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had the upper branches ideas taken more hold, i had a further expansion plan that would have came after those (upper branches) ideas were done, and they would have included a frozen environment, i can't and won't go into too much detail because the UB ideas were more less a waste of 6 months planning and writing. to be honest another game developer has inquired about my ideas and willingness to write complete stories to back up those ideas. they've seen my ideas for ryzom and my stories and while they're not the best and could use a little tweaking, they liked that i offered it openly and freely with only a hope that it would come to reality. my ideas that would have followed the UB project are there for completely sealed and on hold pending some possible re-working for another game that will be using the ryzom core engine and have many similar features. this game is even more low budget then ryzom (with NO income at all right now) and still they're trying very hard to fix and create something that will be like the ryzom many of us dream of. (they also plan to have regular expansions every few years at the least. i've been privy to the plans and such, with a few perks for my efforts later should the game start making revenue {personally a free account to the game would be enough for me})

at one time ryzom had great vision and potential, but somewhere along the way that was lost and forgotten. sure there's the forge and the open source community, but when much of what people work on and offer doesn't even get a comment about it, it's not surprising that people quickly loose faith and stop putting in effort for 0 return. (even a comment from someone official saying it's just too hard is better then nothing at all, or constructive comments that lead to changes making it more likely to be done for that matter.)

there are those of us that are die hard lovers and refuse to give up, i'm one, or i'd have stopped the UB stories long before they were finished. (which will be in a month or two, it's only been over a year now i've been posting the stories... but still never got an official answer about them or the basic ideas. what's more funny is that NOTHING i proposed would have to be made from the ground up, it's all already in game, the scripts simply have to be made, and then used {i've done some work personally on this fact just to see, and as far as i can tell, everything in the ideas and outlines is more then possible with my very limited understanding of the ark system and my testing thus far. the only thing that would be hard is new mat's (not a must) and placing mat's in the ground for digging (also not a must)}

so while we may want these things in ryzom, we may or may not ever get them, but there's likely to be a game based on the ryzom core, that will have many of the things we wanted and asked for (in some cases for years and years) at the launch of this new game (should it come to be). so hold out for ryzom to get things new, and keep an eye out to the future for a game that will be more flexible in giving the paying players things that they was (if it's the majority AND doesn't brake the balance of the game).

but i'm +1 for ANY new playable content, not just eye candy like banner flags.


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