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Skill reset, leveling and rewards / Reset de branche, pex et récompense.

Maybe more rites also could be fun.

Encyclopedia 2 was a high priority immediately post merge but have not been able to get any info on it other than was set aside for a while while other higher priority projects were being completed.  This was a counter to running fame to 100 as in E1, you had to have Fame at 42 to complete one of the rites.

As for the "starting over, the original concept was that you could have kids, whereby the children would start out with an edge resulting from parents accomplishments.

Restart and get a reward ?  Yes, that's what happened at merge ... option a) keep ya skillz... option b) restart and get rewards (NPC armor).

One thing I'd like to see is bonuses for completing a major branch ...


LA - a new set of LA craft plans
MA - a new set of MA craft plans
HA - a new set of HA craft plans
Buckler / Shields - As above

Not so much for increased stats that would affect PvP but say the ability to pick a color, a new style or if a stat bonus, maybe +10% durability ... even a small  lightness advantage wouldn't be a great impact..

1H Weaps - 1)  A visual effect on all 1H weaps .... kinda of mixed mind as to whether it had a real but minor effect on PvE like "flash / bang" that stuns / scares mobs only for a very short duration.... or new craft plan .. say a Flail

2H Weaps - As above new Craft Plan = sansetsukon / sanjiegun (See below)

Ranged Weaps - Tracer Bullet or spound effect so you could see / hear the bullet in flight


1)  Knowledge 4 that let uou see how many mats ina  node.

2) Add 5 focus to each Fous credit (allowing Gentle Rate / Gentle Speed).


Stealing from the ole Hexen series, a spell that you could use on friend of foe that would say do something humoroes ... like give them a "Frahairdo" or make them look like the other primitive tribes for a number of seconds.   Actually don't have many ideas here but something "just for fun" would be nice.


1H Weapons - Ability to dual wield two weapons....

(2) 1H Swords, (2) 1H Axe (2) 1H Mace - DPS capped so as not to significantly unbalance combat
1 H Spear ... 2 spears doesn't make sense
(2) 1H Staff - Doubt DPS is a concern here.

2H Weapons - Add 3 section chained staff .... sansetsukon (Japanese) or sanjiegun (Chinese)


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