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#1 [en] 

Volume 2, Issue 01: Power to the Blue People!

Zoraï haters out there better beware. The sad days when only a couple of Zoraï Initiates could be found in the Witherings are long gone. Our power is growing exponentially and we are back with a vengeance. There are now practically a handful of us.

If you were in Zora this past night, chances are you heard our silent protest in front of the Zora Temple. That’s how loud our silent sit in was. Zoraï Initiates and Zora residents, along with their friends and allies, gathered around Temple Hall District to petition the creation of a more participative government in the Witherings – something akin to the Akenak, the Taliari or the Chamber of Nobles.

Silent protesters in front of Zora Temple.

The following Zoraï aligned and Zora based guilds participated in the event: Inflatable Friends, Monks of Polonius, Atys Souls and Whispers of Aria. Our friends Fluffy Bunnies were also present. Moreover, the following government representatives showed up to support our cause: Kilgoretrout from the Taliari and Marelli from Matis Nobles.

We interviewed Vang Cai-Ci, Zora’s Female Tattooer, to learn more about how the general population is reacting to these protests:

Eye: Vang Cai-Ci kito, what do you think about the idea of a participative government in Zora?

Vang: This is a theocracy, son. If you want a democracy, you can try Liberty Lakes. Moreover who do you suggest should represent us? I see Zoraï’ï who embraced the misguided Karavan, I see trykerettes all over the place, I see a bunch of naked people dancing in front of the stables, but I hardly ever see a respectful Zoraï Kami Disciple in your midst.

Eye: This is the point of a participative government, Vang Cai-Ci kito. Everyone should have a voice. However we understand this is a theocracy, it’s only natural that kamists would have more benefits and freedoms. By the way, what kind of respectful Zoraï Kami Disciple charges over 110 million dappers for a tattoo, I wonder?

Vang: Is this interview about the Coalition’s petition or tattoo prices?


As you can see dear readers, there’s been some controversy.

What we do know is that the Zoraï Initiates are clamoring for a participative government – add your voice to this noble cause so that our silence is heard across the Witherings! Say no to 110 million dappers tattoos! Erm… I mean, say yes to a participative government in Zora!


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#2 [en] 

Volume 2, Issue 02: Bad Fraiderrr

If you think of the Fyros as a race composed mostly of warriors you had better think again. The Pyr scholars have managed to unveil the mystery behind the rapid rise in Frahar population.

Apparently there was an overabundance of material resources in Oflovak’s Oasis and its immediate surroundings, which affected the water in the region and triggered the abnormal proliferation of Frahar. This is what the desert dwellers get for digging only around Dyron and the Flaming Forest! Gone are the days in which Kami Tolerance was the only thing foragers had to worry about.

An expedition was organized by the Akenak in conjunction with the Barkers tribe to diminish this excessive concentration of resources in Oflovak’s Oasis and Frahar Towers. Foragers of all levels and walks of life got together to dig to their hearts content. The usually yellowish sand of the Burning Desert turned green with all the material sources popped to the surface. Perhaps a Karavan vessel flying through outer space that day would have been able to see the glowing green dots scattered all over Frahar Towers.

The expedition was a success and the level of resources in the area went back to normal. While the Frahar won’t be able to multiply like they had been any longer, the ones that are already there won’t simply vanish. It’ll take some prodding, pushing, slashing and stabbing for them to leave once and for all.

But it seems like there’s yet another layer to this story. As already reported elsewhere, the Akenak had learned from the Fraiders tribe that the Frahar were been using stolen Fraider tools to build their alien totems in Frahar Towers.

Well, according to the Akenak, they have recently discovered that the Frahar seem to have an unusual chieftain leading them. A renegade and evil Fraider called Pratarr, who wishes nothing but harm to homins. The Fraiders have told the Akenak that perhaps by killing enough of the organized Frahars and destroying their totems, Pratarr might emerge from the underground tunnels where he dwells.

Conversing with the Fraiders.

