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Yubo Maps and Other Goodies (Bunny Tools)

BUNNY TOOLS ARE BACK: BM has offred to host the Bunny Tools and Karu (I can only assume Level 290 in WebIG) has managed to knock off the programming in just a few short days

Right Now they can be accessed at:


In Game access will be restored as soon as testing is completed.  Everything below will be uodated as time permits.  Please send IG mail to FyrosFreddy with any bugaboos, questions etc.


YuboMaps - is basically an offline reader for the Ryzom Raum maps that are now hosted on silenda.de After downloading the program, ask it to update the maps and it will visit the silenda site and d/l the maps. Comes in handy when the site is down for maintenance or ya have trouble running ya browser and Ryzom at the same time. Maps are also resizable which comes in handy for those hard to locate spots. Keep supporting silenda by registering on the silenda site and updating the maps when ya find a new resource. Special thanks to Selene and all Silenda contributors for participation in this effort.

KipeeCraft - Ryzom Craft Simulator. Every serious crafter's most important tool..... hit the link to Arc's site or d/l here if Arc's site is down.  Go see MollyLovesCake !

KippeCraft 1.2


Tutotial:  Bunny Tools Installation Guide 
Demo Video: Pending

The new In Game Apps are available from your browser here:

Bunny Tools

Consolidated Mob Resistance Guide - Many years ago stumbled onto this handy resource on mestemaker site, added mob aggro ranges and edited a bit here and there over the years.  Available as PDF or Spreadsheet file.

This tool now available as an In Game App !

Concept and Data Collection: Mestemaker Site / FyrosFreddy (Math Geek)
Programming and Layout: Mirakel (Programming Genius)
Tutorial:  Mob Data
Demo Video: To be determined
Image File: http://i.imgur.com/DxkKo8W.jpg

Supreme Mats Availability Guide - This tool is based upon the Season Availability Data, primarily from BM's maps,


And of course Lacuna's amazing work as defined here:


This tool is similar to the one above in that it's just data that combines the two stated sources of information in one place. Just look at the tables by season, look at the location table and the times that the material will be available are listed by row. Of course by time, we are referring to the weather as defined on BM site:


Concept - Fyros Freddy
Data Collection - BM Mapping & Web Site Crew / Lacuna
Programming and Layout - To Be Determined
Tutorial - To Be Determined
Demo Video - To be determined

The original spreadsheet based Bunny Tool from years ago, was checked against BM Maps and a significant number of corrections were made based upon BMs current Map Data.  The "X's which indicated "available" were then replaced with Lacuna's weather designations.  All the credit here for this tool goes to BM's mapping crew and Lacuna; all that we added, if you will, was an 'at a glance" GUI to save peeps the effort or bouncing back and forth between web pages.

This tool is not, as yet, available as an IG App.


The following tools are available as spreadsheet based tools where you simply plug in a few stats and the tools do the rest.  Over time, we hop to create all of these into Web Based / In Game apps.

Craft Point Summary - This spreadsheet based tool summarizes all of your craft points and let's you know how many more skill points / levels ya need to "get all the [insert your craft here] patterns" ? This should help but as many were bought years ago, looking for folks to cover my memory losses (CRS Syndrome) and changes over the years.

Skill Point Tracker - As above, this spreadsheet as above, tracks your skill points, how many ya got, how many ya need, etc,

Mats Calculators - These are our most popular tools.  Ever wonder no matter how ya do it w/ a pencil or in ya head, when ya calculate how many mats of each item you should dig, after you are done crafting, you always have 127 of one mat and 62 of another left over but nuthin at all of one mat ? Well that always happened to me, so I made a Mats Calculator spreadsheet years back when I was doing HA. Later expanded it to all armors and then to melee and ranged weapons. You put in what bulk you have used, list the number of mats you have left over from last craft session and voila....it tells you how many of each thing to dig so that, if ya don't blow to many mats, ya packers and you should be empty when done.

This tool now available as an In Game App !

Concept and Data Collection - FyrosFreddy (Math Geek)
Programming and Layout - Mirakel (Programming Genius)
Tutorial: Mats Calculator
Demo Video - To be determined

NOTE: The Calculators have been updated several times as copy / pasting from similar tools didn't always catch all the changes that needed to be made. (error in craft pattern for LA was corrected, error in mat quantity and labels were corrected on Amps)

Gear Calculatorr - Have trouble remembering what gear / equipment ya can use ? Type in your toon's characteristics from the Identity window and this tool will tell ya what weapons ya can wield and what gear ya can wear.

This tool now available as an In Game App !

Concept and Math - FyrosFreddy (Math Geek)
Programming and Layout - Mirakel (Programming Genius)
Tutorial: Gear Calculator
Demo Video - Hechicera (Celebrity Spokesperson)

XP Calculator  - Ever wonder just how many ......

