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Hi there,

I was in Stark guild,when he merged with yours,need a new guild now was wandering if i could join?

If so ,was looking for someone to ask for invite online,but saw no one,that was described in your post the whole day,who could i ask for invite?


p.s. if those people described in the roster are no longer active and some new are,would be good idea to edit the post ;)

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Originally Posted by Cephus at AOUniverse
I look at WoW as the crap-filter of the MMO world. It attracts all the idiots and lets the rest of us play in relative peace.

For me a good MMO is like good art.it captivates,furstrates,ask things of you,changes how you see the world and yourself.

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Bunnies have their 10 year anniversary coming up in 3 months .... we are registered at the folllowing gift shoppes :)

Thesos Ale House
Windemeer Wild and Whacky Novelties
Min Cho House of Spirits
Charmers Way House of Charms


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By request for our Ten Year Anniversary

1st get the music going.....

Now sing with the lyrics below:


Azad was a Melee boy
he axed em up till the bitter end
Misatey was a different type
she's is one who puts spears in
Oneeyes was an Fyros lad
Mobs afraid of boys like that
Goofy was AFK a lot
sitting down like a Buddha sat

Bosse was a wondering soul
with geographic memory
Freddy chose the HA craft
he liked that kind of misery
Giny had a special way
of turning hunts into a song
Ghostano didn't like to cast
used a mace, beat them strong

Daphne was an archetype
the afflict queen, the queen of wrath
Sofiaa thought trekking was second best
to hanging out in Fyros Baths
Xycox was a preaching kamist
he really had that gift of gab
Dercin's point of view was this
take what boss mats you can grab

Ellsworth was another guy
who left his mark with a fyros boot
Rovi liked to tie mobs up
the spell he often cast was root
Cherry had a cat addiction
to dig without cats was not her way
Haplo, who had to "early rise,
says "I must go", but always stays

Grogged ignored the last taboo
solo treked thru UnderSpring
Gotharic brought the taboo back
he got thru and even dinged
Elnasa rose to Fyros fame,
trekked 4 lands unafarid to die
Fudge came and went so fast
he didn't even say goodbye

Ceras had a room in Matis
lived on drugs and kipee meat
Eceem had a house in Zora
took his drugs between the sheets
Puffe thought his life was empty
filled it up with silverweed
CarlaofWind was much too pretty
she wouldn't do ththose dirty deeds

not Carla .... uh uh

Fatboy thought that PvP was simple
turn tag on and turn it off
Hrikri felt dig was complicated
like some rumored KA plot
Hotchick was the perfect lady
Kept her zorai stockings straight
Talven was a rich Matisian
silver spoon and a paper plate

McMidget was a pyromancer
kitin things he liked to fry
Kriathi liked to wound the things
dance around and watch them die
Trikerfreddy loved the cute gibbais
kept himself a couple of pups
Sashtan's strange obsession
was for OP Mats and sups

Sahrei was an mage's daughter
using shockwave shook her up
Brock's mother left his father
took his dapper and his sups
Charmm had no such problems
perfect "Norman Tryton" home
MrsNo, 16, had a Zorai baby
left her parents, lived alone

Lee joined a warrior cult
changed his name to General-Lee
Puffe liked to played guitar,
sang silly songs that made me pee
Sengyr was a pacifist
about factions he didn't give a sh*t
Lortess had much more my style
cause he wrote songs just like this

Tashakir went forty days
drinking nothing but Fyros ale
Once Therrah tried to drink with himt
next morning she was awful pale
Shenobe came from Tryker lands
conveted from kara to kamist
Elvish, I offer you a kiss
I chose you to end this list

88 lines about 44 bunnies

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Wow - well done Freddy, damn good memory for guildies and excellent lyrics :D


This idea of "I'm offended". Well I've got news for you. I'm offended by a lot of things too. Where do I send my list? Life is offensive. You know what I mean? Just get in touch with your outer adult. (Bill Hicks)

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Thatz like 7-8 years old .... there was a newwer version on bunnynet but still can't access


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Bunnies are 3,750 days old as of February 6, 2016


#37 [en] 

July 15, 2016 we be 3,900 days old


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From our Friend Gidget


#39 [en] 

February 19, 2017... Bunnes are 4,125 days old


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4,125 days and Freddy has still not had a bath. *cries*


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It was good joke and I had fun with it for many years, but time for new material.


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From Gidget

BTW, Bunnies are 4310 days old today .... 11.8 (Earth) years

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if any noobs come to the game... this is THE guild for you, hands down some of the best old players and names still playing, lots of guidance and care.

overall, this would be MY pick if i came back to the game today

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if any noobs come to the game... this is THE guild for you, hands down some of the best old players and names still playing, lots of guidance and care.

Who you calling old ?  :)  And welcome back to game.

And thanks for the kind words ... I took off 18 months and when I came back felt like I took the weekend off ... guild hasn't changed much in 12+ years.  Same people, same goals, same focus on making Atys a better place. .... which apparently offends some folks.

12 year anniversary coming up in < 2 weeks !  All invited to the party ....

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FB is 4,455 days old as of January 13, 2018 ... 12 years 6 months or therabouts.

Gratz to new Officers .. Amartii and Jorgensen ! !

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