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Congrats Bunnies ♥


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Bunnnies and Bunnynet will live on. As long as we can find peace and happiness on the new server, we'll stick around.


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Bunnnies and Bunnynet will live on. As long as we can find peace and happiness on the new server, we'll stick around.

Glad to hear it.   :)

Go Bunnies!



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*\o/* yay!! <3 you guys~ so happy :D

see you around the root ball!!


#20 [en] 

I think we 2600 days old today ! (Dec 13, 20120


#21 [en] 

can i join the guild please

#22 [en] 

Azad (atys)
Our policy on out posts seem to confuse some homins but its quite simple we will not help any guild in attacking another guild's op, how ever we will help in defence with restrictions.. we will help kami guilds defend op in kami lands and kara guilds ops in kara lands.

An update from our in-game forum, which is best copied here too:
Azad (atys)
Since the merge our policy on OP wars has changed slightly. We assist kami guilds in defence and attack but only in kami lands. We do not interfere in any thing that happens in kara lands.


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2750 days old as of May 12, 2013 (that's since Ari / Winde merge, 221 since big merge) !

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Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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#25 [en] 

hello i want to join you please

#26 [en] 

Although my main is saphron,

I was wondering whether i could make a toon to join your Guild and help however possible,
I hope that we can discuss about this later once im logged back in,
But i will be in the "shadows" (hint) due to my in activeness.

#27 [en] 

Could i join your clan?

#28 [en] 

Hi im an older play looking for a guild. I prefer voice chat (would be happy to host channel on Raid Call). Im a casual player more of a crafter than killer. im not that greate at typing but given time i might improve. Ive played MMO's and FPS since the late 80's - did i mention im older. Anyhow i dont mind helping out but i am a casual player with family and kids, I'm canadian (GMT -4) but im often on at odd hours. If you have questions post me. thanks for your time. Good luck and good hunting.

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hello, i was wondering if you had any room in your guild for a new player. i used to play a couple years but just started back again

#30 [en] 

Hello Bunnies!

I used to play years ago. Toon name was Lacy. I was a High Officer of VX3. I recently came back to playing Ryzom. My heart never really left the game.

Since my return I am now under a different name as indicated in the post. My husband is Taus. We are matis and like to remain neutral with all members. I was unable to resurrect Lacy because of an issue with Taus's account (lost in Neverland).

But i am in search of a new home. Hopefully Bunnies will have me. I am currently a little squishy only 95 fight and 98 forest dig. But i am working on my Big 250 again (sigh). If needed i can produce a bunny dance for all of you to show my support and dedication as a guild member.

Let me know what ya think,

Tamoko (Lacy)

Hugs to my FF. Thanks for remembering me and bringing the delight back into my day!
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