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loved, i'd found the npc on the northern shore of blackwater area if i recall correctly, not sure what season it was, but the npc for that rite is in a different spot, i know of at least 3 locations now with the addition of your location where you found him, thanks for adding to the cookies guides and what not, always nice when players can find helpful info on the forums, keeps them in game more :)


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Here's an update for the Fyros Story 2 (durability rite).

First off, the materials amounts are different from the list in the first post. This is probably due to the missions overhaul done during patch 3.5.0, aka JY 2603 patch. They now may more, but also ask for more items.

So anyway, here is the updated BOM (bill of materials):
  • 8 MA MQ (Rilonus) pants + 8 MA MQ (Rilonus) vests
  • 40 LA MQ (Hobenus) vests
  • 56 LA MQ (Hobenus) sleeves:
  • 1 MA MQ (Rilonus) vest + 1 MA MQ (Rilonus) pants
(here the amounts are the same as previously, but the timer has been lengthened from 1 minute to 16)


After completing the 4 prerequisite missions, you start the rite by talking to the barman in Pyr, and only after you are sent to the Water Breakers chief.

The actual rite only starts at (mid?)night, as hinted by the last item in the text:

So, go to Northlake Farm, and wait until it's 12am. Then and only then will the NPC talk to you. You may have to enter/exit the Farm several times to trigger his dialogue, this is an old problem.

The other two NPCs that you visit will trigger easily.

Finally, here is a durability comparison on items made with fine generic materials. Top is prior to rite, bottom is after the rite:

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