I support this idea.

For me, the only optimal xp, at least the one I gladly go to/enjoy very much, either to master my remaining skills, or to help a guildie, is duo-ing jugs in the maze. (GoC)

Being a Matis and all I want to spread the Jugie Love!

Plodie groups while fun and all, are a pita to organize, and let's face it, they get old fast. I only participate mostly when guildies need people for it.

Also, about the kinreys. Kinreys are a pita, because they have great physical resistance to all forms of phys.attck (60%) and 30% racial resists throughout. Also, not such a great place to train (I assume we are talking about the nest in EF), since unless u are into tauting them one by one, u need a full master team to enter, and one which knows what they're doing at that. Therefore not much training going on around there:P.

But yes, to stick to the thread, I agree, maybe introducing a new mob, or new group of mobs, e.g. a group of 6, 2 great kinchers 4 Royal Kinchers to stick to Kyrem's idea, would be something awesome.


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