#76 [en] 

* goo bill draft
- Hoi-Cho has attempted to pass a law to forbid trading and even owning of goo-infected items, especially weapons, ammunition and goo-drugs, on Fallenor 16th in the first cycle of Atys-Year 2572 (OOC: March 1st 2013). Shortly afterwards the first draft was published 1 in an open letter to Min-Cho and Jen-Lai
- the Awakened Astarth and the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang were told about this at the following Assembly in Min-Cho as well. Both wished for additions to be made, which seemed to indicate that they agreed with the law in general, but they refused to phrase these additions themselves and to work on the draft. I, Honorary Initiate Zhoi, suggested a phrasing for the desired additions, however the Awakened did not even comment
- while talking about Goo-research at the Assembly in Zora on Fallenor 2nd in the 2nd cycle of Atys-Year 2573 (OOC: May 30th 2013), the Grand Mask Mabreka Cho made clear that studying the Goo had been forbidden in a number of amber cities in the past. 1
- on Nivia 28th in the 4th cycle of Atys-Year 2573 (July 11th 2013) Tao Sian told the Assembly of the Circles that research had been done in the past - by a small number of chosen scholars. She also stated that Goo can be destroyed by homins, however without letting on about any details of how it can be done. Tao Sian announced a meeting of scholars to approach all of the pending questions, but no schedule was fixed. Unfortunately the additions for the Goo bill draft could not be phrased clearly without knowing these details
- I, Honorary Initiate Zhoi, asked the Circle and Sage for permission to constitute the basic law (ban on goo-infested items) quickly and only to later on add more information to the law after another talk with Tao Sian and learning about how to destroy Goo, how to handle Goo without risking infection and where to deliver Goo-infested items for research (presumably the future Academy that will be known as "temple of knowledge")
- the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang voiced worries that the tribes of the Witherings (as the law is supposed to apply to all of the 6 regions of the jungle) might view this law as a declaration of war. I, Honorary Initiate Zhoi, calmed these worries by pointing out that the ban of the usage of Goo is already well known to these tribes and just writing it down wouldn't make any difference to them
- the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang then asked: "And as they already know, is there a point to this law ? I am afraid it's just loosing some time in discussions". "Exactly, he difference is we put time into this, instead of action". "Writing a law will not change the behavior, as it is a Theocracy principle, initiates already follow it, allied tribes too, and enemy tribes won't change their behavior"
- replying to this I explained some of the reasons for this law once again: it's supposed to inform everyone, including visitors from other nations and especially newcomer-refugees, of the unwritten laws of the Theocracy. It will remind everyone about how dangerous Goo is, also Goo-drugs."
- the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang now stated all of a sudden: "We don't need written laws for that", "Information doesn't c ome from a law, information must preced a law". Still she clarified that she did not want to stop all the efforts that had been made to pass this law
- I added that this law will allow the Theocracy to bring criminals to court if they are caught carrying goo-infested weapons or drugs, like the homin who had attacked Xiao-Mei for instance. As of now it is sadly not officially forbidden to wield such items within the Witherings...
- as a conclusion the Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho suggested to form a work-group to phrase the law, since otherwise the topic might dominate the Assemblies for a long time. I proposed to let Tao Sian be a member of this team, and to set a clear aim for this group: to get this law on the way as soon as possible, and definitely not to discuss it to death. Again I insisted on working out a basic draft (like the one I have already phrased many cycles ago (7 RL-months) quickly and leave the additions for later if needed, since we still have need of official information for these
- once again the lack of communication amongst the amber cities was addressed at this point. When the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang explained that many Initiates are troubled by language differences I suggested to use open letters since everyone can take their time to phrase things and also get direct translations on the boards. This did not fully convince the Awakened, she thought that more organization will be needed for this
- Initiate Nahual stated that it's tiring to read long texts. Well, since laws are no telegrams and political discussions are no speed dating sessions, the only solution for this would be to read long texts bit by bit, taking as much time as needed. And boards are better suited for this again than talking for hours at a stretch
- maybe there's a lack of personal motivation? If action followed the talking like the Rangers demonstrated, then more homins might get interested and think that it's worth the effort to discuss things with each other...

