#55 [en] 

Bunnies = wittle wabbits


#56 Multilingual 

not bunnies calf and pig skin :)

#57 [en] 

Another Bunnies Song ... B52s based ... big surprise:

Music link 1st ...

"Quiche Lorraine"

The Atys skies are charcoal grey,
It's a dreary Burning Desert day,
But at the end of my thirty foot leash,
Is my smelly friend Quiche.
Quiche La Fuffy is her name
And having a good time on a hot dry day is our game.

Quiche Quiche Fluuuuuuffyyyyy
Quiche Quiche Fluuuuuuffyyyyy
Everyday I take her out. Yea!
She runs around, she shouts out and snorts, Yea!
Cause she's a good Zig
She's a sweet, sweet, sweet Ziggie! Snort Snort
And I know she'll stick by me, Yea! Snort Snort

Oh no! Here comes a Great Torbie
Puts us in a big pinch
Quiche, Quiche, Quiche come back here;
Wait, Don't leave me.
I'll go insane.
I'll go dead (I'll get better).

How do you like that?
Has anybody seen a Zig dyed dark green.
About two meters tall, with a strawberry blonde fall;
Sunglasses and a bonnet
and designer mini-saddle with appliques on them ?
The Zig that brought me so much joy
Left me wallowing in torbak pain.
Quiche Lorraine.

I'll show her!
Do you see the leash in my hand?
I'm gonna throw it in the lake.
Yea, you've been so rotten to me,
You take the cake.
I'm just gonna lock the door to your stable,
and just you try and come back to me.
Yea, you'll see.

Quiche Quiche Le Fluffy You mangey Zig.
Quiche Quiche Le Fluffy I'm talking about Quiche!
Quiche Quiche Le Fluffy Quiche Le Fluffy !

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#58 [en] 

First the music link

"Dig The Sups All Out"

Now the lyrics so ya can lip-sync

Remember when you held my Pick
Remember when you were my CP'er
Walk talk in the name of Sups
Before you broke my heart
Think it over, think it over
Roll it over in your mind
Why don't you dig with me
I'm not no Limburger
Just a limburger

Dig this stuff alout
Dig this mess around, 'round, 'round

Everybody goes to season changes
They dance their special sup pop dances
They do the Shu-ga-loo
Do the Shy Tuna
Do the Mektoub Walk
Do the Hip-o-crit

Ah-Hippy Hippy forward Hippy Hippy
Hippy Shake, Hippy Shake

Oh-it's time to do 'em right
Hey now, don't that make you feel a whole lot better?
I say, don't that make you feel a whole lot better

What you say?
I'm just askin'


Everybody goes to seaon chnage
They do their weather dances
They do all 16 dances
Do the Clooclup-ca-choo
Do the Aqua-velva
Do the Dirty Gingo
Do the Teleporter

Ah-Hippy Hippy forward Hippy Hippy
Hippy Shake, Hippy Shake

It's time to do 'em right
Hey! Fred, now don't that make you feel a whole lot better now?

Say, don't that make you feel a whole lot better?

What you say?
I'm just askin'

Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Dig 'em all out
Yeah, yeah

Dig, dig, dig these sups all out
Dig, dig these sups all out

Shake, shake-a-bake shake
Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
Dig these sups all out
Yeah, yeah, yeah.......

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#59 [en] 

Keep finding these songs from old days on my Hard Drive ... yeah we got bored during those group digs and it was a way to get some laughs

Again, 1st the music link ... click on line below:

The Battle of Thesos Ruins

In twenty-five-fourteen we took a little trip
Along with Emperor Dexton down the mighty Thesos Rip
We took some Yetin bacon and we took some Stinga beans
And we caught the bloody Matis in the place called Thesos Ruins

(Chorus) We fired our rifles and the Matis kept a comin'
There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago
We fired once more and they began to runnin'
Down on into Matis and that Scary Place of Woe

We looked down Thesos river and we see'd the Matis come
And there must've been a hundred of 'em beatin' on the drum
They stepped so high and they made their bugles ring
We stood beside our packers and didn't say a thing

We fired . . .(chorus)

Old Dexton said we could take 'em by surprise
If we didn't fire launchers till we looked 'em in the eyes
We held our fire till we see'd their faces well
Then we opened up our vedice guns and really gave 'em well

We fired . . .(chorus)

Yeah they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
And they ran through the bushes where Gubunnies couldn't go
They ran so fast that the gingos couldn't catch 'em
Down on into Matis and that Scary Place of Woe

We fired our launchers till the barrels melted down
So we grabbed a big tyrancha and shot off another round
We filled his head with cannonballs and powdered his behind
And when we touched the powder off the 'Rancha lost his mind

We fired . . . (chorus)

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#60 [en] 

As per today's discussion ...

