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The Reapers are a Karavan aligned guild created in January 2005. While we are based in Matis, we’re a multiracial guild. We are a friendly group with a mature attitude, known for our helpfulness, casual game play and all-purpose fun-lovingness.

Find out more at: http://www.reapersofthedark.com/


Noble Jayce
Reaper Leader

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Tuesday Jan 24:

The Reapers didn't kill any NPC Marauders today, partly because we just can't be arsed w/ mindless spamming for hours on end, but also because we only really have two members.

Anyway, I just felt like bumping our guild thread, stay tuned for more samey bullshit next week! :P


Noble Jayce
Reaper Leader

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Lmao! gotta love you guys xD

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lol, luv ya Jayce =p

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Jelousy is the Root of all Evil jayce


Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, you gain strength.
Through strength, you gain power.
Through power, you gain victory.
Through victory, your chains are broken.
Ma-Duk shall free you.

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Jelousy is the Root of all Evil jayce

I thought there was some verbiage like "For the love of money is..." but maybe I'm wrong.

Besides, he's Grouchy Jayce, not Evil Jayce. :p

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I didn't join this guild either today, nor did I sub. Just wanted to tell you all this important fact. Oh and I wrote an exam yesterday, yay.


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Jelousy is the Root of all Evil jayce




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Monday Feb 1st:

Wow! We had some awesome evenly matched battles for a change this past weekend, it was great fun. We had our doubts about this multi-declare plan, but it worked out quite well for a first attempt, definitely worth a repeat! It even pulled our third member out from the woodwork. \o/

Also, the Kami really seemed to enjoy it too, hopefully this has shown them it's much better to declare during the afternoon if they want an exciting battle. But maybe I've been sniffing too many catalyzers recently. :o

Unfortunately we didn't actually succeed in getting an OP so we're unable to half-heartedly offer one up to the Kami faction to try and portray ourselves as a kind and decent guild who truly cares about the rest of the community.


Noble Jayce
Reaper Leader

#10 [en] 

omg, so fun

Im definitely watching this thread =p

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Yeah, the sarcasm is near delicious, you can almost taste it. o.o


Crazy Marshmallow Lady
Former Guild Leader of Exodus Syndicate
Member of Phaedra's Tears
Girl Playing Roles

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Yeah, the sarcasm is near delicious, you can almost taste it. o.o

hmm... sarcasm soup for starters, beef fillet with a dash of sarcasm sauce for main course and cream cakes with sprinkles of sarcasm for dessert...

that does sound delicious :P

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Dang it.... Now I have to read more stuff :p *looks forward to next installment*

#14 [en] 

All this is why I love being a Reaper


Homin Reaper Karavan

#15 [en] 

High time for a new bump!

A bit overdue perhaps, but after some gentle nudging from certain people, Reapers have lately come to realise our outpost tactics have been completely wrong.

Thankfully, we now see things the right way. Inactive guilds and alt guilds should indeed not hold OPs just because their friends keep defending them. This robs new guilds of having a chance to take an OP, unless they beg an alliance if they can have one! So, Reapers have ceased our OP attacks against active guilds that actually enjoy PvP, and now only focus on outposts held by guilds that we deem to be inactive.

Inactive ofcourse will be defined as "we never see them on our side at OP battles". And should we manage to actually take one of these outposts, naturally we shall be handing it over to an inactive guild that's more to our liking.

We've also begun working on a backup plan to level up alts and make fake newbie guilds to hold the outposts, just in case we can't find enough inactive guilds willing to buy our nonsense.
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