Of course lvl 300 mobs may make sense, I recall Valcorenoch (pls come back :) ), but hardly as an xp gainer, rather a team or multiteam challenge.

But especially with a relatively low player population, and so many players who already finished combat leveling, I fail to see that they are not enough endgame opponents.

let me name a few fitting for small teams:

Great Kincher 248 (Paramount stock, Scorched Corridor)
Great Najab 248 (Paramount stock, 2 locations)
Great Kirosta 255 (Paramount stock)
Great Cuttler 251 (Grove of Confusion, SC after reboot)
Great Jugula 255 (Grove of Confusion)
Great Horncher 247 (Lagoons of Loria)

and the classics for large teams:

Voracious Bolobi 250 (Lagoons of Loria)
Voracious Ploderos 250 (Void, 2 locations)
Voracious Madakam 250 (Grove of Confusion)

So, frankly, I fail to see the need for additional xp gain opportunities. I second Remigra's idea to have new and harder foes in new high level regions to explore once they are implemented. And I do not second complaints about "low xp gain" by spoiled brats who entered the game after the fusion. I did my first 21 masters before it when I had to run and act a lot for 250 cats, or be content with max 3k xp gain.


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