* marauder arrested in Zora
- officials told us that a homin named Ezek was arrested in Zora; it seems he might be the attacker of Xiao-Mei who then killed Initiate Pao-Len, which happened at the Assembly of Zora on Nivia 28th in the fourth cycle of Atys-Year 2573 (OOC: July 11th 2013). Filira Salazar Caradini asked if he had been interrogated, which was negated by the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang
- the Awakened Fey-Lin Liang asked the officials to keep this prisoner apart from his victim Xiao Mei. More details will be discussed privately amongst Zorai only


#77 [en] 

Report/records of the national Assembly of the Great circles of the Zorai in Zora on Fallenor 14th in the first cycle of Atys-year 2575 (OOC: October 4th 2013)


* Sage Supplice / Sorrow (who we know als "Bai Ji-Mao der Leidende"; also known as Fen Han-Go)
* Awakened Fitis from Guardians of Shadows from Min-Cho
* Awakened Fey-Lin Liang from Jen-Lai
* Awakened Dextrelame of Talian Zu from Jen Lai
* crafting-master Lu Fan-Wan
* Initiate Sari Sarisa
* Honorary-Initiate Zhoi from Hoi-Cho
* Rakiian, Zorai-guardian from Zoli Noki o shizu
* Grohaa, Fyros patriot from Les disciples du desert
* Salima, Fyra, defender of the Empire
* Komata, Zorai of Talian Zu from Jen Lai
* Zorai-Initiate Nahual
* Ramunra, Kami-honorate of Faustum Fatum
* Samoa, guardian of the theocracy, Talian Zu from Jen Lai
* Keldreth, Matis-vassal from Davae
* Mcquick, Fyros from Les Armes
* Zendae of Amazons Mysticia, Maiden Grove
* Ranger Daomei Lin Carthan
* Diwu of Dark Cloud
* Oyria, Zorai of Talian Zu from Jen Lai
* Mjollren, Fyros of Grave of the fireflies from Pyr
* Geyos, Fyros of Les Brasseurs d'Oflovak from Thesos
* Myeomye Ma-Duk-blessed of "verwesende Cutes"
* Neira, Nejra Mayuri Arya Korjenic of Suicide Girls
* Luinwee of Wings of Freedom
* Irfidel, Zorai-wanderer
* Celiana of Talian Zu from Jen Lai
* Hobelchen of Monks of Atys
* Loirinha of Monks of Atys
* Kyoshinzamurato of Chevalier Nii

* Kitin-threat: Kitin-observation-camps
* Kitin-threat: maps, plans of the rangers, warnings
* botanical solution for the kitin-tunnels
* review about the delivery of weapons from Zora to Pyr
* information-board for Zora
* temple of knowledge (academy of Zora)
* treaty of the four nations and free trade agreement
* honorary initiation
* Zorai-ambassador for the burning desert
* Goo-bill


#78 [de] 

* Kitin-threat: Kitin-observation-camps/-towers

The wise Sage Supplice / Sorrow told us that the Grand Sage Mabreka Cho is aking all initiates to help with the rebuilding of the kitin-observation-camps/-towers, starting in the Cities of Intuition north of Hoi-Cho. The kitin-threat is growing, and these camps/towers have proven to be helpful in the past; also to observe any changes of the goo in the case of the Witherings. The Grand Sage wishes the Zorai to organize themselves, help each other and do everything possible to build the observation-camps as soon as possible, Sage Supplice / Sorrow said.

The Kamis have indicated to the Sages that the Kitins are growing more and more restless as if it was just the beginning; and the Kamis have warned the Sages that the kitins will be here in their full strength soon.

