcome :)
Valandrine sagt: a bit tiresome though
Astarth sagt: thank you vanadrine
Karrael sagt: yes thankyou Valandrine
Zhoi sagt: you have helped a great deal. Thank you for the troubles, really

Feylin sagt: Before you go ... another thing
Feylin sagt: did you, from Min-Cho and Hoï-Cho, decide who would write a report of this Circles ?
Zhoi sagt: and I hope the suggestions of our Awakened Sartyrica will be helpful for you *to the Amazons Mysticia*
Feylin sagt: I mean, in your own languages
Zhoi sagt: well, I will of course write a protocoll in the dialect of Hoi-Cho
Astarth sagt: i could do it now
Zhoi sagt: it is a given as this is my usual task, but for the dialect of Min-Cho...
Feylin sagt: All right then
Zhoi sagt: oh, wonderful. Thank you *nods to Astarth*
Feylin sagt: Should i write a report in taki Zoraï ?
Feylin smiles
Zhoi sagt: if anyone can do so, then it should be you. The one and only expert for Taki Zorai, wango-ko Fey-Lin Liang
Zhoi sagt: all of us are following in your shadow in this aspect
Feylin sagt: don't try to make me turn purple
Valandrine sagt: don't waste too many time on it Miko
Zhoi sagt: I would feel honored to be able to learn more from you
Feylin sagt: I just learned myself from my teachers
Zhoi sagt: especially grammatics, I have not mastered this aspect by far *sighs*
Astarth sagt: im barely starting out, and the wiki seems too sketchy
Valandrine sagt: zorai grammar is not that difficult
Feylin sagt: Grammatics are probably too simple for the complicated uses of Hoï-cho language
Valandrine sagt: 3 tenses
Zhoi watches the meditating Awakened Sartyrica and wonders if she has heard a snore maybe?
Zhoi sagt: well, I have translated some of the collections of Jen-Lai into the dialect for Hoi-Cho... as for Min-Cho I could add some vocabularies if you wish, but for grammar... oof
Valandrine sagt: some other dialects seem more difficult in comparison ^^
Zhoi sagt: oh yes, that is true for sure, hehe
Feylin sagt: I know .. we discussed this by izam messages, but so much to do yet.
Valandrine sagt: the grammar guide at the talzu can probably be translated
Zhoi sagt: I understand, honored wango-ko. I will not rush you
Astarth sagt: and where do i find all this info?
Feylin sagt: i think it should be adapted, it's made from the language of Jen-Laï
Valandrine sagt: (there is a french site, I don't know how much of it has been translated in english)
Feylin sagt: (Astarth : search in encyclopatys website, there is an english, not yet complete, version)
Zhoi sagt: you mentioned the library called the wiki... I added a list of Taki Zorai vocabularies as I recall and the honored scholar Fey-Lin Liang was so nice to correct that as well
Astarth sagt: (its sketchy at best)
Feylin sagt: (
Astarth sagt: but thanks
Valandrine sagt: (try google translate on this :
Valandrine sagt: (it may help a bit)
Zhoi sagt: well, as Taki Zorai is a language that still grows there should be more to add now....
Valandrine sagt: there is plenty to add, the current dictionary is poor on certain subjects
Zhoi sagt: we can all work on this together?
Feylin sagt: Yes, we can
Feylin thinks about a zoraï named Ba'Rak Oba'Ma
Zhoi sagt: it would be a pleasure *bows slightly*

