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Hey all.

Some of us have been playing for years now, have been around for a while.
And to hide nothing, connect only by love for the game but do almost nothing more except talk.
Why don't we change that by allowing ourselves to reset one or more branches according to our desires/motivations?

This would perhaps motivate us to form hunting groups as before,
help a new player by hunting with him, or just remotivate ourselves to practice a branch that we liked to do.

So maybe set up some rewards ( visual or other) for each completed reset branch?
Something that could motivate us to start a branch again by keeping our main character.

And so, as not to create a "gap" between new players and old players who will restart a branch, allow it to be done only once with a reward at the end?

Healing :
Why not make the wing design visible again?

Magic :
Invent new spell designs, or an extra bonus?

Tank :
A consumable weapon nowhere to be found on Atys?
Or allow us to use higher stanza costs without going through "Wear out weapons"?

Forager :
A considerable focus bonus that would allow them to extract more material per source?
Or a pick nowhere to be found on Atys? ( .. faction pick? )

And finally Crafting : a bigger bonus of success.


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Great idea!


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I had the chance to discuss parts of this idea before with my dear Rev;

overall I am in favor of something like this, but in order for me to support it wholly, it needs to be done in a very neat way,; sure many of us have mastered many stuffs, and something extra is always nice; but let's not forget about the newer players, we were once of them, to whom already mastering a skill is a mountain high enough to climb.

As I said in our private discussion:

I am in favor of the idea; but I am against ANY and all bonuses it can have to PvP/OP areas; I am against "unlocking" new stanzas, or reducing credits, or anything of the sort which can give a TREMENDOUS advantage to a player or group of; I think the idea that "all x being equal, y has a chance" (ofc a veteran has a natural advantage due to her/his veteran status) is how things should remain.

A new player who just finished her master, and needs to do a tons of other basic master in order to even be able to compete in some sort of PvP fight; if we allow that by resetting ur trees you gain something stupendous; has no chance at all in competing; she/he will be alienated. And I can't emphasize this enough.

So for me the ideal would be to either give some sort of shiny/flashy armors to the players that elect to go for this route; like it was done before; give them a super unique and awesome title; and/or allow them to customize something that exemplifies and shows this accomplishment.

This is it for the fight+magic skill section;. Now when it comes to digging and/or crafting; I like the ideas proposed so far; I would add that for example with master forest forager, if u redo the forest mastery; in that area, (make it area specific that is) you gain a bonus equal to that of using an egiros pick; that doesnt sound unfair to me; and it's something that could make things interesting for those of us that are tired of digging in the same areas again and again for no dig xp again...(which SUCKS).

About crafting, again, I like the suggestion, give a success chance bonus, similar to what is done using consumable items. (the bonus will be stackable with the consumable use).

Looking forwards for newer and hopefully more creative ideas than my own, on definately one of the most comment-worthy "ideas" topics evahhh! (Yay rev;3)


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J'aime bien l'idée , ca relancerai les groupes et leurs cohésions
Sans compter les chasses bas lvl, au lieu de faire du hors team pour les nouveaux !

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Hm, about magic: drain could be made ballanced very weak magic only used for muncham.

Maybe more rites also could be fun.

Traveling system of NH in my opinion only annoying, specialy for newbies since players give 36 products at once.

Maybe not for here but some purchable skin would support the game and could be fun too.

Now these things i remember id advice in this case

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I'm with Northstar in this but overall the ideas sound good to me and they would spice up the game for many.
But since not all of us have the time to put 12 hours a day in this game or were lucky enough to find Ryzom years ago, gaining an advantage from double mastering would make some people lose their motivation when it comes to attending OPs and PvP.

We need people to gain motivation, not lose it, and as for some of us the training itself takes a lot of time due to a limited playing time per day, seeing some having advantages from purely having no RL would seem too much and kill the spirit for any training. Let alone joining fights with players who are known to have bonuses from double mastering.

Titles would do no harm and we do love titles here, don't we :P


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+10000 revvynours :)


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That sounds really cool! I've played quite a few games where once you reached the level cap you were able to restart from level one with an achievement or bonus. I think it would be a great addition to Ryzom.


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+ !



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Why not make the wing design visible again?

You can already get this if you know where to get the files from. ;o)


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You're right. You can get it. But it's only for you. If others don't get the files, they aren't gonna see it.

What makes me more... sad is: Why did we should restart griding a master to get a thing we get in the past? Cuz yeah... This animation was used, a long time ago.

I like the idea... But, getting something NEW would be better.

A new animation, maybe? But not an old one.

Cuz... about nuke, it's gonna be the same: Grind it to get fire animation... That kinda sucks.

