Being that in this time of the game, there are less players, grinding levels can be harder then it was years ago. The higher levels are more of pain and finding plod,shalah,bolobi groups are harder nowadays. For people lvling at 240+ can be quite boring and have no midivation to train due to the low amount of xp given per mob. I believe now is perfect time to introduce not a new mob but a highler level one!!! Not a Killer Kincher (q238), Not a Great Kincher (q248).....But a Kincher like no other....Royal Kincher (would be q258). Having a Royal Kincher introduces a new way to grind, making kincher groups more interesting and brings new Q mats to those who like to craft and sell. This would make it just a little easier on the many few players that are left and change just game just slightly without changing the whole concept. Those of higher skill lvls can train together more without a worry of xp nerfing, now you could go to plods but lets be honest plods are quite boring and GK groups only last a short time before you are your lads are forced to do plods. Using alt and healing your character out of team can be quite boring aswell, Royal kinchers would draw in more groups that like to grind and would make easier for you and your friends to grind together at higher lvls. More xp then GK and faster then plods! Kyr <3 Royal Kinchers!!
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