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What is this topic:

A list of guild names sorted by alignment and (if possible, by) activity, in order to make it easier for someone wishing to join a guild.

The rules for joining guilds :

All characters start as neutral regarding both civilization and religion - just that they have slightly different starting fames depending on race. Characters can align with a nation and/or with a religion if they want, for gameplay or roleplay advantages. Alignment involves doing a specific rite, and you are not aligned until you have done it.

Example: A character with 45 kami fame but without the rite has not aligned and can not buy level 250 pacts.

A completely neutral character -for instance, someone just finishing Silan- can join any guild. A character that is aligned with a religion can only join a guild of the same religion, same rule for nation alignment.

For example, a nation-neutral + karavan-aligned character cannot join a fully neutral guild, nor could it join a kami guild; it could however join a karavan guild of any nation allegiance. If said karavan guild is (for example) Tryker-aligned, the character has the option to align with the Trykers in the future.


I am only able to follow developments concerning English-speaking guilds. For the other languages, I am copying information from the app "Guild Register (Atys)" created by Remigra. In case no forum topic is provided for a guild, please use the app to find a contact person and discuss recruitment.

If I am active in-game, I will update the lists as soon as I learn of changes; please mail me directly for any English-related change, and Remigra for the others. You can check the last edit date on the posts, to see when was the last change. Should I seem to have gone inactive, feel free to ask the moderators to modify the topic as needed :)

[addition of non-English guilds pending for May 20]

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Matis - Neutral
none known

Matis - Karavan
Cara Via
Armageddons (old topic)
Rift Walkers
Spears of Eora
Melinoe - Atys Harvesters (inactive)

Matis - Kami
none known

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Fyros - Neutral
Legions Fyros (Fr/En)
Dragon Foragers (Es/En)

Fyros - Kami
Wild Magus
Sobirania i Justicia (Es/En/catalan)
Asylum (disbanded)
The Red Dragons (not active)
The Soul (not active)
Fluffy Bunnies (not active)

Fyros - Karavan
none known

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Tryker - Trytonist
Guardians of Shadows

Tryker - Neutral
none known

Tryker - Karavan
Pirates of Darkmoor
Spiritus Artificis
Clan MacFay (Fr/En speaking)
Ballistic Mystix (mostly Karu active)

Tryker - Kami
Atys Guardians (inactive)
Verdant Sanctum (inactive)

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Zorai - Neutral
Monks of Atys

Zorai - Karavan
none known

Zorai - Kami
Grave of the Fireflies
Wild Maguss
Talian Zu
Wandering Hermits of Onaru (inactive)

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Nation neutral - Religion neutral
Phaedrea's Tears
Spirit of Alervinda
Cookies (not a guild, but a group that accepts players regardless of alignment)

Civ neutral - Karavan

The Wrath of Atys (inactive)
Mystical Legends (formerly U S A) (inactive)
Reapers of the Dark (not active)
The Resistance (disbanded)

Civ neutral - Kami
We Are One
Clan of Varinx Claw (disbanded)

The Arcane
Le Clan du Cristal Ardent
Clan of Molten Ice (inactive)
Magister Mortalis (disbanded)

Lost Girls
Reapers of Atys (inactive)
Pandemonium (inactive)

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Feel free to add cookies to every category, since every civ,faction,organistion is allowed as a cookie :D

But good idea actually will make it alot better for new silan ppl to find info about guilds but will need to be updated constantly


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Hello Mjollren.

This is to let you know "Spears of Eora" is not inactive.
We are a guild from Australia.

This is a great idea. Thank you, keep up the good work.

Regards Ozwomen.

Take care and have fun in the game.

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Bump due to edits made lately.


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"Atys Templar" is fyros/neutral as well as "Les Légions Fyros".

The guild "Les Eclaireurs d'Atys" is fyros/kamist (FR). Please add the following link because we haven't any introduction on this forum (by choice not by laziness) :

Many thanks in advance :)


Mermaidia, heureuse Chef des Eclaireurs d'Atys
Homins, unissons-nous et agissons dès maintenant afin de préparer notre futur sur la Belle Atys!
Libres et fiers, en quête de notre histoire commune et de nos racines, nous retrouverons et protégerons ce monde qui nous a tant fait vibrer!

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Removed Atysian Templars, after Lerya's announcement that she's disbanding it.

Moved Magister Mortalis under "Marauder", added link to topic.


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Thanks for the great work, Mj!
Could you please add (En speaking) with Magister Mortalis?
Thanks in advance :-)

Sera :-)


Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

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Any Fyros+Karavan techpriest guilds active recently?

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Yes. I have to choose a guild now it seems but I feel strange. There is almost no guild activity on the forums... not a good thing for people who want to choose one.

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