At the time of writing (using the finest Yrkanis Scrollmaker parchments, nonetheless!) two massive Frahar spawns have already been exterminated near northern Oflovak’s Oasis, and three totems were destroyed. The Akenak is requesting the help of all homins to help rid the Desert of the remaining Frahars. Who knows, you might even get to meet Pratarr for a cup of tea.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#3 [en] 

Volume 2, Issue 03: It’s sad saying goodbye

Someone recently found an exhausted Fyros woman in front of the Pyr bar. She wasn’t wearing many clothes at all, and kept mumbling something about a giant flying Frahar. Many folks were quick to blame Fyrosfreddy, claiming he was guilty of exhausting that poor woman. Well, now we know that was nothing but idle gossip. Poor Freddy. Fact is, that giant Frahar truly does exist. And he is indeed gigantic.

That little bugger’s name is Pratarr and he was the cause behind the disturbances in the bark observed by the Barkers tribe. The latest investigations led the Akenak and their allies to the epicenter of the disturbances, in the heart of the Flaming Forest.

The Eye of the Tyrancha is a tabloid ahead of its time, and we already reported breaking news on Pratarr and his origins (see our last issue for more on him). While everyone was tense and fearing a battle of epic proportions, it turns out the big guy was all bark and no bite.

Pratarr was indeed the leader of the combined Frahar/Fraider Army terrorizing the Burning Desert, but he turned out to be just a hurt little orphan seeking revenge on hominkind for the death of his family.

Pratarr’s story touched the hearts of the assembled homins. Binarabi even offered him a bite of her yubo sandwich, although the big guy wasn’t hungry at the time. He had probably eaten too many homins in Flaming Forest already, the savage.

In the end, the Akenak decided to negotiate a peaceful resolution with Pratarr. And this peaceful resolution involved slaughtering an entire group of the notorious bandits known as Underground Slicers, the real culprits behind Pratarr’s family’s death.

Pratarr was pleased with the carnage and the skulls that were delivered to him and agreed to go back home with his army. The Akenak successfully dealt with the invasion and all is well in the Burning Desert now. The stench left behind by Frahar droppings will probably linger in the air a while longer though, at least until the next rain season.

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"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#4 [en] 

Volume 2, Issue 04: Power to the Blue People!, Part II

The Zoraï Initiates have recently decided to organize themselves and petition the creation of a more participative government in the Witherings (see Volume 2, Issue 01 for more on this). After the loud silent protest organized by the Zoraï Coalition, Zora authorities agreed to meet with the Initiates to explain to the protesters that a participative government had always been in place in the Witherings. The Sages were just waiting for the time of Awakening, the moment when the Initiates were ready to take the next step towards Enlightenment.

And what an Awakening it was, dear readers! Several Zoraï Initiates, both young and seasoned, embarked on a spiritual journey through the Witherings as they learned about the various Circles and Mysteries from Zoraï Sages and Guards from the Guild of Cho.

A moment of contemplation and learning by Still Waters.

Knights of Jen Lai, Inflatable Friends and Atys Souls - All of these Zoraï guilds were in attendance. But it seems like there were more homins scurrying across the Jungle that day! Every now and again one could notice milky white shadows moving in the distance. Some of us had the feeling we were being watched by a hidden presence.

Some believe these hidden watchers were ancestral spirits of Nature that were stirred by the Awakening. Others swear that they saw a bald and grumpy looking Matis Noble watching them from afar, which would imply the Nobles were spying on the Zoraï'ï. Perhaps the Matis want to know which way this new Zoraï government is headed? Or maybe some of them grew tired of their hedonistic ways and decided to finally look for Wisdom and Enlightenment. We cannot be sure. One more of Atys' mysteries.

Zoraï Sage Sorrow imparts words of wisdom to the Initiates. They contemplate the meaning of being one with the Planet and Ma-Duk while hiding from torbaks in the water.

After exercising some of that Zoraï zen patience and walking (not running, walking) across all of Cities of Intuition and Maiden Grove, the wise Zoraï Initiates finally remembered that they had running at their disposal as well, as a valid method of travel. So in the last leg of their spiritual journey the Initiates ran to meet with the mysterious sages Sorrow and Season.

