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Being that in this time of the game, there are less players, grinding levels can be harder then it was years ago. The higher levels are more of pain and finding plod,shalah,bolobi groups are harder nowadays. For people lvling at 240+ can be quite boring and have no midivation to train due to the low amount of xp given per mob. I believe now is perfect time to introduce not a new mob but a highler level one!!! Not a Killer Kincher (q238), Not a Great Kincher (q248).....But a Kincher like no other....Royal Kincher (would be q258). Having a Royal Kincher introduces a new way to grind, making kincher groups more interesting and brings new Q mats to those who like to craft and sell. This would make it just a little easier on the many few players that are left and change just game just slightly without changing the whole concept. Those of higher skill lvls can train together more without a worry of xp nerfing, now you could go to plods but lets be honest plods are quite boring and GK groups only last a short time before you are your lads are forced to do plods. Using alt and healing your character out of team can be quite boring aswell, Royal kinchers would draw in more groups that like to grind and would make easier for you and your friends to grind together at higher lvls. More xp then GK and faster then plods! Kyr <3 Royal Kinchers!!

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There is already the great kinrey (L259) that is a "royal soldier".

It is stronger than a great kincher in term of power, armor and HP. But unfortunatly, the xp we earn killing it is too few. Despite what BM says It does not have a 2.5 xp factor like kinchers.

And as any primes root mobs it has double HP amout which make killing it too much pain for nothing.

Maybe prime roots mobs xp gains could be reconsidered, and also the xp factor of kinreys ?

Beside that, you can also develop many other ways of hunting than the boring traditionnal way of a tank pulling a single mob while others wait.

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I got my first master slashing great kipees, yes the last levels took some time, but hey it did the job. I find it more then normal that to achieve the highest in any skill, just as in RL, some effort has to be done. You need to deserve your master :)

But if the dev's should implement this, i ain't going to make a big deal out of this either.

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I support this idea.

For me, the only optimal xp, at least the one I gladly go to/enjoy very much, either to master my remaining skills, or to help a guildie, is duo-ing jugs in the maze. (GoC)

Being a Matis and all I want to spread the Jugie Love!

Plodie groups while fun and all, are a pita to organize, and let's face it, they get old fast. I only participate mostly when guildies need people for it.

Also, about the kinreys. Kinreys are a pita, because they have great physical resistance to all forms of phys.attck (60%) and 30% racial resists throughout. Also, not such a great place to train (I assume we are talking about the nest in EF), since unless u are into tauting them one by one, u need a full master team to enter, and one which knows what they're doing at that. Therefore not much training going on around there:P.

But yes, to stick to the thread, I agree, maybe introducing a new mob, or new group of mobs, e.g. a group of 6, 2 great kinchers 4 Royal Kinchers to stick to Kyrem's idea, would be something awesome.


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I am all in favor of new mobs, but not in the way of level creep.

Perhaps some kinreys could be "captured" during a roleplay arc, and bred to produce a version which has less health/resistances? And, as serae Zendae says, if the xp/kill ratio is reworked a bit, they would make excellent target practice.


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Je ne suis pas pour de nouveaux monstres

Par contre, changer le coefficient d'xp des monstres des primes racine est une bonne idée.


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wenn höhere kitins, dann würde es doch evtl sinn machen, die kitins zu nutzen die erforscht werden, "tiefen-Kitins" ich rede von der Sorte wie in der Arena steht zu Yrkanis.

das sind ja so gesehen eine andere art kitins. da diese art im Moment nur Rollenspiel technisch vorhanden ist, könnte man durchaus diese art für die High Level Spieler auslegen ;)

vieleicht einen level 300 Root bereich (nur das die Mobs höher sind, nicht das dort material existieren würde, was 300 ist. weil man eh nur 250 graben kann. dort würden Mobs von 250-285 oder auch höher existieren. ) diese root müsste ja Nichtmal sehr groß sein. man könnte es als Vorhalle zu den tiefen-kitins darstellen. (was evtl auch für das Rollenspiel mit benutzt werden könnte).

neue gebiete nedeuten auch neue möglichkeiten jeder art die man dort einbinden könnte. (sicher es würde länger dauern als nur die exp der vorhandenen mobs zu erhöhen. ich denke aber es geht nicht allein nur um die exp)

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Nice idea Remigra.

Perhaps it could be implented RP wise too, escaping from its cage, and breeding and producing more of those nasties at some place, or something along those lines as Alex Turner would say ^ ^


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I don't understand what Remigra is writing here, but introducing lvl300 mobs seem to be a bad idea. But I don't know maybe Remigra have some good arguments ?

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I said nothing about level 300 mobs.

I was talking about another zone, which would logically be +50 after 250.

But the mobs should only be a maximum of 280 or 285 due to the existing level limit.

Furthermore, this change could be well integrated into the deep kitin RP (to introduce)

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Of course lvl 300 mobs may make sense, I recall Valcorenoch (pls come back :) ), but hardly as an xp gainer, rather a team or multiteam challenge.

But especially with a relatively low player population, and so many players who already finished combat leveling, I fail to see that they are not enough endgame opponents.

let me name a few fitting for small teams:

Great Kincher 248 (Paramount stock, Scorched Corridor)
Great Najab 248 (Paramount stock, 2 locations)
Great Kirosta 255 (Paramount stock)
Great Cuttler 251 (Grove of Confusion, SC after reboot)
Great Jugula 255 (Grove of Confusion)
Great Horncher 247 (Lagoons of Loria)

and the classics for large teams:

Voracious Bolobi 250 (Lagoons of Loria)
Voracious Ploderos 250 (Void, 2 locations)
Voracious Madakam 250 (Grove of Confusion)

So, frankly, I fail to see the need for additional xp gain opportunities. I second Remigra's idea to have new and harder foes in new high level regions to explore once they are implemented. And I do not second complaints about "low xp gain" by spoiled brats who entered the game after the fusion. I did my first 21 masters before it when I had to run and act a lot for 250 cats, or be content with max 3k xp gain.

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