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Ryzom Forge meeting (August 20th, 2018)

Date: monday, August 20th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Ryzom Wiki: questions & answers
  • August OOC Events: feedbacks
  • Last patch: feedbacks
  • In development: infos

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Ryzom Forge Wiki

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Ryzom Forge meeting report - August 20th, 2018

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh (RF) - 19:37 UTC
First of all, I would like to say that Kervala found an email bug that prevented me from communicating with others and giving me the ability to create accounts. He fixed it in spite of the fact that he was busy full time with the Ryzom client. So the Encyclopatistes owe him a big thanks!
Now, as far as the Wiki is concerned, I continue to standardize structures while patrolling ("patrolling" is the term used in the wiki world to indicate that the content of articles is being examined).
And I am very happy to see that I am no longer alone: there are many Encyclopatysts (newcomers or old ones back) that are now helping to improve its content.
Q: Will obsolete information be archived?
Always! When the informations are still usable, I make merges, for example, or I tag the article by a "Old Lore" banner, etc. There are several ways to archive.

OOC Events

Tamarea (RT) - 19:53 UTC
What are your feedbacks and questions about the OOC events proposed this August?
Do you enjoy all four of them (mini Boss, race, dice and hide-&seek) alike?
Mostly positive feedback from those present and :
  • some worrying about the day of their end, Teanwen confirms that they will finish only with the month of August;
  • Tamarea specifies that these games are also offered during American Atysians' playing hours;
  • many are eager to risk the tokens earned at the new Wheel;
  • the exchange rate of former tokens is confirmed (1 for 1);
  • the idea of exchangeable tokens between players will be transmitted by Tamarea to the Team;
  • Teanwen will now try not to blow up the mines so close to the packers.

August 17 patch

Tamarea (RT) - 20:19 UTC
What are your feedback and questions about the latest patch applied?
Q: Where is the Wheel? Where are the prizes?
The wheel should be activated in a few days. We could activate it now, but I think you'll prefer it when she can give prizes!

Q: Can you explain how the Marauder fame brought by the patch works?
Marauder fame is special: if your fame with each of the other factions/nations is -50, your Marauder fame will be 50 and vice versa. But by completing Marauder missions you can push it, like the others, up to a maximum of 100 (in principle: a bug is still to be fixed).

Q: The frequency of "Please wait" has increased. Is an improvement in sight?
Developers are looking for the cause of the problem, but can't give any prognosis yet.

Post patch bugs

Tamarea (RT) - 20:45 UTC
Fixed bugs
  • Steam clients should be fixed since yesterday.
  • The too large size of an icon displayed in the Special bag has been fixed.
  • Objects are back in the apartments! (RyzHome)
  • Resale now works, except this: the code still needs to be updated so that players can also resell damaged PvP items, and that their new price reflects the degradation they have undergone.
Bugs to fix
  • Mac client on Apple Store We are waiting for Apple Store validation, and we hope for it to be available in 2 to 5 days.
  • Bugs in PvP shops Work is in progress.
  • Marauder TP Bugs It is impossible for Marauders to use a TP when they are dead, so no TP at the last crystal recharge needs to walk to Camp. No error message during a TP attempt under invulnerability.
  • Strange effect when changing jewelry or armor When equipping, for example a life boosted jewel instead of a concentration boosted jewel, all other jewelry equipped change boost but not quality. There is a similar effect with the armor. This will be fixed with the next client patch.
    The IG browser ignores style="text-decoration : none ;" for tags <a> (links). This problem will be fixed with the next client patch.

Ranger gameplay

Tamarea (RT) - 20:54 UTC
We are currently working on further improvements for the next patch:
  • Adding of Respawn Points for Rangers on all Pathways (including those in Prime Roots).
  • Adding of a Pathway to Midway Point.
  • Moving of capitals' Pathways closer to the TP of a Power.
Questions or feedbacks?
Q: Coming after the installation of the Safety Zones and the reduction of the damages undergone during the course of the Roads, don't you think that's too much? That it'll make the Ranger gameplay too easy?
No. It is still slower than using a Power's TP, but with these changes, the Ranger game will be more balanced and playable. At least that's the purpose of these two successive patches.

Closing (started projects)

Tamarea (RT) - 21:05 UTC
We are currently working on a new map for Marauders. This map will constitute a PvP area and a large Marauder camp (or city, or citadel - details unknown at the time, but you have the idea) will be set up there.
Thus the map of Atys will be completed with a new region, clearly designated as Marauder territory, visible by all.
This new region will be located near Nexus, for which we have a new project: Nexus reloaded (see https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/28116/2 6#26 for more information).

