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[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Latest version of the draft for the suggested law against irresponsible handling of Goo:

The Theocracy of the Zoraï hereby bans the production, use, unauthorized possession, import, export, trading/transfer, advertising/offering as well as non-reporting the knowledge of such illegal deeds of all kinds of objects, item-parts, fillings or components and the like, that are mixed, filled or processed with Goo of any kind in the Witherings.

Especially weapons and munition made with or from Goo are strictly forbidden to be made and/or handled; as well as any kinds of drugs made of Goo. Also transport of and dealing with Goo-infested items to make profit is forbidden. Any counteracting will lead to a court proceedings and will be punished severely.

Any findings of Goo-polluted objects, item-parts or the like (especially weapons and ammunition) in the Witherings has to be reported to the officials of the cities of amber as quickly as possible. Trusted scholars can ask for an official permission to scientifically research Goo and will be advised to use utmost caution; not least because of the danger of Goo for their own body and mind.

It is not forbidden to harvest Goo of any kind with the intention to destroy it - but on the contrary: this task is very welcome; we encourage every homin to do so as often as possible. Goo and Goo-polluted materials should otherwise be delivered to officials in the cities of amber. Goo-infested materials shall never be used to produce items of any kind as this is extremely dangerous.

The Theocracy of the Zoraï wants to remind all Zoraï and Initiates that the most respected Kami have bestowed the honorable task of fighting against the Goo on our people. Please remember this duty at all times and also let the officials of the cities of amber know if you hear of any problems or dealings with Goo wherever on Atys. Thank you.

(OOC: please note that the "handling" of Goo-mission-materials and even Goo-polluted animal-loot is not forbidden RP-wise. Some Goo-polluted loot might be used for crafting - but since the products are not specifically labelled as Goo-polluted you won't have to fear of getting "in conflict with the law" :) )

* possible addition to the law following a suggestion by the Awakened Astarth:

- the Theocracy has renowned scholars and scientists who will receive and handle any Goo-samples delivered to them with utmost care and all due respect to the Kami, avoiding incautious experimentations.

* possible additions to the law following suggestions by the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang:

- as Goo is a plaque and a manifestation of nothingness, so Goo-contaminated items, item-parts, fillings, Goo-drugs and the like - of any kind - are not to be seen as "wares" nor "goods".

- the Goo is a disease and abomination that threatens all life on Atys; it's not part of the natural world. Destroying Goo is an important task to protect nature and to ensure the health of the ecosystems of Atys.

- Goo can be destroyed by the hands of homins, so this is recommended to do with small amounts of Goo like the kind that can be found under the bark. Even though fire can be used to destroy Goo please refrain from it and remember the fire of Coriolis: sap is dangerously inflammable even in it's veins under the bark and if fire should ever spread on a large scale in the Witherings it would cause horrible damage to nature.


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