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What do you think about a purchasable GH storage upgrade?
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Hey guys, first of all i admit this isnt anything new and TalkIRC and Pastini (wassit?) had already tempted the devs and us the community, however, i beg to disturb the dust on those abandoned threads and suggest this - a purchasable or perhaps rentable package from Guildhall caretaker NPC to let us have 1 more storage *room*. It doesnt have to be a room in literal sence nor it involves inserting new npcs with adjusted redesigned mechanics, just a temp bulk increase for some dapps, where in the case of not paying up, for example, it may become withdrawal only. Perhaps this temp might not be as easy as a perma upgrade, so i would like to hear from devs what you guys think is easier to put together.
Anyways, this could add more realistic roleplay feel to some of the otherwise-forgotten silent warriors the Guildhall caretakers and it could be a consumable just like the food for meks. Pehaps just like with DP reducer it could even be in tiers?

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we know exactly how i feel about this topic.....


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