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Melinoe - Atys Harvesters

Melinoe still exists! We are a Karavan guild, allied with the Matis nation. Our guild history is long and dirty; Melinoe have been avid diggers since the initial creation back in the North American beta test! We are headquartered in Yrkanis and the forest, but there is no land that is completely safe from our picks!

Full Disclosure: the guild is basically just me right now (unless Ambika should happen to make a triumphant return!). I would welcome new (non-kami/non-marauder) members with open arms, but I cannot offer much in the way of guild services, unfortunately,

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Woha Yuritau. Good to see fellow Wayfarers returning.


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welcome home <3

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Welcome to home , nice to see an (old) player coming back :)


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Melinoe has been reborn in the new world, and I've updated the first post. The big goal for the guild right now is a Guild Apartment!


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I am back, and I've updated the first post to reflect the current status of Melinoe.


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I will be making a triumphant return soon (TM). :x

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A wild Bika appears! How u been?

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Pretty good actually! How have you been? Life treating you good?


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