Zhoi sagt: I hope both of your cities will take our proposal for changing the responsibilities of tribes in account
Zhoi sagt: please tell us what you think about it after talking about it among your representatives?
Zhoi looks from Fey-Lin to Astarth
Valandrine sagt: mata yume fuuho, I must go to sleep or I won't be able to hunt my meal tomorrow
Feylin sagt: That is what we'll do ... i think i'll have to read again to be sure to understand what Sartyrica miko said
Valandrine sagt: see you
Ranka sagt: Mata Yumé
Zhoi sagt: please do so, sleep well!
Valandrine saluer
Zhoi sagt: Mata Zora
Valandrine verbeugt sich voller Respekt.
Feylin sagt: Mata yumé Kri'zaad
Zhoi bows her head politely
Astarth sagt: we still feel we can take on GoU and MG, but we do accept that monitoring 2 enemy tribes can be too hard
Feylin sagt: It's not the main point. whatever, one city will have to do it
Zhoi sagt: it seems unfair that you should be burdened with it. But it would be okay if we take this upon us out of our free will, no?
Feylin sagt: but it would be much less to do for Jen Laï to care about the Goo heads and the iconodouls
Astarth sagt: sure!, i dont seeany reasons why this tasks cant be shared one way or another
Zhoi sagt: as we have proposed: we would be glad to monitor the Void and Haven of Purity, but let Min-Cho build up connections to the Tutors, while we would keep an eye on the Black Circle
Zhoi sagt: that was our suggestion. So please talk this over with other citizens and members of your city Circles
Feylin sagt: It makes sense, since with the help of the Company of the Eternal Tree, you could handle them
Zhoi sagt: and we would be happy to see Jen-Lai deepening their relationship with the Maiden Grove
Zhoi sagt: this is absolutely correct. The Company of the Eternal Tree are invaluable allies and would help us keeping watch over the Masters of the Goo
Zhoi sagt: also the Company is the closest tribe to the Kami, they have members all over Atys and another camp in the Nexus
Feylin sagt: All this is but complex, and intricated, as the hamazans historically fought the Masters of Goo too
Zhoi sagt: it is more than enough to have such a wonderful ally
Zhoi sagt: yes, even though the Hamazans have lost their slaves and we can see that the Masters of the Goo are much stronger...
Zhoi sagt: of course we would be more than happy to work together on this, especially in times of need, if the Masters of the Goo should cause troubles once again
Mindae grunt
Mindae think about the slaves
Zhoi sagt: I am sorry to have mentioned this sad event, but it has certainly lessened your strenght to lose the Trykers that are now the Shadow runners?

Feylin sagt: Sorry, i wihs to talk with this young boy
Ranka sagt: Lao né lao Fei-Fei ?
Zhoi sagt: of course. It is late anyway, I will also take my leave if I may
Zhoi sagt: Lao'zénui, miko-ito!
Mindae sagt: may be ...but with slaves or not slave
Ranka sagt: Mata Yumé Miko
Zhoi looks at Mindae
Feylin sagt: Lao, Ranka, paï nu ochi sok okojia lu portes de si pauvres vêtements
Mindae sagt: we will continue to fight the master of the goo
Zhoi sagt: thank you very much. You amazons are very brave and your help is deeply appreciated
Ranka sagt: Oh Guzu... nu ai oublié mes affaires au campement.... nu n'avais plus le temps d'aller les chercher...
Mindae winkt Zhoi zu.
Zhoi bows while already walking away

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#3 [en] 

Hoï-Cho Circle Assembly on Thermis 6th in the first cycle of Atys-Year 2571 (OOC: 12. 14. 2012)

* new political order of the Witherings and of Hoï-Cho

The 3 smaller cities of the Witherings have been granted regional rights and are as of now allowed to draw up their own constitutions. The constitutions will be based on the Great Zoraï Circles and the principles of the Zoraï, they will regulate political rights within the circles of the cities. The constitutions will be checked and approved by the three Sages of the Zoraï. Matters of the capital Zora and the country will be decided upon by the Great Zoraï Circles that will be reshaped later on.

The circles of Hoï-Cho will be responsible for organizing regional ceremonies or festivities, attain cultural advancement and religious rootage, embellishing the city, ensuring regional security in and around Hoï-Cho, integrating and inform newcomer refugees of the local dialect, strengthening of the regional economy, and keeping up diplomatic connections to Davae, Dyron and Windemeer.

