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[Para Todos] Picnic en el Bosque

Chiang el Fuerte vio a los dos veteranos alejarse. A pesar de que ya habían demostrado su valía, Chiang todavía era un poco reacio a confiar en sus yubos y los había acosado largamente para asegurarse de que entendieran la importancia de su misión. Y aunque un poco caprichosos, habían demostrado todas las cualidades requeridas para este gran día.
Sólo faltaba escribir y colocar los carteles, y los jóvenes refugiados podrían, una vez más, dar pasos agigantados en este día festivo.
Mensaje de Chiang el Fuerte
Saludos a todos vosotros, jóvenes refugiados,

Es el Día de los Refugiados otra vez, y en esta ocasión, los invito a unirse al picnic que se organizará especialmente para vosotros en el continente. Esta gran fiesta, a la que invitamos a todos los homins, les permitirá adquirir pactos de teletransportación que serán muy valiosos para vosotros después de vuestra salida de Silan. Podrán codearse y conocer a los homins de todas las naciones y facciones y quizás crear vínculos para el futuro.

Nos reuniremos con Apocamus Driadus el 11h - Holeth, Thermis 30, 1st AC 2608 en la parte inferior de mi torre para comprobar los preparativos finales e iniciar un viaje que no olvidará!

* [OOC] On Sunday, 19 April 19:00:00 UTC (2 months ago).[/OOC]

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#2 Multilingual 

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Here is the translation of Lylanea's song.

"An Ode to your feet."

By Timil McInde, Bard of Fairhaven
Recorded by Lylanea Vicciona, Bard of Matia

/em plays a happy, swinging tune and sings

I saw a young maiden standing one day
on Fairhavens beach and my thoughts went astray.
As we lay in the sand, time flew by us
In the evening her father found us and cussed.

Sometimes it's good to be quick on your feet.
Sometimes life is not fair.
If your sword cannot save you,
Well friend let me tell you,
You’d give anything for a good pair.

Out into the world I went all alone,
met some bandits, they did seem quite strong.
"I’m stronger than you!" I laughed in their face.
They did not believe me, so I had to race.

Sometimes it's good to be quick ...

In the jungles, I met a tall blue man.
His sword seemed quite sharp, but I laughed at him.
He bent down to grab me - us Trykers are small,
I rammed my helmet right to his *cough*

Sometimes it's good to be quick ...

In the deep woods, I met a Matis.
Beautiful, wild and promising bliss.
That night at her home, the dress slid to the floor -
“she” was a man and me out the door.

Sometimes it's good to be quick ...

In Fyros I stopped at an tavern fine
I ate two whole yubos, drank three gallons wine.
The innkeep then asked me to pay the full fee
I didn't have money, so I had to flee.

Sometimes it's good to be quick ...

But the City Watch found me and took me to court
The judge said to me: "I have no doubt!
You are in for imprisonment!
/shout: Guards, seize him! -
Now, did anyone see where he went?"

Sometimes it's good to be quick ...

Almost a year later I returned to my town,
A beautiful girl greeted me with a frown.
I said : “Pretty lady, what’s going on?!”
She held up a bundle: "This is your son."

Refrain (2 times):
Oooohhh, sometimes it's good to be quick ...

/em spoken as the melody fades out …

So let me tell you, hear what I say.
If misfortune follows you ever which way.
Then run really fast, hard as it may be
for only he who’s alive today
can be a hero tomorrow.
/em winks: You see?

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