Skill reset, leveling and rewards / Reset de branche, pex et récompense.

You're right. You can get it. But it's only for you. If others don't get the files, they aren't gonna see it.

What makes me more... sad is: Why did we should restart griding a master to get a thing we get in the past? Cuz yeah... This animation was used, a long time ago.

I like the idea... But, getting something NEW would be better.

A new animation, maybe? But not an old one.

Cuz... about nuke, it's gonna be the same: Grind it to get fire animation... That kinda sucks.

And... Does it mean we're gonna get more Magic, melee, dig and crafting points? We already get tons what we can't use... :)

So... +1 for the idea, but... Ryzom need new things, not old thing we lost and then... " RESTART AND GET A REWARD! "
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