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Skill reset, leveling and rewards / Reset de branche, pex et récompense.

Hey all.

Some of us have been playing for years now, have been around for a while.
And to hide nothing, connect only by love for the game but do almost nothing more except talk.
Why don't we change that by allowing ourselves to reset one or more branches according to our desires/motivations?

This would perhaps motivate us to form hunting groups as before,
help a new player by hunting with him, or just remotivate ourselves to practice a branch that we liked to do.

So maybe set up some rewards ( visual or other) for each completed reset branch?
Something that could motivate us to start a branch again by keeping our main character.

And so, as not to create a "gap" between new players and old players who will restart a branch, allow it to be done only once with a reward at the end?

Healing :
Why not make the wing design visible again?

Magic :
Invent new spell designs, or an extra bonus?

Tank :
A consumable weapon nowhere to be found on Atys?
Or allow us to use higher stanza costs without going through "Wear out weapons"?

Forager :
A considerable focus bonus that would allow them to extract more material per source?
Or a pick nowhere to be found on Atys? ( .. faction pick? )

And finally Crafting : a bigger bonus of success.


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