In a climax worthy of Drakfot's beautiful stories the Zoraï'ï met with Grand Sage Mabreka Cho in a holy site deep in the Jungle. Aeralin, initially confused with a very short and pale Zoraï, but later on revealed to be a Tryker, was deemed ready for Awakening. In a tear jerking ceremony she was Awakened and entrusted with the task of guiding the other Initiates. The Zoraï Circles will now begin to meet regularly in order to discuss the business of governing the Witherings. Both Awakened and Initiates will participate and collaborate in these meetings. In short, power to the Blue People!

The Awakening of a Zoraï Initiate.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#5 [en] 

Volume 2, Issue 05: Dressed to Kill

It seems like the Matis Nobles have taken an interest in the Witherings. With all the grandiosity that is characteristic of the Matis, they have announced the preparations for a magnificent gift of fragrant flowers to be delivered to the new Zoraï Awakened.

Yrkanis based guild Altaenae di Cherae is the main contributor in the collection of the flowers and maintenance certificates, but the Nobles are also rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. According to our sources, Matis Noble Jayce took a break from his manly job as a fashionable Yrkanis jeweler to pick up the even more manly occupation of Apprentice Florist. The Zoraï’ï are thankful indeed for his noble efforts!

The flowers will be delivered by caravan. Yes, caravan. Kind of like a water caravan, except this one is a flower caravan. Some think it’s amusing that after all the polemic involving the Matis blockading their borders to prevent the passage of the Tryker-Fyros water caravan, they have now appeared at the Tryker Taliari meeting to request passage for their fragrant convoy.

Perhaps even more amusing is the fact that after heated discussions the Trykers finally agreed to grant them permission. Ah, ever the fun and free loving shortlings. It was decided that no one would benefit from this continued tension and impediment of free travel between neighboring nations. And the Matis Nobles did admit their previous decision to blockade their borders was a poor one.

But the interest of the Matis Nobles on Zora and its residents seem to go beyond mere diplomatic relations. At this point I should warn those under legal age to stop reading this rag. Now.

Ok, now that only the adults are left we can continue. Our highly skilled paparazzi caught Matis Noble Marelli out and about in Zora in the dead of night. Using hidden amber spheres to record the shocking images, we can now show the provocative way in which she was dressed:

Apparently these revealing clothes are called ‘Fyros mektoubman dress’ in the streets. Pfft. Kids these days.

Not only that, but lately Marelli has been spending an awful lot of time with Kia Bo-Boo, Zoraï Master Medic. We do wonder what’s going on. To complicate matters, Marelli is at least a decade older than Mr. Bo-Boo. Do you smell a scandal yet? Our paparazzi will be on the lookout for more juicy gossip, so stay tuned!

The culprit: Kia Bo-Boo.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#6 [en] 

Volume 2, Issue 06: A Bad Hair Day

As reported on our previous issue, the Matis Nobles prepared a diplomatic gift of aromatic flowers for the new Zoraï Awakened of the Witherings as a gesture of peace between both governments. Yrkanis’s Assistant Botanist, lovingly nicknamed AssBot by her peers, was in charge of the collection and storage of the flowers. Maybe the last time she picked up the wrong potion and nearly caused mutant Cratchas to destroy Yrkanis was not totally forgotten by the Matis, but who knows.

However this time AssBot did her job well, and all went according to the plan. In this time and age even the Matisian Monarchy is working with third party companies to minimize costs and maximize results. This is Atysian globalization for you as teleport tickets and amber cubes become the norm. As such, the Nobles hired a company specialized in the transport of goods to coordinate the delivery caravan for them.

In comes the stylish trio hired by the Nobles to handle the job:

From left to right:
Villi Frebi, with hair smooth as silk and a packer full of hair products. He couldn’t seem to find his map though.
Bezzo Rosi, party guy extraordinaire. He couldn’t wait for the welcoming party at the end.
And finally Cigno Zazzo, the leader of the group and the girl who really wore the pants.

A large group of volunteers appeared to escort and guard the caravan through the perilous mazes of the forest, the mind numbing swimming of the lakelands and the dangerous journey through the Prime Roots. It was a light hearted and exciting trek – Villi Frebi was terribly worried the wind or the water would ruin his carefully sculpted haircut, but beauty queen Rahia gave him some insights on how to use irin oil to avoid that bad hair day.