* Kitin-threat: maps, plans of the rangers, warnings

Ranger Mac'od Bittty is keeping a map of the kitin-mounds up-to-date and asks of all homins to inform him about new appearances of kitins, also the small kitin-patroll-groups without mounds. 3 Awakened Fey-Lin Liang warned all homins present to be careful when travelling as formerly safe areas might be dangerous now. She pointed out that the Rangers are searching for the source of the kitin-activities in the old lands and have been asking master-cartographers to help them out.


#79 [de] 

* botanical solution for the kitin-tunnels

An overview about the events ( Xyphacanthus : The Sword of The Botanist) up until now:

1. on Pluvia 9th in the third cycle of Atys-year 2573 (OOC: Juni 19th 2013) a Zorai-delegation and friends have met with the gibads to ask them about alternative ideas to close the kitin-tunnels than using termites. The gibads did not like the idea of millions of termites crawling under the bark of the jungle, but they suggested to simply eat the termites if their number should become a problem. Additional to that they said that they would be able to provide "safer" magic potions to be used with the termites different to those of Fyros-scholar Daeronn Cegrips who brews the potions for the rangers current experiments with termites.

On Harvestor 18th in the first cycle of Atys-year 2574 (OOC: July 21st 2013) a Zorai-delegation under the special guidance of first physician Tao Sian met with the tribes Ancient Dryads and Siblings of the weed from the verdant heights in the grove of umbra. The tribes and other homins present suggested to plant rotoas (trees with pink blossoms normally endemic in the prime-roots except for the rare examples nurtured by famous Matis-botanists) into the kitin-tunnels to close them up.

Normally rotoas can flourish very well under the bark in Kitin-tunnels (just take a look into the Kitin-lair), but they grow really slowly. The reaction of the Siblings of the weed was not exactly happiness when the Ancient Dryads suggested to ask the Matis about their methods to make plants grow faster - namely the techniques that the Matis-botanist Gilado Almati has been using in older times. Still the Zorai-delegation decided to give it a try and to start asking around, since growing rotoas might hopefully turn out to be a safer method than to use termites…

A personal view about the meeting with the two tribes from the verdant heights written by Tao Sian can be found here:

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#80 [de] 

2. botanist and master-builder Gilado Almati (presumably 2403 - 2481 AC) is best known for his knowledge how to make plants grow at a fast pace, like the trees in the Almati woods - a region of the Old Lands named after him. Originally he worked at this place at older age to grow Matisian dwelling-trees that would provide living-space for the royality. But more and more rumours started to spread: that Almati was in reality an alchemist and had been breaking the rules of matisian biology to achieve his goals faster…

Homins who followed up the rumours, mysteriously vanished within the area of Almati-woods where Gilado Almati and his assistand allegedly worked inside a hidden underground laboratory; so no evidence of any violations of the law was found. Almatis' good relations with the royal family protected him at first, but as more and more vasalls vanished the king decided to start an investigation. Fortunately or unfortunately for Almati the first Great Swarming began right afterwards - and Almati vanished, like so many other homins did during those dark times.

3. former general Mezza Triva has been spotted and quizzed by some homins on Fallenor 18, 1st AC 2574 (OOC: July 24th 2013) in Yrkanis about Gilado Almati, after a disappointing talk with the famous royal botanist Cuiccio Perinia who would not give away anything about Almati's techniques. Some guards have leaked information that Mezza Triva had found something mentioning Gilado Almati when fighting Kitins, and she confirmed this herself. She said that she had spotted a stele during the battles with the kitins following the young queen who now lives in the Almati-woods. The battle took place in some sort of swamp in heretic's hovel - indicating some lake within the chilling swamp.

4. at this point Filira Salazar Caradini remembered a stele that had been there and lead the other homins to this place. The Stele in fact was there, and the inscription read:

In the year 2512 of our goddess Jena, I engraved this stele in remembrance of our master, the master botanist at the royal court of King Domini, Gilado Almati (2403 - disappeared 2481. He was the creator of the majestic forest who bears his name and in which the trees grow that will harbor the apartments of our sovereign and his family. His talent and his knowledge made this location an adornment of the kingdom and a land in which the melancholy is only surpassed by its beauty. The masterpiece of our master's forest bears testimony and conceals at the same time from the roots to the canopy a knowledge that only he is allowed to pass. To be sure that at least his assistants don't reveal it.

