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The weekend of the birthday of Ryzom, celebrated on 18 and 19 September 2014, began as it should ... with a birthday cake!

This one rested on a mysterious island, especially engineered and opened for the occasion.

What were those buildings that could be seen in the distance? Come closer, look ...

The city hall of Zora stood before us, and one personage of high rank and colorful dress seemed to invite us to approach this mini Zoraï territory.

It was the leader of Witherings in person; the Grand Sage Mabreka! What an honor! After the usual greetings, we turned our steps to the next village, which was none other than the Tryker village.

How strange it was to see this emblematic Tryker building not on its usual pontoons in the floating city, but on the grass of the 10 years island! Let us approach to better see the one who seems to be waiting for us ...

Still Wyler, the old Tryker Governor, murdered so many years ago! The magic of this place seems boundless! What an honor; what an imposing presence!

After we recovered from our emotions, our steps led us to the building visible and recognizable from afar: the tree of the Matis Royal Palace.

We had a feeling the Matis leader would stand in front of the building, but... which one would it be? Stevano, the reigning monarch or his father Yrkanis, who vanished during the second Exile in a maelstrom of divine light?

It was the illustrious Yrkanis! Again, the magic of this place was mixing past and present.. We stayed there until dawn... if we wanted to contemplate the last village before nightfall, we had to go now!

The Thesos Fortress, one of the hearts of the fyros Empire, seemed to look at us from afar.. Something was telling us we'd not find Emperor Lykos there, but his deceased father, the unforgettable Emperor Dexton.

Night was on us and we had to wait until the morning after to have the privilege of saluting this illustrious character sprung from the past.

Far away, gigantic kitin silhouettes moving in front of a tortured landscape caught our attention.

We already knew the great kitins moving with an air of menace, but what was that enormous, whitish kitin?
Curiosity drew us forward despite the threat they represented.

This gargantuan creature with the interminable abdomen, seemingly unable to move its own girth, could only be... a kitin queen!

We didn't stay long in this unwelcoming place. The watchful eyes observing us intently were very unsettling...

The sky, in perfect harmony with the hostility of the place, shifted to a dark gray and a downpour fell upon us.
We ran into a camp enclosed with towers, hoping to find refuge from the storm as it began to rumble.

Unfortunately, the camp was that of none other than the cruel marauders ...

Staring at us with their deadly weapons in hand, they gave us the choice to join their ranks, or to die...

We courageously ran away and found the perfect hiding place: a great wall of green that offered fortress-like protection.

Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless shelter was actually a labyrinth in which we ... we lost a lot of time.

Having finally found the exit, we headed for the beams of light illuminating the sky that was still heavy with rain.

The Temple of Jena sat in the camp of the Karavan!
Fascinated, we remained for a long time in this divine place, witnessing the power of the Goddess first hand, as she parted the clouds and brought back the sun.

We then departed to continue our tour. However, we did not travel long, because we found a second heaven! It was a camp of the divine Kami surrounding the temple of Ma Duk.

We gradually felt wellbeing enter into us, while the soul of Atys seemed to unite with ours. Closing our eyes, we started a long meditation ... from which we were pulled by ... the return of the rain!

That's when we realized that no one had control over the Atysian weather ... and crossed our fingers that the group photo did not fall under the deluge!
As time was running out before the big event, we took the opportunity to visit a refugee who taught us the art of making fireworks.

It goes without saying that the sky above the island was continuously illuminated by the fireworks launched by all the homins!

A large number of homins, curious to test a new game called "Yubo Golf," also traveled to the Secret Kami Oasis to try out this strange game, which consisted of striking a yubo with an object called "club" to make him to follow a marked path leading him straight into the jaws of a ... kitin!
Here is the kitin who explained the principle:

The kitin who gave the starting signal:

Here are three of the many Yubo-balls:

Hmmm ... You have seen nothing yet ...
And finally, the hungry kitin waiting gleefully prey kindly offered by participants:

27,300,000 dappers and 9874 club strokes given ... for a total of 996 yubos devoured. Obviously, this game was a success!

About yubos, there were also giant yubos on the island! They were exceptional fighters who won the hearts of those who bet on one or the other of them winning.

27.300.000 Dapper wurden eingenommen und 9874 versuchte Mordanschläge verübt ... für eine Gesamtzahl von 996 verschlungenen Yubos.Offensichtlich war dieses Spiel ein Erfolg!

About yubos, there were also giant yubos on the island! They were exceptional fighters who won the hearts of those who bet on one or the other of them winning.

Various games, such as hide-and-seek and battles against incredible animals punctuated the festivities.

But time was passing and it was time to move around barriers forming a giant "10", to immortalize the anniversary of Ryzom by forming a "10" illuminated by our magical spells.

And then ... taking places for group photos and celebration in front of the giant cake!

So many people!

But the night was already falling and it was time to go watch the big fireworks display that would be set off not far away.

What a magnificent spectacle!

And then the festivities were over ...

Looking up once more to the skies over the 10th year island, we had the chance to see a shooting star. Quickly, a wish!

We will keep this wish secret, but we already know that it will happen in just a year ...

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Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)

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Mit einem Lächeln betrachte ich das Album. Was für ein Fest. Ich hoffe, dass es nicht das letzte war.

Vorfreudige Grüße,

Najma :)
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