It seems like some flowers rotted along the way though, and the not so fragrant smell attracted all manner of predators, kitins and other nasties, which had to be fought off by the caravan guards.

Or at least that’s the official story. But the Eye of Tyrancha News and its daring investigative reporters are always on the lookout for the hidden truth behind the official story. Who was the mysterious Yene, a Matis grumpier than even Jayce, who appeared to be opposed to the goals of the caravan and did not hesitate to mock the Zoraï and their ways? Was it really rotting flowers that attracted the hordes of predators? Or is there more to it? Villi Frebi did leave a trail of discarded hair products in his wake… but hey, at least his hair did look fabulous throughout the whole trip.

Despite the many mysteries, the fragrant caravan arrived safely at the Jen Laï Research Center, where the Nobles presented the Awakened with their fragrant gift - minus the rotten flowers. Much merrymaking and celebration ensued. Perhaps a tad too much merrymaking. Aeralin, representative of the Zoraï Awakened, distributed medkits to the wounded guards, who then proceeded to quench their thirst with various drinks. Not a very good combination by any means.

Everyone survived though, including all the packers transporting the goods. And the Matis-Zoraï relationship has never been better.

Finally, we would like to inform our dear readers that the Eye of the Tyrancha News will be closed for a month or so. Our staff of enlightened Zoraï Initiates will embark on a spiritual pilgrimage to a paradisiacal island in Liberty Lakes to contemplate the meaning of life with exotic tropical drinks and scantily dressed trykerettes. Farewell and see you soon!

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"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#7 [en] 

Advertisement: And now--a quick word from our sponsors!

Mad Bodoc Stylin’

Tired of the same old? Ready for the hottest new trend? Then try Mad Bodoc Stylin’ clothes and accessories for men!

Mad Bodoc heavy armor is perfect for the discerning tank. Show up at those Outpost battles in your Mad Bodoc HA and send all your enemies fleeing in terror.

Parachute Stylin’ is favored by the mad hermits of the Jungle. The girls will fall all over you, guaranteed!

Mad Bodoc Stylin’… cause sometimes Dragons are just Windmills.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#8 [en] 

Editor --

I must protest your recent running of the advertisements for Mad Bodoc Stylin'. First, the name is an insult to Bodocs in every land. They are simple peaceful beasts and there has never been a verified example of one going mad. Secondly, I claim false advertising of the Parachute Style. I tried it -- and while the girls fell over, it was not on me, but on the ground, laughing.

Whatever land these people are from, their local governing body should investigate them and hold them accountable!

-- A concerned homin


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
<clowns | me & you | jokers>

#9 [en] 

In response to our reader:

Dear reader,

We offer you our sincere apologies for any psychological or moral harm the Mad Bodoc Stylin' products may have caused on you.

We took your concerns to their representative and he had the following statement to make:

"The Parachute Stylin is foolproof, but not Tryker proof. It was originally designed for the Matis and then adapted for the ZoraÏ hermits. We take no responsability for any unforseen results when worn by the shortlings.

And Bodocs should be proud to have their name associated with such a sophisticated design brand. More often than not they're just steak in some homin's dinner. We gave them the opportunity to go into high fashion.

However we do not want to alienate our customers. Tell him that we're willing to give him a 10% discount on the next purchase he makes, as long as he buys 10 or more pieces. A bargain!"

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"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#10 [en] 

there was a case of mad herbivores several seasons ago when any mellier would be battered by rapid fire attacks. Perhaps the matis geneticists and fryos butchers combined forces that day...

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mayhem - where no one is an island

#11 [en] 

Volume 2, Issue 07: Kitins, and Trykers, and nudity! Oh my!

You would imagine that one of the biggest and most threatening events that could possibly occur on the New Lands is a Kitin invasion. We all fear the Kitins, the Great Swarming left a trauma that will not heal for generations to come and the previous Kitin incursions in homin lands have all caused much uproar – not to mention good ol’ bikering.