The Ballad of Tornhide Dirtdigger
(sung to the tune of TV's "Rawhide")
Rawhide Song

H'yah! H'yah!
Diggin, diggin', diggin', diggin'
Keep that pick a swingin'
Keep that pick a swingin' Tornhide.

Through rain and wind and weather,
Hell bent for Worse+ weather,
Wishing my alt was by my side,
All the things I'm missin'
Boosted Armor an Weapons,
Are waiting at the restart of the shard.

Keep diggin', diggin', diggin'
Keep that pick a swingin'
Keep that pick a swingin 'Tornhide.
H'yah! H'yah!

Keep diggin', diggin', diggin',
though KP a chasin' ,
Keep that pick a swingin', Tornhide!
Don't try to understand them,
Just run and speed and fear 'em,
Our bags will be a fillin' !
My app is calculating,
A few more sups are waitin',
Jut a bit more bad weather to abide..

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#61 [en] 

me want to joing the Bunnies!

#62 [en] 

What hours are you in game ?... look for and talk to Azad, Sarpedonia, Niloc Rangerz, Amartii

We generally like to see that you have been on the mainland for a while before making a decision.


#63 [en] 

For you FyrosFreddy
For being fun, helpful
and altogether awesome
Hope you like :)


the tune:

the new lyrics:

My-my-my-my Atysian life is, so hard, sneaky devs reset the shard
Hopeful, for super speed, MPA and a quick TP
But that's rude, when they see I'm down
walking all over me like I'm some clown
And respawn, don't wig
Pick in hand and I'm ready to dig

Till my DP gone, I just dig this
With my focus up and hit points down, I just dig this
Got my reasons why, I just dig this
Ain't WOWed by no cookie so ya know, I just dig this

Worn out sword, and pants
Dirt naps got me askin do ya craft by chance
With a hole, in my seat
Why we in these roots, and what's KP?
We searchin', for sup
Care a bit, Freddy made me quit when I blew us up
I fear RIppa, for fun
Pick hits my head and it's time to run
lets me know, he's had his fill
And that's when I knew it's solo drill

Till my sack is packed, I dig this
Start gentle, go hard, yeah I just dig this
You want a taste of my steel sucker? I just dug this

Now crystal, gotta have it
Making me dig to support my habit
Hangin' out
In Gingo Town, hide from Skoff till the cratchas sprout
Fistful, of pistil
Three shady deals and get that crystal
Enchant, I'm ready
Send a lil tell to FyrosFreddy
I ask, try to bribe
Why am I getting that Ignore vibe

That's cool because you know
I just dig this
Can you dig this?

Diggin' time!

Go with ya flow, he says
And if you can't groove with me I might even rez
So wave your hands \o/ in the air
for the master, try to run his path if you dare
That lil tryker, 100 feet tall
Takin' down bosses, still time to teach us all
I learned, real quick
To be a boss like him better grab that pick
Dig, dig, dig

Yeah I just dig this
My rootball, I just dig this
All danger and heroes here so you know
I just dig this

#64 [en] 

This is awesome lol


#65 [en] 

Lol, Dang! That almost sounds like what he is really saying in the song. Bravo! XD

#66 [en] 

Bunnies are 4,932 days old as of May 04, 2019 .... bit over 13.5 years


#67 [en] 

Hooray Bunnies!

#68 [en] 

Bunnies are 4,932 days old as of May 04, 2019 .... bit over 13.5 years

Thats almost a quarter of my real life! o.O
Congratz! Love you guys!

#69 [en] 

Thats almost a quarter of my real life!

What is this real life thing that people refer to? :o)


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