Bunny Tools Are Back !

Hechicera already did a video for this one (See link 1st post) but wants to redo at better resolution.  Until then, here's the instructions for the ...


From your App Bar or APP ZONE, launch "Bunny Tools".

Once launched, click the "Gear" Calculator under the "Calculators Section" and then open your IDENTITY Window in game.  Once done, you should see something like this.

1.  Put your highest level, in any skill, in the first drop down window.

2.  In the second drop down window, copy your Constitution from the IDENTITY tab.  NOTE:  As this , as well as the following 3 items, can be multiples of 5 and the drop downs only go by 10, put 20 in as in this example if you have 25.   This will likely be addressed in next update.

3.  In the third drop down window, copy your Strength from the IDENTITY tab. 

4.  In the fourth drop down window, coipy your Intelligence from the IDENTITY tab

5.  In the fifth drop down window, coipy your Balance from the IDENTITY tab

6.  Hit the CALCULATE button to see that you can equip:

Light Armor = QL 35
Medium Armor = QL 30
Heavy Armor = QL 30
Sheilds = QL 30
Buckler = QL 30
Jewels = QL 35
Melee Weapons = QL 30
Magig Amplifier = QL 35
Ranged Weapons = QL 30


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