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Chapter 1 -- No More.

Blue particles flow from the blade of a 1h sword, wielded by Bucshotz, slicing down the chest plate of a renown Zorai sage named Le'fard Sinchu. He parries Bucshotz attack coming back with a flurry of strikes with his spear. Bucshotz effortlessly dodges the strikes but gets pinned against a wall after a powerful sheild bash from Le'Fard.

Bucshotz screams to Rahael, "Rah, destroy the convoy!!!!"

Quickly the scene flashes over to Rahael's feet moving so fast that dust from the ground is lifted. Running along side of Rahael is another adept sage, Yu'Fang Sinchu. Rahael, dual wielding sword and dagger, clashes blades with Yu'fang while they both chase after the convoy.

Yu'fang exclaims, "Survival is at a low rate for those who submit to Melkiar's bidding! You will never get your hands on our tech, I will defend this convoy with my life!" He points his Magic Amplifier at Rahael...

[SLOW MOTION: A surge of electrical currents, orbits the amplifier and a giant missle of lightning fires at Rahael.]

Rahael dodges the blast but the force pushes him back. Yu'fang reaches the convoy, leaps on top of it and begins to laugh. Rahael jumps off of one knee and begins charging back towards the conoy, evading every nuke missile fired at him, jumping from rock to rock.

From a birds eye view we see Bucshotz on the offense. With his sword and shield he and Le'fard are having an intense battle, until Bucshotz leaps in the air and casts a powerful stun spell. Le'fard is in a state of distraught. Bucshotz walks towards him and slowly removes his helmet.

Le'fard Sinchu, frustrated, yells, "You... damn... marauder... SCUM! Just wait until i get free, your head will be a feast for the Kinchers!"

Bucshotz grins, then looks Sinchu in the eyes and responds confidently, "I have no intentions of letting you live. However... it is only the honorable deed to allow your victim to see the face of his reaper before death."

Bucshotz holds the blade to his chest while closing the gap between him and the Zorai Champion, saying, "Only in death will you be free from the chains of the Kami... and I, will be the catalyst to your liberation, farewell"

SLOW MOTION: Bucshotz blade pierces through the chest of Le'fard, and with a quick jolt pulls out the blade as blood follows. Le'fard's body drops to the ground.

Bucshotz smiles and takes out a glowing zinuakeen crystal.

Looking from behind Rahael, after dodging a barrage of nuke missiles he finally reaches the convoy as him and Yu'fang battle on top of the moving convoy. Strike after strike, blow for blow, they engage in a relentless effort to kill one another. Yu'fang, in a sneaky fashion enchants a root spell on Rahael and slices him across the chest. Rahael falls to one knee, panting heavily.

Yu'fang Sinchu drops his sword confidently, thinking the battle was won. Laughing, he says, "Hmmm... You seem to be out of stamina, can you no longer battle... fearless Marauder?" He smirks and points his sword back at Rahael screaming, "Let's just end this now!"

Yu'fang quickly walks towards Rahael with an intent to kill as the convoy passes by a Marauder altar. Out of the altar Bucshotz leaps onto the convoy and stabs Yu'fang in the back.

Yu'fang coughs blood. "Ugh! what the--"

Bucshotz wipes the blood off his blade as Yu'fang drops to his knees. "Perks of a marauder. You Zorai are such noobs..."

Rahael rises to his feet and cuts off the head of Yu'fang. Then both Marauders quickly kill the drivers of the convoy as they tried to escape and secure the convoy. They both hop back down onto the ground and remove their helmets with smiles on their faces.

[We hover over Le'fard's body and we see a kami spirit, softly floating over him. The kami spirit, with a slow push of air, breathes forth on Le'fard. In a dramatic effect, Le'fards eyes open quickly]

Bucshotz, looks at Rahael, who's leaning on the convoy, and asks, "You ok? Took a mean cut to the chest. Think you can make it back to the camp for our report or do you want to find a place to rest for the night?"

Rahael stands up strong, and without hesitation responds, "We've traveled about this mission long enough. Akillia awaits our report. Let's keep moving..."

Two blades come through the chest of Bucshotz and Rahael. We see both blades held by Le'fard. Blood squirts out of the mouths of both Marauders.

Le'fard, fully recovered from his wounds, yells, "For the death of my brother! He didn't have the same faith for Ma'duk as I do, therefore i have been revived, revived for this sole purpose. To end 2 of the most problematic marauder captains. This shall come to pass. Now begone!"

Both marauders instantly fall to the ground after Le'fard pulls out the blades. Le'fard slowly walks away from their bodies and says, "Mabreka, Rahael and Bucshotz... are no more."


