Bunny Tools Are Back !

Again, until we get more "Celebrity Spokespersons" from Atys to do videos, here's another tutorial for the next "Bunny Tool":

Mob Data:

From your App Bar or APP ZONE, launch "Bunny Tools":

Once launched, click the "Mob Data" Tool under the "Encyclopedia" Section and you should see this window:

In this case, let's say you're in PR digging in close proximity to "Jugulas" and you want to be prepared by knowing:

1.  Do they aggro ?
2.  How close you can get to them before they will aggro you ?
3.  What type of physical / magic damage they will do to you ?
4.  What is their resistance to various physical / magical attacks from you ?
5.  What affinities do they resist or have immunities to ?

NOTE:  Aggro range in particular seems to vary slightly from region to region.


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