Bunny Tools Are Back !

Again, until we get more "Celebrity Spokespersons" from Atys to do videos, here's another tutorial for the next "Bunny Tool":

Mats Calculator:

From your App Bar or APP ZONE, launch Bunny Tools:

Once launched, click the "Mats" Calculator of your choice under the "Calculators Section", in this case we'll choose the "Mats Calculator (Armor), and you should see this window:

In this example, by looking at our INVENTORY window in game, we input that your toon currently has 100 Bulk in his / her inventory and that the Mount we brought along with us has 50 Bulk in its inventory.

We also note that we are already carrying 12, Wood, 12 Resin, 8 Oil and 8 Sap. and that we will be grinding using a "High Quality, Heavy Helmet" pattern.

When ya hit the CALCULATE button, the tool will tell you the optimum amount of mats to dig of each type so that, at the end of your craft session, you won't be out of one item and have 200 mats left in your storage that ya can't craft with because you are short that one mat type.

The Melee,  Ranged and Jewel Tools work the exact same way though the Jewel Tool is a kind of an "in your head" kinda claculation as numbers of mats ya need to dig / collect will always equal available bulk.


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