The constitution for Hoï-Cho will be chalked out by the Awakened Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún. The Sage Gangi Cheng-Ho, brother of the most respected Grand Sage Mabreka Cho, will be the homin in charge for Hoï-Cho; he will enable the realisation of reasonable decisions made by the Circles of the city.

The constitution of Hoï-Cho will integrate "Honorary Initiates". This title can be bestowed on homins for continued services and efforts in behalf of the Witherings, of Hoï-Cho and/or the Zorai-government/s. The title is meant especially for native Zoraï; other homins have to expect higher hurdles to gain this title. Honorary Initiates will be allowed to vote at regional referendums at Hoï-Cho. They might even become speakers of circles; however only as long as they are born Zoraï - this requirement was demanded by the Sages.

Opinions and concerns of every citizen of Hoï-Cho and of the Witherings will be heard and asked for through the boards as well as during the open assemblies of the city. Also direct communication among the cities of the Witherings is hoped-for, even before or betweeen official meetings.

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#4 [en] 

* Zora sanctuary of Ma-Duk
Our beloved Grand Sage Mabreka Cho plans to rebuild the temple to Ma-Duk as soon as the Kami and priests will give the word. To demonstrate their devotion the interim government members of Hoï-Cho have filed a formal motion to start preparing this project as soon as possible.

* temple of Jena
An interim government member of Hoï-Cho has also requested a new public election to be made for a temple of Jena to be built in the Witherings, as past experiences have proved tolerance and teamwork between homins of all beliefs to be meaningful and wise. However this will first require the determination of voting rights for such national matters within the Witherings.

Another interim government member of Hoï-Cho as well as citizens of Hoï-Cho annotated that even if a temple for Jena is wished for, it should be built far apart from the Cities of Intuition.

* Kitin-outposts (watch-towers)
The interim government members of Hoï-Cho asked for the Kitin-outposts in all the regions of the Witherings to be rebuilt as soon as possible to warn and protect the population from kitin riots and invasions again, as this danger might still be lingering just under the bark.

It was also suggested that the circles or the citizens of the Witherings should have a say about where exactly these outposts should be erected - they should not be placed too close to the goo or right next to a well-known kitin hunting-/feeding-spot this time.

* "to new horizons"
The interim government members of Hoï-Cho have listened to complains from citizens and visitors about the placement of the transport-station of the tryker-organization "to new horizons" in Zora. It was said that this station should be replaced to somewhere next to the stables so newcomers can spot it from there after arriving at the capital.

Citizens have also expressed their worries with being dependent on a private organization for such important matters as transportation. The Sage Gangi Cheng-Ho notified that a different transport-system by local tribes or Zoraï is sought to replace the tryker-transportation in the near future anyway.

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#5 [en] 

* Kami-missions to hunt goo-infested animals
A interim government member of Hoï-Cho added for consideration that the Kami all over Atys are asking of homins to hunt down goo-infested animals… which don't exist anymore, as they have already been exterminated.

The Sage Gangi Cheng-Ho explained that with these missions the Kami intend to make the homins alert to the dangers of the goo and want to remind the homins to keep their eyes open at all times, since the goo might start to spread again at any given time.

The Awakened Sartyrica suggested that the Zoraï (-researchers) should work out techniques to fight the goo that is already infesting the bark of Atys at the borders of the Witherings to push it back or at least to hinder it from starting to spread. Maybe even ordinary homins could actively help out thereby.

* renewal of old alliances
The Zoraï have allied with several tribes all over Atys in the past and kept staying in touch with them more or less. The interim government members of Hoï-Cho wish to renew these alliances by visiting the tribes with an official delegation step-by-step, to deliver symbolic gifts, help them out with their tasks and/or to offer trade treaties with benefits for both parties. However as other matters are more urgent, especially establishing new constitutions, these plans will have to wait for now.

