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Fluffy Bunnies

Copied from Old Forums:

Name: FluffyBunnies

QL200 - Great Outback Workshop (Rubbarn, Metabolism Flowers)
QL250 - Woodburn Stronghold (Vedice, Strength Flowers)

Guild Leader: Azad

High Officers: FyrosFreddy, Misatey, Groged, Ellsworth, Goofymonkey
Officers: Elvish, Ceras, Bosse, Rovi, Brock, DirtDigger, Teaze, Juko, Xycox, Puffe, Beolwyf, Swiz

Cult Alliance: Neutral (Kami for TP's Only)

Mascot(s): Bunny from Monty Python Holy Grail movie (the one that will "rip ya head off") and all the giant gibbanis of Atys.

RP Stance: Player Choice within limits. As the name implies, we are here to have fun and laugh, escape a bit from the pressures of life. We do not provide an alternate universe "to live in". We all gotta work in the morning.

Civilization Alliance: Fyros Based

PvP Stance: Guild does not participate in PvP. Individual player may make own choices within minor limits.


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