So it comes as a surprise to us that a massive horde of Kitins has amassed in the Flaming Forest, possibly coming from Windy Gate, and then proceeded to swarm all over Pyr, nearly destroying the city in the process – and yet, no news of the event has been published and few homins actually know what happened in Pyr that day.

Can you smell a conspiracy already? The Eye set out to investigate the truth of the matter and it turns out that a couple of homins actually noticed the strange concentration of Kitins in Flaming Forest some days before the invasion. One of them was Temporary Insanity member Khandoma, who tried to warn others about the grave threat. But it seems like homins didn’t take her words very seriously – or should we say, perhaps a conspiracy was already in motion to silence her warnings.

According to the reports of Khandoma and Liliang the Kitins came to Pyr in great numbers and the battle to defend the city was fierce. Only after reinforcements ported into the city did they manage to finally fend them off. Karavaneers and Kamists joined forced to fight this common threat and in the end homins were victorious. And yet… no one heard anything about it.

Could it be that the Fyros began digging a bit too deep once again and ended up causing another invasion with their shady mining operations? If that’s the case, it’s only natural that they would want the truth hidden from public eyes. We’re watching you, Senators!

In other news, the Trykers are planning to host a grand trade and crafts fair in Fairhaven. The date will be decided in the next Taliari meeting and announced in all capital cities. According to Iala, the Trykers hope to attract craftsmen and suppliers of raw materials from all over Atys, as well of course as their customers. Prior to the fair, treks can be arranged to those homins who have yet to reach Fairhaven – be prepared for lots of swimming!

And finally, some hot news straight from the real estate business! It seems like landlords all over Atys at last decided to relax the law that impeded apartment owners from inviting their friends over to their homes. The law was initially put in place to prevent homins from disturbing the peace and quiet of residential neighborhoods by throwing parties of dubious nature in their flats. However the protests of more liberal homins paid off and now they are allowed to invite others into their apartments.

To celebrate this real estate victory, Ballistic Mystix leader Kilgoretrout threw a nudist party in his apartment in Fairhaven. Landlords everywhere have already started pulling their hair out.

Nudist party at Kilgore’s place.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#12 [en] 

Final Issue: Interview with the Dragon

As the legend goes, deep in the bowels of Atys there lives a Dragon. A beast of cold and darkness, enslaver of hominkind. Cursed by Jena, the Dragon was filled with the eternal fire of the sun. For now it sleeps, defeated and banished to the depths of the Roots. But when it awakes, the world will come to an end.

Pretty gloomy, no?

But did anyone ever bother asking the Dragon what were his real motives? What thoughts passed his mind when he committed such vile acts? Did he have a hard childhood? Is the Dragon a he or a she?

The Eye of the Tyrancha News, going where no tabloid has gone before, decided that it’s about time to get the words out of the culprit’s own mouth - we will find and interview the Dragon.

Once again pushing the envelope, we will move investigative reporting to a whole new level (erroneously called “gossiping” by some misguided homins). Is Ma-Duk really Jena’s begrudged ex? Does the Dragon have a scandalous past? Do the gods use “cats” as well?

Worry not, we’ll get to the bottom of this mystery!!

Obviously, in order to carry out such an ambitious and dangerous enterprise for the betterment of hominkind, the Eye of the Tyrancha will need the support of all available sponsors. This planet shattering issue of our fine rag will be published in a very limited edition. So run while you can! Pre-order this most special of issues before it’s sold out! To do so, all you have to do is send 1,999 dappers via Izam mail to the Eye of the Tyrancha headquarters in Zora. Pre-order now before it’s too late!!

(( Disclaimer: All the dapper collected from the subscriptions and donations will be used to sponsor our reporters’ journey to the Deep Roots in order to get an exclusive interview with the Dragon. For this reason, the Eye of the Tyrancha will close its doors for an undetermined amount of time until we conclude this investigation. We apologize for the inconvenience.))


Eye of the Tyrancha



"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."

#13 [en] 

i'd give all me dapper" to keep the trnch news a float...stay sharp roaving reporter ye made a difference :o)

"technically its a debt to mayhem bank of 25mil


mayhem - where no one is an island

#14 [en] 

Dear editor: the Dragon was put to sleep by Jena when She came to Atys and liberated homins from the Dragon's domination.
I cannot object strongly enough to your plan to wake up this monster, bringing forth the final apocalypse and the destruction of Atys as foretold in the prophecies.