* information-boards for the cities
There will be sign-boards put up in every city of the Witherings as soon as this is possible. To design the inscriptions will be one of the tasks for the circles of the cities themselves.

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#6 [en] 

Hoï-Cho Circle Assembly on Pluvia 6th in the second cycle of Atys-Year 2571 (OOC: 01. 07. 2013)

* more about the new order of the Witherings

Current plans are that every city shall send one Awakened and two Initiates to the national Great Zoraï Circles gathering in Zora. Also ambassador-candidates should attend the meetings of the Great Zoraï Circles. A city-intendant should be named and made known to the Sages, as well as a contact-agent who should maintain relations among the cities of the Witherings. However at the moment it remains uncertain if Hoï-Cho can even muster up more than only two politically active Zoraï, even though there had been more interested parties a while ago.

* cooperation with jungle-tribes

Surprisingly Zhienkao Pai-Du of the Dynastic Circle declared that Hoï-Cho shall be responsible for keeping up relationships with tribes in the regions Void and Maiden Grove. Both areas are to be protected by troups of Hoï-Cho in case of emergencies and combined military defense shall be formed with befriended tribes, especially the Matis-Amazons/Hamazans of the dead seed and the Shadowrunners.

The Gibbads are an exeption though and shall only be handled by the Sages themselves. The Masters of the Goo on the other hand are enemies of the official Zoraï-government; they strive to conquer the Witherings and afterwards all of Atys. Still it would be possible to sent observers or the like who would spy on them from outside the camp as has been done in the past. The members of the Circles of Hoï-Cho asked for any suggestions or initiatives from the public concerning the tribes and especially the Masters of the goo by making use of the public boards.


#7 [en] 

* a ceremony to commemorate the second Great Swarming

The very honorable Grand Sage Mabreka Cho wishes for a ceremony in two parts:
- the first part shall be a solemn commemoration for the dead and missing homins during the second Great Swarming
- the second part is to be a celebration of the return into the New Lands and the Witherings

The date of the ceremony can be chosen freely by the members of the Circles of Hoï-Cho as every smaller city will organize its own celebration in their respective local dialects. A posting was made on the public boards to collect ideas and suggestions for this matter by interested citizen and homins.

* counting of the (Zoraï-) initiated guilds of Hoï-Cho

The Dynastic Circle would like to know how many Zoraï-loyal guilds are stationed in Hoï-Cho. To hopefully reach all the guilds in question the public boards were used to call out for them.


#8 [en] 

Hoï-Cho Circle Assembly on Pluvia 6th in the third cycle of Atys-Year 2571 (OOC: 01. 25. 2013)

* political system of Hoï-Cho

As of now the number of candidates for political assignments in Hoï-Cho is still sadly small. Two politically interested Zoraï-Initiates have not been able to attend any of the three assemblies of Hoï-Cho. One Zoraï Awakened with former political duties and several Zoraï Initiates have gone missing during the second Great Swarming or even prior to that. One political interested Zoraï lives as an neutral eremit and does not want to carry an official title. Several other Zoraï we know of are members of neutral or even Karavan-dedicated guilds, most of them located in other Atys-realms than the jungle.

So as it is it comes down to only two Zoraï who can and are willing to carry out political assignments (seats at the Great Zoraï Circles in Zora, delegated ambassador, city-intendant, contact-agent) for Hoï-Cho at the moment - the Awakened Sartyrica and the Honorary Initiate Zhoi (my humble self, member and current leader of a civilization-neutral guild).

Only one initiated guild has answered the call to report their settlements on the boards - the Shizu "Discepatores Zorae" led by the Awakened Sartyrica. Another shortly founded small Zoraï-guild could either be seated in Zora or in Hoï-Cho but has yet to state their whereabouts. A significant number of former initiated guilds have been lost during the second Great Swarming, however some might still be active - unfortunately their status is not confirmed up until now. The constitution of Hoï-Cho is still in the making.


