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Fluffy Bunnies

we are a very loosly kami aligned guild, we try to stay neutral in our aproach to the game. we dont aprove of pvp although we do allow our mebers to participate in consentual pvp to try new weapons or gain faction points.
our policy on out posts seem to confuse some homins but its quite simple we will not help any guild in attacking another guild's op, how ever we will help in defence with restrictions.. we will help kami guilds defend op in kami lands and kara guilds ops in kara lands.
our aim is to help as many homins as possible wether thay be kara kami or true neutral many homins have started out as bunnies and moved on to other guilds when they have decided what they wished to do, some who our game play suits have stayed but we have remained friends with our former bunnies and still help them when they require help.
if ive missed anything ive no doubt one of the bunnies will amend this have fun and stay safe and if u need a bunnie give us a shout long live the carrot :)
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