#91 [de] 

* Gib(b)ads:

Sage Supplice / Sorrow / der Leidende recalled that the Zoraï delegation had promised the Gibads a few cycles ago to provide them with containers for fruit. It was surprising to hear that nothing had been done about it yet even though I had addressed this matter twice during a national Assembly right after our visit to the Gib(b)ads with no reaction by Sages nor Awakened at that time. During our visit with the Gibads we had already thought about asking the merchants of the amber cities or the tribe of the Icon-Worshippers to craft containers.

Initiate Zurchkuchna suggested writing an Izam to the Icon-Worshippers and promptly was assigned with this task. Sage Supplice / Sorrow / der Leidende also explained that the Theocracy would like to learn more of the language and customs of the Gibads. The attendees agreed; still no plan was made how to go about this task. A report about what was said and done during our first meeting can be read here: 4

* Goo bill draft:

Awakened Fey-Lin Liang has finally agreed to the law on how to handle Goo within the Witherings after she rephrased the complete text to her liking: #32 . Others, especially representatives of Min-Cho have not given their view on it though. So the Circles agreed with waiting for the reaction of at least one representative from Min-Cho and to also take a look at the full text of the free trade agreement that was published only recently to take it in consideration if needed.

* Taki Zoraï:

Awakened Fey-Lin Liang announced that she has obtained the rights to us "Tal'Zu", an organization doing research on the ancient language of Taki Zoraï: There will be an office to talk about Taki Zoraï in the dialect of Min-Cho. Later on lessons on Taki Zoraï might become possible, Awakened Fey-Lin Liang said.


#92 [de] 

Report of the regional Assembly of Hoi-Cho on Germinally 1st in the 1st Cycle of Atys-Year 2576


* Initiate Zhienkao Pai-Du from the Dynastic Circle
* Awakened Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún
* Awakened ZurchKuchna
* Awakened Zhoi
* Initiate Sari
* Zorai Irfidel
* Seternulon, Chef der Sicherheit von Windermeer
* Ranger Companion Daomei Lin Carthan
* Myeomye


* changes in the regional constitution of Hoi Cho:
- each Awakened was assigned to be speaker of a regional circle (circle of spirituality, circle of defense, circle of reconstruction, circle of exploration)
-- added later on: a substitute arrangement as Sage Gangi Cheng-Ho has wished for from the beginning can now be added to the regional constitution as there are more available/active candidates
* renewed acknowledgement of Awakened Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún as the intendant of Hoi-Cho
* changes in the entries about the "officials of the Theocracy" about the Awakened and the initiated Shi'zu of Hoi-Cho after the Awakening of ZurchKuchna and Zhoi
- to be clarified: the new national constitution for Zora does not include official informations about the system and government of the Theocracy. There is also the old information from before the second great swarming about the Theocracy, but this old text has different descriptions of the ethical and duties for the national circles of the Zorai

* city-friendship-project with Dyron: guards from Hoi-Cho were sent to secure the building-site for the well in the Great Outback until Dyron will sent engineers, who will then ask the cities for materials to build the well
* ceremony for the second Great Swarming: intendant Sartyrica Gū Niang Yèguāngyún will take care to draft the ceremony as the speaker for the regional circle of spirituality, and she will contact Awakened Fitis from Min-Cho to organize the ceremony together with her if possible
* reminder to the dynastic circle that we have asked for someone from the new temple of knowledge (NPC) to collect goo-materials - it was decided that this should rather be a national topic than a regional one
* a letter to the Icon worshippers has been sent asking them to craft containers for the Gibads
* suggestion to collect ideas about what to make public on the information board in Zora until the next regional assembly
* suggestion to collect ideas about what to do to improve relations with the company of the eternal tree until the next regional assembly


#93 [de] 

* documents hinting at a treasure in Aeden Aqueous: initiate Cuan Sa-Ki from the dynastic circle has traveled there to look for more information
* reminder to the dynastic circle to please explain the meaning of the wooden memorial/grave-stones at the Kami-altar in Zora and to tell us about the funeral-rites of our people
* talk about the amber cube chips that were found and deciphered before the second great swarming in which Nung Horongi described to Melkiar about his research on the Goo together with Muang Hoi-Gi / Marung Horongi: should this text be made public; perhaps at the seminar about Goo that was announced by Tao Sian, first physician of the Theocracy?
* suggestion to collect ideas about the founding of official regional institutions in Hoi-Cho like the archive and the master of magnetism that Jen-Lai has. A storyteller was suggested by Awakened ZurchKuchna, and a bar counter had been suggested by Awakened Sartyrica a longer while ago too

* Kitin-observation-camps:
- suggestion of an exchange-trade of materials with the help of merchants, especially so that specific materials could be exchanged with materials from the Grove of Confusion and materials from Haven of Purity that are hard to gather because of dangerous animals in those regions. Maybe trading-treaties will be necessary?
- question to the dynastic circle: will the names of the harvesters for the camps be published at the end of the work so that they can be rewarded additionally later on?
- an idea for a lottery was explained by Awakened ZurchKuchna for his yubo-plushie to be gained by harvesting for the kitin-observation-camps

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