#9 [en] 

* cooperation with tribes of the jungle

a) Masters of the Goo

Lately some individuals living in Hoï-Cho have openly claimed their discontent with the Zoraï-government. There are rumors that members of the troups and guards wish for the Zoraï to show their superiority over other homins and to not allow Non-Zoraï to flood the cities of the jungle or to occupy important positions such as transportation-services ("to new horizons") in the Witherings. It seems that the Masters of the Goo have found sympathisants amongst these dissatisfied Zoraï. However the Circles of Hoï-Cho do not fear deserters, as the Masters of the Goo are followers of the Karavan and also manipulators of the most dangerous goo.

Any further informations can only be given out strictly confidential to trustworthy Zoraï or their allies; they should not be discussed openly in public.

b) Matis-Amazons/Hamazans of the dead seed

Scouts have reported that citizens of Jen-Lai might wish to cooperate with the tribes in Maiden Grove and to "trade" the responsibility of Jen-Lai for the Haven of Purity with Hoï-Cho for this. It seems that there is a part of the Hamazans, a guild named "Amazons Mysticia" seated in Jen-Lai, dedicated to Jena and the Kami. "Jenaism" is a belief that originates from older times and looks on Jena as the Kami-head or god/dess instead of Ma-Duk.

In case of a "trade" Hoï-Cho would be responsible for relationships and combined defensive forces with the Tutors and the Company of the Eternal Tree in the Haven of Purity. Members of the Circle of Hoï-Cho fondly remember the wise Neoi Sui-Reg from the Company of the Eternal Tree, and as his tribe is located very close to the Masters of the Goo too, working together with them would indeed be advantageous for Hoï-Cho. However no official talk about this has been initiated yet and for the moment it is still unknown how many Circle members of each city are or would be either against or in favour of this possible "trade" if asked.


#10 [en] 

* ceremony dedicated to the second Great Swarming

The members of the Circle of Hoï-Cho take it that this ceremony is a one-time-occurance and is not to be repeated each year like the Remembrance Week at the end of every winter. Since the Great Swarming has happened as second time the continuation of the Remembrance Week might be in question in the future anyway, but this should be addressed during the assembly of the Great Zoraï-Circle in Zora and not at regional gatherings.

It was suggested to create a "path of reverence" as a reminder of the events during the second Great Swarming. Every "station" of this path could show a symbolic scene using figurines (made by the Icon worshippers perhaps) and a sign describing the according event of the second Exodus. It would start with a station showing the appearance of white kitins through openings in the bark of Atys and would end with either a symbolic scene showing the arrival of the fleeing population of the New Lands at the secret Kami Oasis or at the Exodus Isle where we have spent 8 years in exile.

As this kind of ceremony needs a fair bit of effort it might be reasonable to locate it near Zora and let it stay there for a while so all citizens of the cities as well as visitors of the jungle will have a chance to take a look at this path. Some stations of the path should remind us of homins who died or have gone missing during these perilous past events.

As the second part of the ceremony a large banquet table was suggested, loaden with meals made from all kinds of edible kitin-parts as a symbol of the triumph over the kitins after the return of the four civilizations and the many tribes to the New Lands. Should a path of reverence prove to be too costly in time and personnel then one day of fasting before an evening-feast should be sufficient, since the second Great Swarming luckily did not cause many homins' lives because of good preparations and invaluable help from the Kami.

A date for the ceremony can only be set if and after the Sages have approved of these plans.


#11 [en] 

* official and/or public buildings and institutions

The members of the Circle of Hoï-Cho wanted to have an overview about the public and official institutions of the Zoraï cities. The Dynastic Circle, the administratory body with all its office is seated in Zora for all we know. There has been a great library before the second Great Swarming (located at the community hall) and a room for (goo-)researches, both accessible for authorized homins only. No Zoraï-academy has been known of.