#15 [en] 

The final issue of the Eye of the Tyrancha has left everyone on Atys shocked; how could the previously so sane Rikutatis (fashion sense notwithstanding) come to such a mad decision?!

Well, using the same investigative reporting that the Eye is so famous for, we have uncovered the truth behind the Eye's disappearance! We now give you, in 4 chapters, the full story!

Chapter 1

It turns out the cause of it all was that the Matis Nobles were unhappy with the Eye's continued prying into their social lives. After all, being a Matis Noble means your personal life consists of nothing but scheming behind the scenes, and scheming is best done, well, behind the scenes!

With considerable diplomatic effort, the Nobles managed to convince the Zoraï Awakened that the Eye was spreading superficial gossip counter-productive to true wisdom, and was encouraging Zoraï refugees to waste their time and attention on mundane matters instead of searching enlightenment! Yes, this was the true purpose of the so-called "fragrant gift", you heard it here first!

When Rikutatis stubbornly refused to stop publishing the Eye or compromise on it's content, the Awakened banished him from the Zora lands. This was the reason for his first hiatus.

Chapter 2

Publishing of the Eye could only continue when Rikutatis had set up his new base of operations in Pyr. He was quoted by the barman as saying "well the locals are a bit lazy and likely to not even warn me when kitin come knocking down my door, but at least they're not Tryker".

The Nobles again tried to contact the local government to shut him down, but the Akenak, ever the staunch Fyros, insisted any investigation for the truth must always go unhindered.

The Nobles then decided to give the Akenak a taste of what they experienced, and sent an anonymous tip to Rikutatis that Akenak Thedon Garus was up to no good. Poor Thedon soon found himself watched by Rikutatis 24 hours a day. He reportedly developed paranoid delusion and went into hiding. He still has not resurfaced, and whispers abound that he is just another crazy hermit living in a cave in Scorched Corridor now!

The remaining Akenak, fearing the same fate, banished Rikutatis from Fyros land as well. This was the reason for his second hiatus.

Chapter 3

Now unwelcome in Matis, Zoraï and Fyros lands, the poor roving reporter had no choice but to set-up in the lakelands he so hated. He was quoted by the stableboy as saying "well at least the Tryker love gossip more than anyone else, so they'll probably never banish me, besides, the Taliari can never agree on anything anyways".

Indeed, the Nobles did not even attempt to get the Taliari's help in shutting down the Eye's new operation. Instead, they decided, he needed to be dealt with once and for all this time. So they struck a deal with the Tryker loanprakker who had loaned Rikutatis the dapper to set up in the lakelands. Having to move twice had left him quite bankrupt, you see.

In return for a share of the new apartment taxes the Nobles were planning, the loanprakker was persuaded to collect the debt earlier than usual. When Rikutatis was unable to pay, a pair of brawny Smugglers apparently dragged him from his new home and dumped him in the Prime Roots.

Chapter 4

It was then and there, left for dead in the Prime Roots, that the roving reporter decided that if he was not welcome anywhere on the surface of Atys anymore, he would go out with one final act of supreme journalism, and interview the Dragon itself!

In all likeliness, this will end up achieving the Nobles' goal, as our brave reporter is likely to never be heard from again.

We shall all miss the Eye of the Ty and it's unrivalled investigative reporting. But worry not, the Nobles have not gotten away with their acts. In a final act of revenge, Rikutatis sent the Matis Court all the dirt he had on the Nobles, which turned out to be far more than he'd ever published. It revealed that the Nobles were in league with some evil organisation so secretive that nobody'd ever heard of it, and, in fact, we're pretty sure Rikutatis just made it up. Nevertheless the ensuing scandals have left all Nobles severely discredited.

And as for the dappers Rikutatis is urging his readers to send to Zora, our investigative reporting has shown that those dappers are actually being rerouted to the "Buy the Matis some Decent Beds" fund, perhaps in some last act of mockery of the Nobles.

"I may be off to a certain death, but at least I don't have to sleep on this every night!"

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