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Onaru was a doctor turned philosopher who lived, that we know, from 2284 to 2397 in Zoran. She was an ardent lover of Atys and life but found the ever growing commotion in Zoran—largely due to skirmishes and wars between nations—to be out of harmony with Atys. She left Zoran and lived deep in the wilds of Atys. When she returned years later, little had changed and the four nations were still warring with each other. Onaru called on all homins who desired peace to leave the shackles of the nations and devote themselves to the service of Atys.

A slowly fading sketch of Onaru.

The Wandering Hermits of Onaru have handed down the writings of Onaru from one hermit to the next. This legacy has now been handed down to me.

The Laws of the Hermits are simple:
  • Live the life of a hermit. "The bark is life." Onaru, 2321
    • Walk or ride from place to place as often as possible to avoid depleting the powers of the Kami.
    • Speak only when absolutely needed.
    • Work with other homins as required.
  • Peace, only by the will of the Kami or in service of life do we any harm. "Atys is in harmony with herself." Onaru, 2323
    • Life is sacred but Peace is more so. Work to preserve life whenever possible but do whatever is required to maintain Peace.

If it is your calling to follow the path of the Hermits, leave a notice at any Kami temple or altar addressed to Anzhanto(Atys) and you will be allowed to prove yourself through The Trials.

The symbol of the Hermits is a solitary izam silhouetted by the moon inlayed into a two toned amber cube.

The izam represents the freedom of the Hermits. We travel throughout all of Atys at will.
The moon represents the solitary nature of the Hermits and freedom from living within the mores of the four nations.
The two toned amber cube represents the knowledge that a Hermit seeks, both the ancient and the new.

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Woha Homins!

My name is Tadhg (sounds like league with a T instead of an L). I have been asked to be the official Chronicler of the Wandering Hermits of Onaru.

One of the duties of a Hermit is to gather knowledge and then share it among the Hermits and with all Homins. To this end, I am happy to announce that Jeoi Di-Shuan—sister of the famous Zoraï patroller, Luoi Di-Shuan—Master Harvester of Min-Cho, has awarded the title of Master Jungle Forager to Anzhanto and Lorick of the Hermits.

They are happy to share their knowledge of the Witherings with all Homins; although, understanding the dancing and gyrations that pass for conversation with Lorick require one to master the skill of pantomime!

Mata runku!


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