Zora has had a good reputation before the second Great Swarming for its healing-institutions; the public healer-tent with Kia Bo-Boo provides help and also education, and Tao Sian, the famous (female) Zoraï healer of the most respected Grand Sage Mabreka Cho. The Zoraï troups have camps in every city, their headquarters and generals are stationed in Zora. Also the armory and the national prison should be located somewhere in Zora supervised by guards and/or troups.

It's unknown if or how many dead Zoraï are actually buried at the cemetery close to the Kami-altar. The graveyard might merely be a memorial dedicated to certain individuals. Also the burial rituals of the Zoraï have seemingly never been made public? Except for the hereby listed institutions and the different transportation-systems no other public and/or official services are known of. It is to be investigated if some of the following facilities are in existence or should be thought of establishing: emergency food storages, birthing centres, kindergarten, schools/universities, retirement homes, homeless shelters, theatres, museums, zoos, botanic gardens, public baths, any institutions for arts and crafts and the like.

* meeting place for the assemblies of the Great Circles in Zora

Before the second Great Swarming there have been many a complains about the lack of a suiting assembly room that could also be used for festivities of all kinds. The members of the Circles of Hoï-Cho plan to file a formal motion to build such a place that offers open space for guests and viewers, maybe some kind of a stage, of course a roof and perhaps also walls to protect from the weather and at least traditional floor mats to sit on.

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#12 [en] 

As a member of the Circles of Hoï-Cho I had a talk with the respected Akenos Arrlon about maybe building one or more wells as a joint project between the Zoraï and the Fyros as our people have been allies for so long.

During the first Great Assembly of the Akenak in Pyr on Thermis 6th in the 1st cycle of Atys-Year 2572 I proposed this to the Akenak in a polite manner, also repeatedly demonstrating respect for Sharükos Lykos, and mentioning that the other Circles of the cities of amber will first have to agree with this plan as well before it can be seen as an official proposal.

However what happened later on makes me reconsider this idea...

While the assembly was in progress Akenos Icus' casual and contrary way to adress his own Emperor bewildered me more and more. So afterwards I tried to talk to the Akenak about the "self-confident" air Icus had shown - I asked if it was common to speak this way to their superior ruler in the burning desert, as we Zoraï usually show more respect towards our beloved wearer of the Great Mask.

The Zoraï as a people were insulted right away and solely for this question by Akenos Icus and Akenos Rollocks. They called the Zoraï "enslaved by the Kami", "being proud of being weak and timid", "(behaving) like little dogs before Mabreka" and "blinded by their masks". Also Akenos Gunbra agreed with this.

Later on Akenos Icus tried to change the meaning of his words and claimed that he was only adressing me as a person and not all Zoraï with his aggressive offens - however that seems most unlikely considering his phrasings that specifically apply to all Zoraï.

The (only) answer to my question concerning his relation with the Sharükos given by Akenos Icus was "I speak truth. And the truth might hurt Lykos, it's a fact. I say what I think even if it contraries people.". I might point out that by his manner of speech Akenak Icus again proved to be extremely self-referred/autocratic and once more adressed his Emperor merely as "Lykos" without any titles, as if his ruler was just a commoner to him...

During this private talk besides questioning the not-so-respectful way that Akenos Icus had shown towards his Emperor I also pointed out that my three Akenak-discussion partners had phrased outspoken insults towards the Zoraï and I asked if we Zoraï are not seen as allies anymore but as enemies by this new Akenak because of their very aggressive and clearly offensive behaviour towards us (and me as an official representative of the Circles of Hoï-Cho which they knew).

Still completely to the contrary I was then accused by the three Akenak Icus, Rollocks and Gunbra of insulting all Fyros and being respectless to the Fyros people by just questioning Akenos Icus' demeanour (and that of the other Akenak present)! Do some of the new Akenak view Icus as their "true" Emperor and themselves as the absolute representatives of the Fyros people instead of their ruler?

All of this is most alarming and will of course have (negative) effects on our diplomacy.

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#13 [en] 

As a neutral observer I am wondering about that incident.