Mobs ya gotta kill ......
Crafts ya gotta make .....
Forage pulls required .....

.... to get to the next "ding" ?

Spreadsheet version
Look in the table for how much XP is needed to make the next level, type in how much XP you getting per kill on average (or per pull or craft) and it estimates the number ya gotta do.

This tool now available as an In Game App !

Concept and Math - FyrosFreddy (Math Geek)
Programming and Layout - Mirakel (Programming Genius)
Tutorial - XP Calculator
Demo Video - To be determined

Event Timers

Intended for all you Ryzombies with CRS Syndrome.

1. Occ Practice Cooldown - After you do each Occ Practice, select it in the dropdown and click REMIND ME.   Look at it any time after and it will tell you when it is available to do again.

2. Occ Special items Cooldown - Go to Occ master, ask for Stimulating waters, Ambers of protection or Lucky Flowers.  After yur visit to each of them, select the appropriate item in the dropdown and click REMIND ME.   Look at it any time after and it will tell you when more will be available to yru again.

3. NH Cooldown - After you do hand in your 36th item to New Horizons, select it in the dropdown and click REMIND ME.   Look at it any time after and it will tell you when it is avalaible to do again.

Select the appropriate event from the dropdown and select "START TIMER".  Tool will tell you when you can do each agin.

EDIT: This tool now available as an In Game App !

Concept and Math - FyrosFreddy (Math Geek)
Programming and Layout - Mirakel (Programming Genius)
Tutorial - Occupation Timers
Demo Video - To be determined

Outpost Registry

Who has what, what level, what it produces, where it's at .... yada yada yada.  As this has already been converted to an In Game App, will likely sunset this tool soon.

Season Time Tracker

Look at ya IG Map, type the day and hour in from the map to the appropriate month in the tool and it tells ya when season changes.

Yubo Points Tracker

Into Yubo Points ? Not sure if anyone is but hey, I was bored. Because of fame and factions, no one can "see" all the Yubo Points available....if ya finished a group, you can't see what the individual sub-achievements were. Looking for peeps to help flesh this one out. Anyone interested ?

================================================================= =========
If ya don't already have access to bunnynet, go to:


Click on the link to Old Forums

1. Register on the site using your Ryzom Toon Name (i.e FyrosFreddy) spelled exactly as in game.
2. Send an in game mail or /tell to Fyrosfreddy with guild name

The purpose of the 2nd step is we get about 100 new registrants a day and 97 of those are spambot created. I use the IG mails as a filter.

If you have any suggestions, corrections or other requests regarding these or other tools, let us know.

EDIT: Bunnynet site is down .... until it's restored, if ya want any of the tools, send me an IG mail w/ your e-mail address and I will forward them to you.

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Going to update these over next few weeks. If ya have any suggestions, or ideas for other tools, please advise


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Welcome all new visitors.....


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Working on Version 3.0 of the Mats Calculators. looking for users of version 2.2 to test before release. Version 3 includes security changes to hopefully block unintended chnages to formulas and instead of just High Quality Crafts, it will include Medium and Low Quality Crafts .... if you are a current user and willing to try Version 3.0, send an IG mail with e-mail address to FF.

Also : German Version now up ..... need volunteer for French version.


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Occupation Tracker

Similar to the other Bunnynet spreadsheet based tools, this spreadsheet provides suggested combinations regarding mix of basic versus improved practices to reach ya goals most efficiently and also provides progress tables for each profession.

The progress stables let you look at how many experience points you have earned and thereby experiment with what choices you have to most efficiently reach the experience threshold for advancement to the next level.

The files is an excel based file which can be opened in use in just about any spreadsheet program .... I use Open Office which can be downloaded here:


Download Occupation Tracker here:


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Very nice stuff here, FF!


"What doesn't kill me gives me XP. :-p" -Sherkalyn

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Glad you enjoy .... have any suggestions for other tools, please advise.


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Occupation Tracker updated to ver. 1.2


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New tool:

Crafting Ranges and Thresholds

This tool is in its Beta stages .... basically collecting all my old notes and forum posts into a single file which you can plug in your crafted item QL and determine what stats are available. Very early stages of development. Looking for peeps to confirm data and formulae. See 1st post for details

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FF -- there's no link under the underlines


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silenda.de does no longer exist...


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It will be back, it's currently undergoing hardware changes.

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Good to know.


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Bitttymacod (atys)
FF -- there's no link under the underlines

I didn't intend for there to be separate links to each tool. They are all available from the link in the first post. Tool Names are underlined to make it easy to peruse the list.

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Amiko (atys)
silenda.de does no longer exist...

Silenda is constantly being updated with new material locations post merge and as indicated, is being moved to new server hardware. One of the purposes of Yubo Maps is to provide access to the information when the site is down for maintenance.

BTW, thanks to all Bunnies and other peeps who are uploading new material locations. Registered users can add new locations with the "Add a Spot" link.

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