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Ryzom Forge meeting (September 10th, 2018)

Date: monday, September 10th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Ryzom Wiki (infos, questions & answers)
  • Wheel of Fortune, tokens, Atys Points and rewards (infos, questions & answers)
  • Jena Year's Seasons (infos, questions & answers)
  • Purple Gubani event and future contamined cratcha boss (infos, questions & answers)

  • CSR recruitment is opened! (infos, questions & answers)

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Ryzom Forge Wiki

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Ryzom Forge meeting report - September 10th, 2018

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh (RF) - 19:38 UTC
The wiki is reaching a good maturity in my opinion. I have more or less managed to see how to align the categories, templates, etc. between the different wikis, so that we can all talk about almost the same topics.
Well, it will still take me a long time!
As for the life of the wiki, I am happy to see that we have more and more very dynamic contributors…. Unfortunately, mainly in the FR group. I hope others will come (DE, EN, ES), because they are the ones who make the wiki live, not me.
Lastly, I was planning to create a RP meeting (in Almati Wood for instance) so that we could discuss the wiki freely and at length (excluding technical: content, look, etc.). Let me know by izam what you think, please.

Q: Do you need help with technical things on the wiki? Updating, extensions, etc.?
You are always welcome.

Q: In the past, I sent two password requests to help on the wiki with EN2DE translations, I never got an answer.
Yes, it is possible. We recently discovered a bug that caused replies not to be sent. I suggest you try again, but please give me your name and/or CV, something telling me that you are a member of Ryzom.

Q: Would a public channel on Rocket help you to communicate better?
Why not? The difficulty in RP is the mix of languages I would like to see there.... It slows down communication a lot. While in a forum, you take your time and ALL people see and can participate in the same place.

JYS, Wheel of Fortune Tokens and Prizes, Atys Points

Ulukyn (RT) - 20:07 UTC
The principle of the JYS (Jena Year Seasons) is to apply a patch of content at regular intervals, as it happens all the new years of Jena. Therefore, there will be additions every 2.5 months or so.
Among these additions will be, for sure, wigs, new zigs (small pets), plush toys and, why not, other mounts. As for wigs, the idea is first to make the hairstyles of other nations available, then to add new ones.
We will provide tutorials and have opened a bitbucket repository (https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomdatas) containing all the graphic additions we have made and will make. So we hope that more people will be able to participate.
But the JYS will also be an opportunity to implement new gameplay contents. Some are already under study and others will be soon.
As the JYS are set on the Atysian New Years, the next patch of this type will be applied in November or December (to be calculated). More information will be given to you later... Or maybe not, so as not to spoil your enjoyment of the surprise.

Wheel of Fortune Tokens
There will be basic ones to convert (one old against one new) and basic ones to buy (up to 500 per day).
Fine tokens will also be available for purchase, but at a variable price. Initially very high, their price will decrease over time but will increase with each purchase. This means that the more tokens players buy, the higher their price will be. Conversely, the less tokens players buy, the lower their price will be.
Tokens other than basic or fine tokens will not be available for purchase. But don't worry: little additions will allow you to regularly win tokens.

Wheel of Fortune Prizes
Each JYS, as you will have understood, will bring its own set of new prizes for the Wheel.
Not to mention special tokens given for OOC events such as Atysoël, Anlor Winn, etc. that will help you win no less special prizes.

Points Atys
As for Atys Points, it's more complicated. They will allow you to buy items that reward participation in events and we would like to reward players as fairly as possible.
But we would also also like the purchasing system to be nice: that one can't get everything too easily, but that those who don't participate much in events can buy what they like. And, of course, we have to imagine kind and funny rewards.
We have a lot of ideas (homina and homin dolls, for example), some of them really original, but like the Wheel of Fortune, we prefer to take the time to think things through.
So be patient! It will come. Especially since the tools for the sale are online and in the process of being debugged.

Q: Just a suggestion…. Maybe you could also make tokens a very rare drop off mobs so unaware players might just stumble upon them?
Good idea!

Purple Gubani and schedule of events

Tamarea (RT) - 21:03 UTC
Purple Gubani
The last part of the "Purple Gubani" sequence of events started at the Void, with Goo fumes modified so as not to penalize the gameplay (less lagss and much less damage).
The sequence will end with the introduction of a new contaminated Cratcha Boss.

Schedule of events
From now on, roleplay events will take place either on Friday or Sunday because these are the evenings when more players can participate.
They will be announced as far in advance as possible on the WebIG calendar, so that those who organize outpost battles can be informed of free evenings.
On the other days, OOC events (such as mini-bosses) may take place several times a month.
During the RL holiday periods, we will continue to offer permanent OOC events.

Q: Any news of the kitin invasions?

Tamarea (RT) - 21:10 UTC
A: Kitin invasions, different from the old ones, are under development, yes.
These will be dynamic events, i.e. the extent of an invasion will depend on how quickly you will deal with it.
It will be up to you to detect the spawn of domes disgorging kitins before it is too late!
I don't know yet if there will be Exterminators (the kitin bosses of the old invasions) among the invaders.
Other dynamic events are also in preparation. Example: A NPC in a city leaves her/his post to ask for help, and any player can agree to be of service to her/him.

Closing (CSR recruitment)

Tamarea (RT) - 21:22 UTC
The Support team is recruiting!
For more information, please see: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/22047/1

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