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I'm a simple homin, with a simple love, the youngest of a line built of 3, i'm talkmor, the youngest brother of the temple of talk. As the Creater Ma-Duk has willed me to, i've done as my other selves have not yet done, and created an offical home. Our guild is Kami and Zorai aligned, we're an army of one (hoo-ahh), but we will extend our temple to the followers of Ma-Duk with a wish to follow in the lines of my native zorai home. the kami have tought us powerful magic, given us wisdom beyond that of other homins, though at what price, our pride now forces us to mask....

Our guild searves the Kami.

the eldest male of the house is the rightful guild leader, which would be talkIRC though ours is in denial and there for in a self impossed exile, the eldest shouts We Are One!! as his battle cry!
so please in an effort to force the elder of the temple to come to his rightful place, direct ingame requests to him, as i'm the youngest, i seam to get the work load of all the house put on my sholders.

thank you, guild leader by default, talkmor

(one day talkirc, you will have to do your own job)


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