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OK, so far have had no testers for the Crafting Ranges tool ..... anybody tried it yet ?


#17 Report | Quote[en] 

If ya have any ideas for other tools ..... I need a project to work on while digging :) ?


#18 Report | Quote[en] 

Do you have all the formulas to get from the craft preview to the final values of the item? If not, might be useful to collect these ;)

#19 Report | Quote[en] 

Canva ..... already done. See the Craft Ranges and Thresholds Tool


#20 Report | Quote[en] 

Just added an Outpost Registry......

....who holds what and what it makes, level etc


#21 Report | Quote[en] 

Just added Season Time Tracker .....


#22 Report | Quote[en] 

OP registry updated for 07/13 and new "Ding Calculator" tools added

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Welcome Bunnyfriends

Aaylejah Gorran Naruto
Aleeskandaro Harvester Neela
Alllesandro Hattaru Nerriah
Alystra Homeless Neva
Ambika Hugi Nitro
Aqualyn ikarra Ozelott
Archlongine Katla Perkwunos
Arfur Kilor puffe
astarth kisoji sarifina
Baet Kizotang subox
Baldanah krockette Thechosen
BreakJ Kylee thenameless
Ceras Lasabo Toak
Cetriel Lasana Valourian
Dacurly lillu Yenno
Digginginblood littledevils
efeeko Littlemynx
eks marceline
eruv Marplot
Ezila Meggy
Firstdo Michaelm
Frappi Mimm
Garaque minou
Gasrat Myyr
Gazzi Naema


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Happy to see IG App as a easy access replacement to OP Registry and Race Fame Bunny Tools .... anyone else wanna take the coding skills to other Bunny Tools. Be glad to help on the "math" end.

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Remember how frustrating it was to lose all ya markers for all ya favorite dig spots in Prime Roots. Post merge everything was in new spots so silenda took down the old maps and put up blank ones. Players started dutifully marking new spots and then ..... due to bugs .... devs put everything back to old locations.

So, I dug up an old backup with the pre-merge file and uploiaded a good 14 MB of PR mat locations. YuboMaps program and the 4 PR files can be downloaded at:


See beginning of thread if ya not yet registered at bunnynet.


#26 Report | Quote[en] 

Updated Ranged MAts Calculator will be uploaded in an hour....adds ammo


#27 Report | Quote[en] 

Any,one found any bugs, feature requests whatever yet ?


#28 Report | Quote[en] 

Request: I use a mac, some of the features (or all) are designed for windows. I know, i could use Wine, but i hate doing that....sigh... i know, buy a windows computer. But i guess thats not going to happen :( so never mind, im just ranting...
  Anyways, it was nice to see you again Freddy! I saw your awesome computer you are building and figure that is where you have been and what you have been doing! :) Hope you tear it up when you bring it online if you havent already.

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Most of the tools are spreadsheets .... you can use OpenOffice for spreadsheets on a mac


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YuBo Maps Should be Fully Functional Again .... Users will recall that all the old raum maps were wiped when we merged and new ones created....the PR ones became useless when devs switched back to pre-merge layout.

So having saved the old maps, I put them on bunnynet where they could be manually replaced.

This should no longer be required as raum has put the old maps back up so Yubo Maps should upgrade as originally designed.

Feedback requested.


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