There was an angular shaped dent in the stele, looking a lot like it had been made for an amber-cube.

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#81 [de] 

5. some further informations about Mezza Triva, the stele and Gilado Almati:

At the Assembly of Nobles in Yrkanis on Germinally 7th in the 2nd cycle of Atys-year 2574 (OOC: July 31st 2013) the royal advisor Mephyros Xytis (former Celiakos/senator of Emperor Dexton) informed the attendants that Mezza Triva has already been banned from the kingdom after the second Great Swarming for high treason. The real general of the guild of Karavia is now Ser Elran Antolli. No more details were revealed even upon request, and royal messenger Libi Freldo also did not know about the exact events - but Mephyros Xytis said that the nobles and audience in a former assembly of Avalae had been told all facts.

Awakened Fey-Lin Liang has seen the stele during the battle with the Kitins as well, and it's older text would roughly translate to:

Your bravery is impressive
But if you keep going on
You will face the truth
I doubt this would be enough
My researches on the flora of Atys are well known
The study of the roots is my real objective
If you succedded in deciphering this message,
Maybe you could understand what i am gonna reveal.

Awakened Fey-Lin Liang said that this might indicate that Gilado Almati had survived the second Great Swarming and may even be still alive.

Ranger Daomei Lin Carthan has collected informations about Gilado Almati that she was able to find here: 1


#82 [de] 

* latest events in the causa of the botanical solution to close the kitin-tunnels:

On Pluvia 28, 1st AC 2574 (OOC: July 26th 2013) a small group of homins under the guidance of Filira Salazar Caradini met in the Almati-woods. A ranger named Thopsan O'Jorliam told them that the rangers had found "stuff" inside the Kitin-lair indicating that Gilado Almati's laboratory had once been there at the exact same place where now the kitins are crawling under the bark. Thopsan O'Jorliam wouldn't say anymore, instead he suggested to talk to Orphie Dradius who was away but should be back somewhen in the future.

It still seems that an official letter to Orphie Dradius (to is needed to meet with her whenever she should be available again. In the meantime the rangers have not stopped their own activities with termites, even in the verdant heights, which lowers the chances for us Zorai by the day to find a better (botanical) solution together with the Matis nobles and such persuade the rangers of refraining from letting "altered" termites loose all over Atys. Wilk Potskin who coordinates experimentation-working-groups of ranger-aspirants did not want to meet with a delegation about Gilado Almati, claiming that he wasn't knowledgeable neither in diplomacy nor in botanics.

In my humble opinion it doesn't make the rangers look good that they sought for permission from the royal court while provocatively ignoring the wishes of the chamber of nobles, voiced beforehand by Filira Salazar Caradini who spoke clear words of warning to ranger Wilk Potskin about the Matis' nobles wanting to support the botanical solution and being against experiments with termites inside the kingdom. No documents nor any other proof of the said alleged royal permission were made public either.

More detailled records (chatlogs in English, German and a little French) about all the talks with the Gibads Ancient Dryads, Siblings of the Weed, Cuiccio Perinia, Mezza Triva, Ranger Thopsan O'Jorliam and Tao Sian can be found here:

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#83 [de] 

* review about the delivery of weapons from Zora to Pyr
50 electric maces, 83 electric bow-rifles (plus material for a lot of ammunition that Awakened Fey-Lin Liang did not want to include at the end) have been sent to Pyr. The raw materials have been provided by my humble self, Dextralame of Talian Zu from Jen-Lai and Sari from Hoi-Cho have crafted the weapons. Sari transported the weapons with her packers, accompanied by the Fyros Kyton Dedix and Xydon Meros loaden with additional dynastic 60 launchers through the forbidden source - with a group of homins who sometimes rather endangered the delivery than protected it, so Sari's mount died from yelk gas somewhere in the middle of the prime-roots. At least a group of bandits called firebooters was fended off at arrival in the desert. Celiakos Dios Apotheps (who is often present in Dyron) received the delivery in Pyr.

