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With the Greedy Crafter app no longer available, found myself close to a new achievement for "Crisis Proof"and figured what I could do with the least effort. From what I remembered from doing tribe fame, the Master Overseers at Primitive Tribes had quite a few high paying missions ... goal being "How much can I get just standing on one place w/ a couple of stacks of QL250 Wundahmat ?"

Cuzans Camp - Sheeshfark:  (2,772,899 Dapper - 2,047 Mats - Avg 1,355 dapper per Wundahmat)

Gibbads Camp - Chobaletang:  (2,330,723 Dapper - 1,701 Mats - Avg 1,370 dapper per Wundahmat)

Fraiders Camp - Korrkor:  (2,076,152 Dapper - 1,4661 Mats - Avg 1,416 dapper per Wundahmat)

Anyone else have any other suggestions where one can grab 2+ million dapper w/o moving our feet ?  Any errors,please advise.

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where do you get Wundahmat?



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dynastic merchants, randomly from allegories, wheel of misfortune, atysmas tree loot, these are the ones i know for sure to get gen mats.

(couldn't find an atysmas tree last atysmas, not sure why but i'll be looking for them again this year, was one of the best parts of the season imho, and a good source of basic and fine gen mats)



Remickla (atys)
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On voit que, contrairement à ce qu'on pourrait croire, les plus durs en affaire ne sont pas les cuzans (pseudo tryker) mais les fraiders (pseudo fyros). Comme quoi, les fraiders sont plus malins que les cutes et les gibbais.


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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where do you get Wundahmat?

"Wundahmat" was the name given to the generic raw materials during the early beta periods back in 2002... at the time,you couldn't dig anything because there were no mats ... even later when they appeared no one bothered and everyone just bought Wundahmat until a player named Meta realized that dug stuff had properties".

and the harvesting skill was horrendous;ly over complicated with bricks for digging on slopes and other crazy things.


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