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This topic's aim is to take an inventory of all the written creations around Ryzom (official and non official).

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Matis poems
Mara poem

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Assuming that you want roleplay stories, I offer my sequence around the Second Great Swarming, a set of "science-fiction", and my analysis of the True Mappe of Atys.

My Journals of the Second Swarming and of the events that followed: Lingering Thoughts There are links to my accounts of the driving down of the kitins after the Second Swarming, before their resurgence and then the closing of the mounds both by the termites in the Desert and the Lakes and the rotoa in Witherings and the Verdant Forests.

Some follow-up journals: Musings in the Dark. These cover a portion of the closing of the Mounds.

Hailuan's Atysian Science Fiction Check also the links to his then current contemporary fictions. (Or so he claimed. I wonder sometimes how much he really knew.)

A tale of Goo Igaras by various authors

A True Mappe of Atys


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 14 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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Suivre sur FB ou voir directement les histoires. Zatalyz sur IRC.

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Lol Laofa, j'allais le poster ;)

J'en profite pour ajouter :

- des BD :
>> http://www.worldofryzom.com/downloads_files/Alix-comics/thumbs/in dex.html
>> http://www.psychee.org/artbook/ryzom/index.html

- quelques Haïkus d'un temps que les moins de 20ans ne peuvent pas connaître :p
>> http://forums.ryzom.com/showthread.php?t=15239

- un autre magazine :
>> http://forums.ryzom.com/showthread.php?t=30132

De quoi raviver quelques souvenirs de momies et j'en cherche encore ;)

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- Eye of the Tyrancha News

Eye of the Tyrancha News, Volume 1

Eye of the Tyrancha News, Volume 2

Special Edition: Kamist Manifesto

Special Edition: The Secret Behind the Second Great Swarming

Eye of the Tyrancha News Returns

Fan fiction:

The Igara Effect
(best Goo fan fiction you'll ever read. I add it here because it expands on the Goo lore in a non-official, but very interesting way)


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

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  • Épéiste de guerre : récit initiatique d'une zorai sur la voie de la maîtrise.
  • Primes Raider : les aventures d'une exploratrice à la recherche des vestiges du passé.
  • Apprentie bijoutière : mémoire sur la fabrication de bijoux par une jeune artisane amazone
  • Amazon nec Nachara : comment une amazone s'est vengée d'un maraudeur qui lui avait cruellement fait mordre la sciure.
  • Le livre du SKA : les caractéristiques de combat des kitins.


Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Très joli Zend...
épéiste...hmmm, ça m'a rappelé plein de choses, mais c'était une hache 2 mains :).

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the upper branches complete stories in a single thread (vs the multi-thread format i used then first publishing them publically{it was an attempt to add depth and more interaction to the stories})


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