* information-board for Zora
All three cities have handed the raw materials and dappers needed to carpenter an information-board to crafting-master Lu Fan-Wan. It was said that the signboard might be finished and put up next to the stables of Zora until the next national Assembly.

* temple of knowledge (academy of Zora)
Sage Supplice / Sorrow wished to know about any news regarding the academy, for instance about it's main topic as had been suggested by Awakened Astarth. Unfortunately he was not present, but it seemed that everything else was ready and done, like documents and formalities to found the Zoraian temple of knowledge. The Sage reminded us that the academy would be born in a raw form at first like a tree without foliage that we will have to add in the future, so there will still be a great deal left to do. First physician Tao Sian has let it be known that she wants to attend the next national Assembly in Zora after convalescing from her transportation sickness.


#84 [de] 

* treaty of the four nations and free trade agreement
An official petition has been made by my humble self at the last national Assembly to the Sages (with Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho present) for permitting our representatives of the circles to meet with representatives of the other nations and the rangers to phrase an unified version of the old different treaties. Sage Supplice / Sorrow brought word from the council of elders and especially our beloved Grand Sage Mabreka Cho that this project should be undertaken by an international institution formed by representatives from all cities and neutrals.

The Sage also hinted at a future explanation to be announced about how our memories of the past can be so different. Still all our memories are real, he said, and that's a fact to be accepted. The unified treaties should be treaties of the future, not the past, under observation of everyone. Of course at the end of it all the leaders of the four nations would be the ones to decide about it by signing like it has happened in the past. Patriot Geyos told the attendants of the Assembly that the Sharükos Lykos has already shown interest in a rewriting of the TENANT-treaty of the four peoples.

Regarding the free trade agreement the Sage Supplice / Sorrow announced that the text of the old agreement will be published soon to make it possible to work out a new version together with the same international institution.

* honorary initiation
I have asked the Sages by izam, if the words of the Grand Sage Mabreka Cho about myself being a "special case" as an honorary initiate means that this title cannot be given to neutral homins nominated by the cities and chosen by the Sages in the future like planned, to enable non-intiates to take part in national politics. Sage Supplice / Sorrow replied that this question will be thought through and answered at the next national Assembly.

* Zorai-ambassador for the burning desert
Since initiate Altamira seemingly has gone missing a new Zorai-ambassador for the burning desert is needed. All interested initiates are being called upon to apply for this position.

* Goo-bill-draft
The first version of the goo-bill-draft has been proposed by Hoi-Cho on Fallenor 16th in the first cycle of Atys-year 2572 (OOC: March 1st 2013). Unfortunately we still haven't been told how to destroy Goo nor how to handle goo safely without being infected by Tao Sian nor other officials. So it seems possible that these additions or maybe more will be added later on to the goo-bill anyways. Like Sage Sens / Gangi Cheng-Ho has done before also Sage Supplice / Sorrow suggested to form a working-group from representatives of all three cities to find a phrasing for the goo-bill-draft that everyone will agree upon. As before only Awakened Fey-Lin Liang and myself seem to be interested in this topic though… And we are still trying to work out a solution that everyone will be content with. #31


#85 [de] 

* a note on a friendship-project between Hoi-Cho and Dyron:

On Thermis 22th in the 2nd Atys-cycle of 2575 (OOC: Oktober 18th 2013) the geologist Ulyton Meros from Dyron has found an underground-source of water in the Great Outback / Bushlands. There will be a petition from Hoi-Cho to the Sages to put up fences and guards at that place, while Dyron will send builders and construction specialists for wells. The place was marked by a lasting signal-fire by Ulyton Meros.

* letter to Orphie Dradius:

Atys'ata, honored Orphie Dradius;

It's been quite a long time since we all last met, isn't it? I hope you are faring well.

I am writing to you as a representative of the Zorai and I politely ask to meet you with a delegation of our Theocracy and friends, wherever and whenever you prefer.

