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we are a very loosly kami aligned guild, we try to stay neutral in our aproach to the game. we dont aprove of pvp although we do allow our mebers to participate in consentual pvp to try new weapons or gain faction points.
our policy on out posts seem to confuse some homins but its quite simple we will not help any guild in attacking another guild's op, how ever we will help in defence with restrictions.. we will help kami guilds defend op in kami lands and kara guilds ops in kara lands.
our aim is to help as many homins as possible wether thay be kara kami or true neutral many homins have started out as bunnies and moved on to other guilds when they have decided what they wished to do, some who our game play suits have stayed but we have remained friends with our former bunnies and still help them when they require help.
if ive missed anything ive no doubt one of the bunnies will amend this have fun and stay safe and if u need a bunnie give us a shout long live the carrot :)

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I can say that I am proud to be a Bunny! These guys took me in when I returned when the servers where rezzed from a much too long afk :) Something that they all regret to this very moment I'm sure :)

They forced me to go Kami... JOKING!!! Decided to switch from neutered to Kami only to help out me fellow Bunnies, and have 0 regrets. Snuggles (check out the Kami dudes in some lands) has been good to me :) Again, joking, they didn't force me, twas my decision! :)

To sum it up...

Kami aligned but neutral friendly!

PVP stance is perfecto for me! Whack each other over the head for testing or them silly honor points... still don't get the idea with those, but ok. *shrugs* Not a fan of some PvP some of ya know my stance already :)

Aye, Outpost battles are PvP, but stance is RP friendly... defend Kara in Kara lands, Kami in Kami lands, never help attackers, only help defend.

All in all, we be a laid back group of people who like to try and enjoy our time on Atys. Whether it be Azad yelling at me for bringing home another critter to Guild Hall (and destroying it once again... one of these days I'll get us a good pet!) Or Freddy trying to explain the finer points of exact meter aggro ranges, we all try our best to enjoy the time we do have here :)


PS... Did I mention that we have Azad, the supreme master of the {AFK} and the pillar of Atys. Oh, and carrots too!

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Hmmm reminds me of Hello Kitty. :P

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they're definitely delightfully squishy. Just sad they've been deceived by Ma-Duk,
but maybe one day they'll see the light.

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We're not squishy! We're Fluffy!

Personally, I think Ma-Duk had better tasting cookies. Jena isn't that great of a cook from what I've tasted.


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We welcome members from Kitin Crunchers to our warren.

They discovered kitins aren't at all fluffy and bunnies so much more friendly than kinchers.

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Copied from Old Forums:

Name: FluffyBunnies

QL200 - Great Outback Workshop (Rubbarn, Metabolism Flowers)
QL250 - Woodburn Stronghold (Vedice, Strength Flowers)

Guild Leader: Azad

High Officers: FyrosFreddy, Misatey, Groged, Ellsworth, Goofymonkey
Officers: Elvish, Ceras, Bosse, Rovi, Brock, DirtDigger, Teaze, Juko, Xycox, Puffe, Beolwyf, Swiz

Cult Alliance: Neutral (Kami for TP's Only)

Mascot(s): Bunny from Monty Python Holy Grail movie (the one that will "rip ya head off") and all the giant gibbanis of Atys.

RP Stance: Player Choice within limits. As the name implies, we are here to have fun and laugh, escape a bit from the pressures of life. We do not provide an alternate universe "to live in". We all gotta work in the morning.

Civilization Alliance: Fyros Based

PvP Stance: Guild does not participate in PvP. Individual player may make own choices within minor limits.

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Only guild rules in this regard are:

1. Members attack NO ONE in Prime Roots.

2. Members may choose on their own to participate in Outpost defenses....of either faction, defense of Kara OP's in Matis / Tryker and defense of Kami OP's in Fyros / Zora.

3. Members may not participate in trash talking in chat boxes or other rude / offensive behavior.

4. Anything that happens between two consenting adults is fine w/ us. IOW, if two peeps wanna stand nekid in front of stables and bash each other over the head with candy canes for faction points, what's the problem ?

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Bunnies have "no ties that bind". If new arrivals want to find a home while they get settled with their decision on whether they gonna PvP or not PvP, join a faction or whatever, we are glad to have peeps while they get acquainted with game and make up their minds. We participate in joint activities with guilds from both kami and kara factions and from all 4 race lands, allowing newcomers to meet and interact with players from both factions and all 4 lands.

After some time in Atys, if you wanna stay, most happy to have you. If you have to leave to pursue what you want the game to be, the only tie that remains is one of friendship. Similarly, if you've been in a guild and found that your play style is not a good match for the guild you are in, that you have had enough of PvP'ing or whatever reasons you may have .... well we'd be glad to have ya.

To join contact GL / HO in game or visit here:


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Bunnies just passed our 6.5 year anniversary, we are 2383 days old today.

That's 132 + Atys years ..... No wonder I have gray hair !


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Gz Bubbies.
Heres to another six and a half good years.


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Prolly older FF days were restarted at server merge of Windy and Ari.-Kil


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We 2,500 days old today !


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Congratulations Fluffy Bunnies!! *sends up fireworks*
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