Worrying News

Many leaflets were in circulation in the towns of the Realm. That's what was read on them:
See how the Karan takes care of you. Stevano was full of promises and expectations. He was to lead the Realm to a new era of power.

He drives it straight to the decadence. All that concerns him is to do his wife, the Karae, lay heirs, such as the kitin queen gives birth to its brood, in order to carry on the sinking of the Realm into mediocrity, in his own interests.

In Jena's name, we declare through this note that Noble Houses who support this rubbish king will soon be the target of attacks and robberies(*). None of them will be spared and we will be even worse against those closest to the royal family.

Our purpose is clear: to cleanse our land from a royal lineage unworthy to rule and remove all his loyal subjects from the Bark. Be assured you'll soon hear from us.

(*) [OOC] These attacks and robberies will be fictitional, thank you to play the game to ensure the success of the scenario in the coming days.[/OOC]


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