You might have heard that the circles of the Theocracy want to try growing rotoas inside the kitin-tunnels with the help of tribes of the verdant heights to hopefully close these pathways of the kitins with hard wood. Unfortunately we would have to spur the slow-growing rotoas to block the kitins efficiently, just like you rangers need to enhance the growth-rate of termite-populations to make them useful.

If it's about making plants grow swifter, one name immediately occurs to most homins: Gilado Almati. And it seems that Almati's lost laboratory has been at the same underground place where the kitin-lair is today. There are even indications that you rangers might have found some remains of Almati's work that could help us to learn how to make plants grow faster - of course only if his discoveries are safe for use.

A ranger has warned us that you might not want to talk about Almati to non-rangers. Still I will not lie to you nor try to trick you with words. You already know very well that our wise Sages would never permit anyone of us to use techniques or methods that could pose a danger to nature. So please rest assured that we will not abuse any of the informations that you will want to share with us.

I do not doubt that you will support any means we homins can mobilize to dam out the kitins, because the rangers are well-known for their engagement for the good of all of Atys. I deeply regret that there have been frictions lately; but you surely know that even though Tao Sian and other Zorai view termites as too dangerous to be used on the kitin-tunnels, these good people are not hostile towards the rangers and meant no insult - and the rangers have always been well-respected by the leaders of all four nations.

If what we can reconstruct from Almati's work should prove to be too dangerous or unethical to be of use we Zorai will of course support the utilization of termites, and hopefully the Gibad's potions can also be of help then. But I am sorry to say that we cannot help with your work until we have found out more about Almati's work, as long as we still harbour hope that a safer botanical solution will be possible instead.

You can see how important it is for all of us to come to a conclusion with this topic instead of delaying it for much longer, since we have already been waiting for too long - and now the kitins are at our doorsteps.

Please let us meet with you as soon as you can manage to find time.

I bow to you with respect

Zhoi, for the circles of the theocracy


#86 [en] 

Records of the national Assembly of the Circles in Zora on Pluvia 3rd in the 3rd Atys-Cycle 2575 (OOC: November 10th 2013), officially the ninth Assembly, if you exclude a number of extracurricular Assemblies


* Information Board for Zora
* Temple of Knowledge (Academy of Zora)
* Ambassador of the Theocracy to the burning desert + Ambassador to the Rangers?
* Institution for a unified version of the Treaty of four people / nations
* Free Trade Agreement
* Honorary Initiation
* Jenaism
* Kitin observation camps
* Gib(b)ads
* Goo-bill-draft
* Taki Zoraï
* assassin Ezek

* Information Board for Zora
Sage Supplice / Sorrow / der Leidende announced that the information board has now been set up at the stables. Representatives of the amber cities are permitted to note announcements for events to come, and also whatever else the Circles consider important enough to be told to everyone

* Temple of Knowledge (Academy of Zora)

First dynastic physician Tao Sian announced the good news that the temple of knowledge is finally completed. Its symbol is a young sprout peeking out of the ground, symbolizing a new knowledge that has only just found the path to the light, growing bit by bit. Awakened Fey-Lin Liang asked for a seminar explaining how to fight Goo. Tao Sian confirmed that such an explanation is in the works.

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#87 [en] 

* Ambassador of the Theocracy for the burning desert (and question about an ambassador for the Rangers)

Awakened Fey-Lin Liang asked for a new ambassador to be assigned to the desert, because Initiate Altamira, the former specialized ambassador, has been absent for a number of Atys Cycles. Awakened Liang herself refused to become a regular ambassador even though she is a substitutory ambassador and has always been present at every Assembly in Pyr up until now. Instead Initiate Zurchkuchna volunteered and was assigned as the new regular ambassador for the burning desert. Honorary Initiate Zhoi petitioned to also chose an ambassador who would be assigned to the Rangers. A decision about this query was postponed to future Assemblies.

