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Those that do not move do not see their chains.
Break your chains and sever your ties to fight for your freedom and greater good.

Guild Leader: Mely(Atys)

Guild Location: Marauder Camp, Hidden Source, Forest

The Arcane is a Marauder guild born as winter took grasp over Atys.  We are not Marauders of the Old Lands.  We lived amongst the homis in Yrkanis, blind in our devotion to Jena until the seeds of doubt over the religions and governments grew and we liberated ourselves from the invisible chains that sought to control and use us.

The Kami are here to protect one thing and one thing only, Atys.  They have vowed to destroy anything and any homins who try to break the balance of our world.  Yet, with hypocrisy, they continue to turn a blind eye to their followers who ravage the land with greed and they are powerless against the Goo that seeks to consume Atys.

The Karavan, on the other hand, shower their followers with fanciful promises that they will be saved and taken to new lands when the Great Dragon brings about the end of Atys.  All in exchange for a price...  That is the way with the Karavan and the Karavan followers, as we in this guild know all too well, they will use you, if you have something to offer, and they will cast aside those who are weaker and of no use.  They thirst for control, blocking passages and sealing off vast areas of the Prime Roots, secluding us from our fellow homins who to this day remain confined in the ravaged Old Lands.

And those homins who have rejected the religions but wander aimlessly amongst Atys like Capryni in a field... they are a discredit to our ancestors.  They will realise one day but by then it may be too late.  They should take up arms alongside us to prepare against the Kitins.

What has history shown us?

It has shown us that our ancestors came to Atys in The New Beginning united together in their suffering.  Warrior homins of all races gathered under the banner of the Guild of the Forces of Fraternity. United we stood strong. Then why, I ask, did the religions and governments seek to divide us? They infected us with their false teachings and beliefs, dividing homins and over time this discord festered.

We are homins.  

We are not of the Kami and we are not of the Karavan.  They distract us from the dangers that are coming.  How many more Kitins swarms will there be before we are wiped from existence?  How many more homins will be left behind to die because the governments and religions could not protect us but continue to use us for their purpose.  Marauders of the old have gifted to us a far superior means of travel.  They brought to us far superior armour which both Karavan and Kami followers endeavour to acquire.  It is with Marauders that we shall find our salvation, our freedom and regain our unity.  They have the strength, wisdom and knowledge to end the Kitin threat and they have proven that without the Kami and Karavan they have survived against the Kitins.

Our guild activities and goals:

  • The majority of our members contribute to the Role Play forums.  We are Marauders of the New Lands and we roleplay as such.  Within our guild we are free to engage with homins of all races and all beliefs. (RP)

  • We believe that we can save homins from their treacherous religions by engaging with them and encouraging them to recognise their environment for what it really is, a trap woven to chain them to the religions.

  • Unfortunately, there is only so much we can do to try to liberate homins who fail to see the chains binding them.  The only option is to destroy the governments who act as puppets for the Kami and Karavan and attack the main cities to bring them down. (PvP and PvE - cities)

  • We will seek conquest over the outposts in Atys for their materials in order to use them to obtain the best armour and weapons to fight the Kitin threat. (PvP - outposts)

  • As warriors we see the true beauty in battle.  We relish the opportunity to display our prowess against small groups of homins. (PvP)

  • When the distracted homins of this land prove weedy, we seek real challenges against the leaders of the Marauder clans such as Aen the Desert Blade. (NPC Marauder bosses)
  • We scout and hunt the strongest of the Atysian creatures to harvest their carcasses for their precious loot. (Mob bosses)

  • Our aspiration is to be the very best we can.  This requires us to venture into the Prime Roots seeking the richest resources Atys can offer, often within our guild and at times together with the other Marauder guilds. (Season Change)


We are a guild of multi-masters and aspiring multi-masters.  If our guild is what you are looking for we are always recruiting homins with great ambition.  Please feel free to contact any of the above named High Officers and Guild Leader with any queries you have.

And remember, if you do not move, you will not see the chains that restrict you.


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Our heretics don't burn :-)


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