Living in the burning desert, where also my tryker ancestors lived before the first great swarming, I am aware of the hot temper of my friends and neighbours of the fyros people, much more as my closest relative, my sister Diwu, is fyros. Yet so far I thought that the heads of the fyros communities were able to follow the rules not only of diplomacy, but as well of hospitality and respect for foreign guests.

What happened is casting a shadow on the relations between the allied nations of the burning desert and the witherings. Insulting a diplomat has been a starting point of breaking alliances and even wars more than once. I wonder what the heads of the theocracy are thinking about such kind of official humiliation of one of their representatives. Probably a direct contact between the heads of the Theocracy and the Empire is necessary to settle the issue.

As an addendum: Methinks that ambassador Zhoi has not fully understood the difference between the relationship of Fyros and Zorai people to their leaders. The emperor is commander in chief, leader of the people and the imperial forces, and has the saying and the last word about all issues of the fyros people. Nevertheless he is the first among equals, no more and no less. There are no rituals of submission or overly respect. Even me, as a resident foreigner, when I once met emperor Dexton, was greeted and treated as an equal, not a subject, according to the sense of personal freedom among the fyros people (mind that they always considered enslaving fellow homins one of the worst crimes punishable by death which takes then skies above the matis in my views). It is thus normal that fyros argue with their emperor as with anybody else. Once the emperor gives an order, it has to be followed, then any dispute will end, and not complying would be treason and defection and treated accordingly. Warriors may argue, but never in combat. That is the spirit of fyros people.

The relationship between zorai and the theocracy is different. It is a spiritual and intellectual one. Argueing and criticizing here may come close to heresy and apostasy. Any doubt and criticism has to be covered in respect and politeness not to break the spiritual bond between the people and the theocracy. That is a different state of mind and a different way of life.

Yet hospitability also is a base value of the fyros, so I cannot really excuse akenos Icus' and his company's behaviour. The incident should be treated with reluctance but not be belittled in my opinion.

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#14 [en] 

Thank you very much for explaining this to me, respected scout Daomei Lin Carthan.

I just wonder: if it is considered normal to use this casual way of talking in the desert, why was my question then seen as an insult by the same people who have offended me openly and harshly?

If I was showing Akenos Icus the kind of respect without question that he, Akenos Rollocks, Akenos Gunbra and even Taliar Luth expect of me - wouldn't I then be seen as "(behaving) like a little dog" and "(acting) weak and timid" like they already criticized the Zorai with disdain to allegedly do before our most honorable Mabreka Cho?

Why do three members of the Akenak expect of every other homin to show utmost respect especially towards Akenos Icus (like not doubting him in any way as this is automatically considered an insult, not speaking when not "allowed" by him, etc.)?

Well, I just wanted to make things public that happened - so that other Zorai can connect the dots and find their own opinions about the current Akenak and the way some members of this Akenak think about the Zorai. I hope this protocol might be of some value for the future dealings of the Circles with this current Akenak.

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#15 [en] 

Sadly my talk with the Akenak-members Icus, Rollocks and Gunbra after the first full assembly of the Akenak in Pyr before Sharükos Lykos had negative effects on the politics of Hoï-Cho. Because at the assembly of Hoï-Cho on Fallenor 16th in the 1st cycle of AtysYear 2572 Rollocks and Gunbra spoke up in front of the Circle of Hoï-Cho, representatives of other countries and also in front of the Sage we call Sens, who is Gangi Cheng-Ho, the brother of our most honored wearer of the Great Mask, Mabreka Cho.

So I will hereby post my transcription of the whole incident in Pyr so you, honored readers, can see what these Akenak-members were actually trying to refer to - and readers may judge for themselves.