And... Does it mean we're gonna get more Magic, melee, dig and crafting points? We already get tons what we can't use... :)

So... +1 for the idea, but... Ryzom need new things, not old thing we lost and then... " RESTART AND GET A REWARD! "

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All animations are in the client data files. I would see it as fairly complex for my client to tell the server that I am using the phoenix heal animation (but not the phoenix fire animation) and have the server tell the other clients that are in/near the same location to use the phoenix animation when I heal rather than the column.

The animations are probably a bad place to suggest modification since (as we know) there are always people who liked the old one.

Rather than "reset", I would be all in favor of a new skill (developed via Lore, of course) that anyone interested (and meeting criterea) could take up an master. (Perhaps a new magic tree that becomes accessible once you are a Celestial Guardian or Avatar of Destruction. I have no idea what it might be, but that sort of thing could be added.)


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Maybe more rites also could be fun.

Encyclopedia 2 was a high priority immediately post merge but have not been able to get any info on it other than was set aside for a while while other higher priority projects were being completed.  This was a counter to running fame to 100 as in E1, you had to have Fame at 42 to complete one of the rites.

As for the "starting over, the original concept was that you could have kids, whereby the children would start out with an edge resulting from parents accomplishments.

Restart and get a reward ?  Yes, that's what happened at merge ... option a) keep ya skillz... option b) restart and get rewards (NPC armor).

One thing I'd like to see is bonuses for completing a major branch ...


LA - a new set of LA craft plans
MA - a new set of MA craft plans
HA - a new set of HA craft plans
Buckler / Shields - As above

Not so much for increased stats that would affect PvP but say the ability to pick a color, a new style or if a stat bonus, maybe +10% durability ... even a small  lightness advantage wouldn't be a great impact..

1H Weaps - 1)  A visual effect on all 1H weaps .... kinda of mixed mind as to whether it had a real but minor effect on PvE like "flash / bang" that stuns / scares mobs only for a very short duration.... or new craft plan .. say a Flail

2H Weaps - As above new Craft Plan = sansetsukon / sanjiegun (See below)

Ranged Weaps - Tracer Bullet or spound effect so you could see / hear the bullet in flight


1)  Knowledge 4 that let uou see how many mats ina  node.

2) Add 5 focus to each Fous credit (allowing Gentle Rate / Gentle Speed).


Stealing from the ole Hexen series, a spell that you could use on friend of foe that would say do something humoroes ... like give them a "Frahairdo" or make them look like the other primitive tribes for a number of seconds.   Actually don't have many ideas here but something "just for fun" would be nice.


1H Weapons - Ability to dual wield two weapons....

(2) 1H Swords, (2) 1H Axe (2) 1H Mace - DPS capped so as not to significantly unbalance combat
1 H Spear ... 2 spears doesn't make sense
(2) 1H Staff - Doubt DPS is a concern here.

2H Weapons - Add 3 section chained staff .... sansetsukon (Japanese) or sanjiegun (Chinese)

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Pour aider les nouveaux suffit de recrer un perso,ça permet aussi de retrouver les satisfactions de monter les lvls en equipe.Apres celui qui veut reset certaines branche,pourquoi pas?

Des specificités octroyés en fonctions des fulls lvl par disciplines,( full Q250 en combat/magie/craft/forage),je trouve cela une bonne idée.

Les encyclopedies devraient si cela se confirme,apporter un peu de vivant sur Atys.

Une dynamique plus accrrue sur des events,je pense pourrait apporte aussi un peu plus de mouvement pour ceux qui aiment.

Cela aiderait suivant l'event de pouvoir joueur en equipe en prenant dans la mesure du possible des nouveaux.
Bon jeu à tous.

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Quand on craft une pièce Q250 on a possibilite d'avoir 125 points de bonus que l'on peut repartir en vie,seve stam et concentration.

Une fois full crafteur Q250,pouquoi ne pas avoir automatiquement un bonus de 150 au lieu de 125 pour un craft normal.

Possibilité aussi quand on fabrique un outil de craft.Que cet outil a un bonus de vie plus grand.

Les auras de combat durée plus longue pour ceux qui sont full Q250 en disciplines de combats.
Possibilite d'avoir un enchantement Hemoragique pour les full Q250 en combat.

Et de meme auras de magie plus longues pour ceux qui sont full Q250 en branches magie.

Avoir 50 points ou plus de bonus de vie quand on est ful Q250 en war.Avoir un bonus de seve en plus en magie,et de concentration quand on est full Q250 forage.
Et pourquoi pas pour obtenir ces 50 points ou plus.Faire une encyclopedie pour y avoir le droit de les obtenir.Encyclopedie accessible uniquement au full Q250 par disciplines finies.

Bon Jeu

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