Chapter 2 -- The Storms Begin.

The water swishes and splashes from Neng Hirongi's heavy steps. Goo deposits around him pop and and sizzle as he makes his way deeper into the Darkmoor, to where Akilia Ash Storm was awaiting his arrival. She told him to hurry, that something had to be done. He wondered what she meant during the whole trek from Zora to Darkmoor, they were both dead, they couldn't be revived. He also knew that if he didn't return to the Cho Dynasty soon enough they would hang him, for continuing the efforts of his grandfather, Nung Hirongi, a well known traitor of the Cho Dynasty. Neng slipped back in to the ranks after his father had been murdered in front of his own eyes by Zorai guards. He had to avenge his family, so he pledged loyalty to them in order to be able to give the Marauders the information they needed to complete their missions. Lucky for him, they were stupid enough to believe him at the time, though it seemed they were growing suspicious as of late.

"Bankun, Maraundak'h!" Akilia exclaims as Neng approaches Akilia's camp site.

"Bankun, Akilia." Neng responds as he jumps off his mount and ties his mektoubs to a small root by the waterbend.

"Hurry, place the bodies by the fire!" Akilia orders.

Neng begins to throw the body of Rahael onto his shoulders from his packer. He lays each body down on a small bed of roots, each landing with a thud. Out of the corner of his eyes he sees Akilia glaring at him, he knew it was time for him to leave, his job has been done. He reaches for his zinuakeen crystal, and bows to Akilia.

"Zenarhi en pole, estradiniazze Zoirak." (Go in power, courageous Zorai.) says Akilia.

"Banrund, meriazze Akilia." (Goodbye, beautiful Akilia.) replies Neng, as he disappears into the night.


All is quiet. Echoes of the fire pop and crackle off the huge roots that lay in the darkmoor. Akilia grabs her zinuakeen, and dips the tip of it into a goo deposit. She then holds the zinuakeen over the heart of Rahael, and allows the goo to drip onto his skin, forming a small goopy puddle. Once the entirety of the heart is covered, she does the same to Bucshotz. She then grabs her Zinuakeen, still dripping from goo and begins to recite a chant.

"Trikanzze umieff, nukeni akumi meren Melkiar. Trikanii umieff, akashi nukeni meren Melkiar. Lifi!"
(Free yourselves dead spirits, cry and be worthy of the will of Melkiar. Release yourselves dead spirits, cry and honor the will of Melkiar. Live!)

She says this multiple times while dripping goo from her zinuakeen onto both bodies, starting at the forehead, then moving down the arms, and finally down the stomach and legs. She then holds the Zinuakeen over her head, and repeats it once more, allowing the goo to drip into the fire. The fire turns red, then purple, and finally black. The black flames swish and sizzle loudly as the wind begins to stir. The ground shakes, harder and harder as two spherical figures begin to rise from the black flames. Spheres with clouds inside, black with hints of purple and red flashing around inside it like lightning. They grow and grow, as Akilia leads each sphere over the heart of each of the marauder bodies.

"Trikanzze umieff, nukeni akumi meren Melkiar. Trikanii umieff, akashi nukeni meren Melkiar. Lifi!"
"Trikanzze umieff, nukeni akumi meren Melkiar. Trikanii umieff, akashi nukeni meren Melkiar. Lifi!"
"Trikanzze umieff, nukeni akumi meren Melkiar. Trikanii umieff, akashi nukeni meren Melkiar. Lifi!"

Finally she throws her Zinuakeen into the fire, and as the fire blazes higher than ever she screams, "Rheclif Odruin d'Burdrun! Rheclif Kirund Klundi!" (Resurrect Blood Storm! Resurrect Black Cloud!)

The fire dies, the silence returns, goo sizzling and popping in the backround. The black steam from the flames, still flashing its purple and red currents, swarmed the marauder corpses, and in a split second, disappeared inside of them.

Then it begins, the ground begins to shake again, thunder booms. The kitins roar from the depths. They can sense what has happened. Every living being on Atys felt it.

[Scene flickers from Kitins, to mobs, to homins. All reacting fearfully in their own way]

Akilia grins. She grabs her glowing zinuakeen crystal as she stands, unharmed from the flames. She holds it and says, "Zenarhi m' tala Maraundak... arhshami," (Go my Marauder brothers, kill.) and in an instant disappears.

As emotions settle, and Atys stops shaking, the silence returns. The eye of the storm. The calm before what was coming.

Kailoren and Arashii open their eyes.




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