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Agenda of the Nobles Assembly (18th of October)

Talk of the Ambassadors.

Domestic policy

Army and war

This assembly, as all the Nobles Assemblies, is not public. It's open only to the Matis Nobles and Matis Vassals. Ambassadors from the other nations are allowed during the first part only.

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[Matis] Chamber of the Nobles (2020-02-05)

An announcement was posted in all Matis cities:
Nobles and Matis Vassals, Ambassadors,

The Chambers of the Nobles will gather in the Royal Palace on 16h - Dua, Medis 20, 1st AC 2607* in the presence of the Karan Stevano.

  • News from the Matis Houses
  • News from Ambassadors & appointments (if needed)

The rest of the Assembly will be held in private.

Jena Aiye! Matis Aiye!

* [OOC] On Wednesday, 5 February 20:00:00 UTC (5 months ago). [/OOC]
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