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Fluffy Bunnies


I can say that I am proud to be a Bunny! These guys took me in when I returned when the servers where rezzed from a much too long afk :) Something that they all regret to this very moment I'm sure :)

They forced me to go Kami... JOKING!!! Decided to switch from neutered to Kami only to help out me fellow Bunnies, and have 0 regrets. Snuggles (check out the Kami dudes in some lands) has been good to me :) Again, joking, they didn't force me, twas my decision! :)

To sum it up...

Kami aligned but neutral friendly!

PVP stance is perfecto for me! Whack each other over the head for testing or them silly honor points... still don't get the idea with those, but ok. *shrugs* Not a fan of some PvP some of ya know my stance already :)

Aye, Outpost battles are PvP, but stance is RP friendly... defend Kara in Kara lands, Kami in Kami lands, never help attackers, only help defend.

All in all, we be a laid back group of people who like to try and enjoy our time on Atys. Whether it be Azad yelling at me for bringing home another critter to Guild Hall (and destroying it once again... one of these days I'll get us a good pet!) Or Freddy trying to explain the finer points of exact meter aggro ranges, we all try our best to enjoy the time we do have here :)


PS... Did I mention that we have Azad, the supreme master of the {AFK} and the pillar of Atys. Oh, and carrots too!
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