* Institution for writing an unified version of old treaties similar to the TENANT

The term "TENANT" was explained at first: in the past a commission of this name had been formed by five homins: one each from Jen- Lai, Avendale, Avalae, Thesos and the Rangers. The name means "Treaty for Equilibrium Between The Atysian Nations in the New Territories", and the word also means "to support an ideal" or "to support someone". The TENANT-treaty was a reformed version of the peace-treaty of four nations/peoples.

Sage Supplice had already suggested during the previous Assembly to form a new international institution like the TENANT (most likely bearing another name though) consisting of representatives of all cities and stateless/neutral groups to rephrase the old treaty of four nations/peoples. Awakened Fey-Lin Liang volunteered to be the repesentative of Jen-Lai, Initiate Zurchkuchna as the representative of Hoi-Cho. Homin Fyranna said she wanted to be the representative of the stateless homins who are not Rangers. Min-Cho still has to chose a representative or else is permitted to resign from naming one.é_pour_l'Équilibre_des_N ations_Atysiennes_dans_les_Nouvelles_Terres

* Free Trade agreement

The text of the old free trade agreement of 2516 has now been published:

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#88 [de] 

we all clicked that empty board over 20times till it dissapeared so I think it lost all credability by now :(, maybe go for a new graphic so it looks new but with something on it this time. Some basic info about zorai or something why not take the stuff from and put that on there till there is an event?


#89 [de] 

Well, the information board is brand new and not all of us know how to deal with it yet. Let's be patient and wait until we have found out please. It's not like it's an urgent matter, is it?

(OOC: well, I also could not read anything after the sign-board was put up, not to speak of being able to write on it. I thought setting my client to German might be at fault. But let's be nice!

The Event-Team is made of humans, not gods. They are working for free as long as I know, and their tools are not perfect either. The Event Team has to set up a lot of items after every server-restart and it's a lot of work, so that's also the reason why the transporter of NH very rarely ever is moved close to the stables... Things are going to work in time, and we can do very well without it until then, no? ;) )

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#90 [de] 

* Honorary Initiation:

Sage Supplice / Sorrow / der Leidende clarified that the Theocracy does not wish to have more Honorary Initiates at the moment additional to Honorary Initiate Zhoi from Hoi-Cho, although some Stateless and Non-Initiates are acknowledged as a support for the Zoraï government. Still the Circles of the Zoraï are an important political part of the Theocracy, so the majority of their members should be "real" Initiates and Awakened.

So the Sage decided that the Theocracy will only consider the integration of new Honorary Initiates after involving more Initiates and Awakened into the Circles to strenghten the nation first.

* Jenaism:

Sage Supplice / Sorrow / der Leidende explained Jenaism: it is a Kamist-religion with the old belief that the "Great Kami" is identical with Jena (instead of being Ma-Duk). While the official religion of the Theocracy and the largest branch of Kamism is Ma-Dukism, Jenaism is also a branch of Kamism and in conclusion Awakened are allowed to be Jenaists, just like there have been jenaistic Awakened in the past, for example Ki'atal.

(OOC: it was said that titles for Jenaists will be available ingame in time.)

* Kitin observation camps:

Ranger Companion Daomei Carthan Lin pointed out that the camps constantly need more material supplies , not only riders doing the deliveries. Initiate Zurchkuchna praised her reports about the material-needs of the camps all over Atys: #33 A number of homins are updating their reports daily to inform harvesters about the materials needed. Fortunately the camp-building is proceeding quite well in the jungle

As the Akenak wants to contact tribes within their Empire and ask them to help out with their kitin observation camps in the desert, I suggested to do the same and ask befriended tribes of the Witherings to help us with rebuilding the observation camps just alike. Sage Supplice / Sorrow / der Leidende asked us to think about any kind of assistance that would be interesting and send an Izam to him then.

I insisted that the topic of which tribes to contact as well as collecting ideas about how to persuade them to help should be discussed during the next Assembly; also any developments of the botanical solution for the kitin-tunnels. In the audience Ranger Companion Daomei Lin Carthan asked the first dynastic healer Tao Sian about the condition of the Goo-infected Rangers inside the Kitin-lair, but unfortunately I could not hear any reply.

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