During the assembly I asked the audience this about Icus' rank:
* Zhoi asks the homins around her if Icus aspires to be the next Emperor the way he speaks and acts

And all of that was said after the assembly was officially over in the neighbouring room in Pyr:

Zhoi says: this was a very interesting assembly
Daavics says: really?
Zhoi says: very!
* Gunbra loves Icus.
* Icus loves Gunbra.
Daavics says: the upcoming even will be interesting but this meeting about a new law and thats canceled i
Daavics says: took 2 hours
Zhoi says: I was astonished how... hm... self-confident Akenak Icus talked to his Emperor...
Zhoi says: is this usually this way in the burning desert? We Zorai are very humble in front of our beloved Great Mask Mabreka Cho
* Gunbra slaps Zhois face.
* Zhoi evades
* Luth rit en écoutant les confession de servilité des Zorais.
(Luth laughs when he hears the confession of servility of the Zorai)
Zhoi says: be careful
Zhoi says: are you in love with Akenak Icus?
Bardor says: we have all kind of people in the desert, you should have seen some of the assemblies before the exodus, some were spectacular (on aniro)
Icus says: Well we have a personal opinion, contrary to you, slaved by the kami
Zhoi says: since you defend him so fiercely
Zhoi says: I thought we Zorai and you Fyros are allies?
Rollocks says: thats because Zorians pride themselves on being weak and timid.
Zhoi says: are we not any longer? The way you talk to me is even more awful than the way Icus talked to his Emperer
Osquallo says: fyros aren't afraid of anything
Gunbra says: Icus is one of the best Patriots in the desert
Zhoi says: best in what?
Icus says: I speak truth
Icus says: and the truth might hurt Lykos, it's a fact
Gunbra says: I won't let you says things like that
Luth says: This kamist alliance was only possible by the friendship between Mabreka and Dexton... and the Empire reveres Ma-Duk only since Mabreka converts Dexton... it's a very new thing to fyros and they don't all accept this
Zhoi says: shouldn't you still show more respect to your leader?
Icus says: i say what i think even if it contraries people
Gunbra says: You are invited in our desert, end need to show a little bit more respect
Icus says: I am respectful to Lykos
Zhoi says: hm, I am just asking questions
* Eeri aggree with Gunbra
Icus says: but i'm not his little dog like you zoraï can be with mabreka
* Luth thinks the concurential projets of the well is bad engaged ! Very good !
Zhoi says: so you see yourself as an enemy to my people?
Gunbra says: Lykos is our sharükos, what he says is what we do.
Icus says: Never said that
Zhoi says: do you want to endanger the treaties and alliance both of our rulers have accepted?
Icus says: but i think your mask blindes you
Zhoi says: you are openly isulting my people
* Rollocks is troubled by Zhoi
Zhoi says: we are not slaves nor dogs (dingos)
Zhoi says: you are fiendish towards the Zorai
Icus says: I'm insulting you, not youre people
* Rollocks disregards Zhoi.
Eeri says: please!!!
Icus says: there is a lot of zoraï for which i have a great respect
* Eoda ask herself if it's the same thing.
Icus says: you aren't one of them
Zhoi says: you know nothing about me at all
Rollocks says: did you come here to insult us, Zhoi
Zhoi says: your assumptions are all wrong if they are directed towards me
Rollocks says: if you ave, you ave succeeded.
Gunbra says: indeed I have great respect for lots of zorai, but not hose who comes insult us in our assemblies
Zhoi says: I have come to question your relation to your own ruler
Rollocks says: that is not your place.
Zhoi says: as you did not show the respect I expected...
Osquallo says: respect doesn't mean silence
Zhoi says: well, you might think it is not. But as we spoke I was able to learn more about your personality
Zhoi says: and this is important for the diplomacy with our people
Zhoi says: I will remember everything. We will meet again
Eeri looks coldly at Zhoi : people earns respect they deserves
* Zhoi bows her head (takes leave)
Zhoi murmurs: exactly
Rollocks says: Zhoi, you have not shown they fyros people respect.
* Altamira looks at Zhoi and sadly shakes her head.
Icus says: Our patience has his limits

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