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Currently the /target <item> command will point the compass at the <item>, as long as it is within 250m.

A long distance /target (/find? sight? vision? premonition? etc.) would do the same but only return the region.

Example: Let's make the command /find <item>
If Nudge happens to be in need a resurrection, and did not specify the region properly, he can be found by first using vision.

   /find Nudge

The system could return, in the SYS. INFO window -

   Nudge is on the Aeden Aqueous continent, Fount region.

Once the person coming to help is in the region, they can use the

   /tar Nudge

command to locate the poor soul.

This could even work for the nearest mob.

   /find Stalking

SYS. INFO response:

   Stalking Stinga is on the Aeden Aqueous continent, Fount region.

The mob location would have to short-circuit on the first hit. That is, it does not need to locate all "Stalking" named items, it just needs to find the closest one.

Additionally, this should have an option for each toon to be set OFF, that is /find would not work, unless in the configuration it is set to ON.  This would provide an opt-in feature.

#2 [en] 

This will affect hide and seek games and more. I don't want to be searchable this way personally.

Besides... RP?

#3 [en] 

/find Madakoo


#4 [en] 

Madakoo is in the Prime Roots, Under Spring Region.


#5 [en] 

Ah! its pop guys, lets do it. life easy.

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#6 [en] 

/find Nudge

* Nudge is digging in Void, untagged *

Ewww sad life :(

#7 [en] 

Secretly there was a known exploit that people abused to scout entire regions that way for bosses.

Supposedly it cannot be done now; but well; there are whispers that it can be done; we can only hope that it cannot.

I guess the idea behind boss in a box despite its many shortcomings can address this and make it impossible to occur (if it still does;)

If that happens, then I guess; your idea could make manifest; but:

Wouldn't it be simpler to just add to the team the homina you want to find/rez?

Also: /find madakoo

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The potential exploits and the fact that it would make the lives of those who claim to pride themselves in their martial prowess easier are two big reasons against it. Make the hunters actually hunt! Honestly, half the fun of going for bosses is wandering around actually scouting, and those who like prowling for tagged victims should also actually have to prowl instead of just stand by the portal and type a / command.

As for those that need rezzing, as much as I try to be nice and all, I feel those who cannot/will not accept team invites or listen to someone when they say "Right-click and select 'leave team'." so an invite can be sent simply do not want to be found anyways. I like to be helpful, but I only help those who meet me halfway.

In short, I appreciate the intent, but see it as causing far more problems than it solves.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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In the fact of playing a Karavan race member (not a Karavan factioned Homin) i could imagine satelites to find a long distance target.

In the fact of playing a Kami race member (not a Kami factioned Homin) i could imagine sap venes and root-nodes to find a long distance target.

But playing a Homin, I only have my sight and my hearing abitlities (channels). And i have the ability of /showOnline to prevent any "friendship" monitoring. Having a tool like "/find everyone everthing everywhere" would be a camper's or stalker's invite. Just Pressing a button to come close to a hunting is not, what i'll understand by hunting.

Anyway, /target is a hunters ability. Every Hunter should know where he will find his huntings. And a haul is never glued at the same place, it's always in motion. Otherwise it would be the same as digging.

#10 [en] 

no, just no, for a million reasons already said and not said.


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You old farts who dont even play anymore shutting down every idea. It would not take anything away, just puts the sand back in sandbox etc etc. (Talcirc, this is what I remember reading you posting often in past =P)

I think there is innocent idea behind this, but exploring and trying out mobs to level is great fun too. It may seem scary to roam and even die while finding them, but it brings content to the game. I often hear people say "I never visited this place" and who are amazed. Also, have seen many who rush to masters and complain how boring it is and nothing to do.

Tho, people who want to grind fast and not explore will seek the location of mobs to grind one way or another so wouldnt limit this, as long as boss/boss minions/nameds are excluded. Or maybe with the "bosses in box" (if that wasnt a joke) would limit the possibility to exploit this as scouting method. In original post, there is mention of taking this off from your char so those fun "who can find me" dares can still go on. Can anyone come up with more constructive ideas against? What if someday there is many devs on Ryzom searching these forums for what to do and this is just seen as "players shot it down" now? ;)

So think +1, aslong as it cant be exploited. More sand in sandbox =)


#12 [en] 

Unless I'm missing something:
Macro's have a 250m range, although /tar has a shorter range (or at least it used to?).

We already have /who (tells you who is in region) /tar from chat and /target in a macro. You can also add to team and look at the map to find out where someone is (if they want to be found!) or even send them a tell "Dude, where are you?!?"

So, what exactly does /find add to the game that isn't already there?

I think it would be better to use devs time for something that actually delivers an improvement, rather than satisfy someone's desire to be nosey.


Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)

#13 [en] 

Agree with Bubbason, not to mention that we have the ballisticM and site like armory stuff ( entirely based on ryzom API ) ..
That can do exactly the same.

Yeah no bad intend in the first idea / question here, but the answer arent that bad too, but in my personal opinion its game breaker

Not because im old or dont want to add something into the box ( pls no boss.. pls let em free and run over atys.. not in jail !! ),
but it would break the game of hide n seek in PvP, and would allow mass listing of players over Atys..


#14 [en] 

Not nosy.

This came about because a new player got killed and for some reason they did not grasp how to team up.

The option could be set to be default off, tell newcomers to turn it on.

#15 [en] 

If he is unable to write "/invite <name>", do you really think a newbie will go somewhere and turn something on?

And I must say it is not clear to me why don't you send that homin in need a team invite yourself?
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